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Halle Berry

Victorious in Custody Fight

8/26/2011 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Halle Berry in the latest custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

TMZ has learned Halle and her lawyers, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, prevailed in court today -- as both she and Gabriel stood by while their lawyers argued before the family law judge.

We're told the issue had to do with the custody agreement the couple signed.  There's a provision in the agreement dealing with how much time each of them gets to spend with Nahla when Halle shoots a movie.

Halle is going to Europe soon to shoot a flick, and Gabriel and Halle were arguing over the "movie clause" -- specifically, how they're supposed to divide their time with Nahla.

We're told the judge bought Halle's interpretation of the "movie clause," meaning Gabriel won't get as much time with Nahla as he wanted.

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No Avatar


You people also need to calm down. Halle NEVER said no visitation when she's filming or that Gabriel can't see Nahla while she films.

1157 days ago


He lost the fight before he even stepped into court due to his extremely casual inappropriate court attire. What a rube.

1157 days ago


Halle Berry is an evil bitch! I have NO respect for her after what she has done to the beautiful Gabrielle! She is such an *******! I feel so sorry for Gabrielle! Man ole man!

1157 days ago

The Fame Whore    

They both need to be thinking about the child and not their petty vindictiveness toward each other.

1157 days ago


What a witch. He is a good dad who WANTS to be with his kid. Ugh. She sucks.

1157 days ago


who normally looked after baby while she shot a movie before? I have always felt if one parent has to work a demanding schedule its great to let the other parent babysit...saves on childcare costs, kids love time with parents more then babysitters. oh wait they dont have to think about costs of raisng else is there to fight over if everyone really tries to act in kids BEST interests? Its a pity more people dont handle custody classy like Bruce and Demi.

1157 days ago


What a jerk that judge is Poor father - she can drag the kid anywhere in the world she goes - stick her with a sitter most of the day instead of leaving her in his care in a secure,loving, stress free home. The judge calls her a mother? Give me a break. The little girl always looks happy when she is with the father and miserable with berry

1157 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

he reminds me of KFedx, mooochers...... He's racist, he called her the N word....

1157 days ago


I just don't get why anyone thinks they have enough info to make negative comments about Halle or Gabriel. What mother do you know wants to be without their young child and extended period of time? Also, does anyone know what info the judge considered in making his/her decision? Is all that matters is that Gabriel wants to have custody of Nahla when Halle is making a movie? What happens when he books a job and has to go away after becoming the main custodial parent while Halle is shooting overseas? Who gets Nahla then? HIs parents, his girlfriend, another family member? Stop judging. You don't know enough about either side of the argument to take sides, IMHO.

1157 days ago


When are parents that are so quick to go to court going to one "wins".

1157 days ago


Motivation for HIM to get a movie deal and stiff HER on time with the kid. Honestly, who died and left this woman KING???

1157 days ago


Oh please all you racist haters. TMZ is just speculating like they always do. I am sure the judge viewed all the facts. Get a Life and K-Fraud needs to get a job!!

1157 days ago


Halle = $$$ = power = lawyers who do the job

But is she doing what is right for her daughter?

1157 days ago


How sad. Those two need to grow the F up. Take it from me, I went through an absolutely horrible custody battle with my ex-husband and we finally just said ENOUGH! Get it together you two, for Nahla's sake. Someone is bringing their own person beefs and using this custody battle to do it. Maybe it's one of them, perhaps it's both. Either way - Knock It Off!

1157 days ago


One would assume by the comments on this board that Ms Berry
is the only actress/actor with a child that goes on location to work. Aubry appears to be an vidictive bit** acting boy child. He knew what kind of job his child's mother had when he decided to have a child with her. There are millions of women that would have his child
and desire to stay at home under his watchful eye. Why doesn't he try to find one.

1157 days ago
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