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Halle Berry

Victorious in Custody Fight

8/26/2011 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Halle Berry in the latest custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

TMZ has learned Halle and her lawyers, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, prevailed in court today -- as both she and Gabriel stood by while their lawyers argued before the family law judge.

We're told the issue had to do with the custody agreement the couple signed.  There's a provision in the agreement dealing with how much time each of them gets to spend with Nahla when Halle shoots a movie.

Halle is going to Europe soon to shoot a flick, and Gabriel and Halle were arguing over the "movie clause" -- specifically, how they're supposed to divide their time with Nahla.

We're told the judge bought Halle's interpretation of the "movie clause," meaning Gabriel won't get as much time with Nahla as he wanted.

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1119 days ago


As a black man I have to say she is a whench and she is no good. halle scary you are the very reason we men will not get into a longterm relationship with women because of people like you.

1119 days ago


Halle is so wrong for this....Here's a dad wanting to be a part of his child's life....unlike her would think she would be supportive of its all about me, me, me...power struggle. I wouldn't doubt that Halle argues in front of this child, from Nahla's demeanor..Good thing she has a calming force in her dad.

1119 days ago


Really isn't any different than any other actrees and child. This isn't the first. And if he was a really man he wouldn't be asking her financial support. I hope he lost that part already.

1119 days ago


I've always thought Halle was one of the prettiest women that I have ever seen put her next to a 20 something girl and she would still win. I use to fill sorry for her and all her failed relationships. Boy I was fooled!! She had it all beauty,money,fame ect... Almost everything but a child and although she doesnt look her age that clock was going TICK TOCK time was running out. So she found herself a young white model nobody(no offence to him just never heard of him till he was with her)and thought we can make a pretty baby!! She figured everybody would rally around her when she got rid of him like in the past. If she wanted a sperm donor she should have went to a sperm bank!! This man has every right to be around his daughter. She's going to Europe to make a movie which means very long hours on a set, so Nahla gets to hang out with nanny's all day instead of a parent. If they were still a couple he would be with the baby in Europe or bring her from the states to visit Halle. She seems to make it her mission to try and stop daddy from being in the childs life. Mabe it bothers her that Nahla looks soooo happy when she's with dad!! Well what ever trip Halle is on it's just a reminder that beauty is only skin deep.

1119 days ago


they should both be shot for naming their kid Nahla.did they only have 5 scrabble letters to work with. As usual we get a story no one cares about.

1119 days ago


All you people with your ugly negative comments against HB - need to shut up! First of all... it's ALL media reported... you think you're getting the straight up truth? Get Real! As for ALL of Halle's past relationships ending with her getting hit... NOT TRUE - BULL! Neither husband'***** HER! Only one JERK did!

Personally... as a mother, I don't care what DADDY wants... I would not... I repeat... NOT leave my daughter with ANYONE father included, for ANY extended length of time while I'm in another COUNTRY!!!!!!!

Gabriel Aubry... KNEW all of this from the jump! He's just keeping himself in the limelight now that they're oopso!

1118 days ago


So Halle needs to the be bitc** and Gabriel Aubry is pure holy, sinless and should be father or the year simply because he sees his own child. "WHAT COMPLETE BS !!" He needs a life and SOMETHING constructive to do LIKE ALL MEN DO. Let the judge determine if Gabriel Aubry violated a custody agreement he signed. Perhaps “the judge” has determined that the child should be with her mother for extended periods based on Aubry’s emotionally ability to parent long term. So many people grew up without a father that they automatically give Aubry a free pass for flawless behavior and maturity just because they see picture of him with his child. Doesn’t Aubry work and go on location too? Is Halle Berry the FIRST actress/actor to take their child on location? NO. If Halle is the "CUSTODIAL PARENT" OR "PRIMARY CAREGIVER" why can’t Gabriel make arrangements TO SEE HIS CHILD LIKE OTHER PARENTS DO? Is he that busy?

1118 days ago


this is a story?

1118 days ago


I don't understand the venom spewed towards Halle Berry. None of you people know her except the obvious misogynistic view point that TMZ always writes in their posts about her. Have you ever noticed TMZ always makes the women in these celebrity relationships to be the b!tch or gold digger?

1118 days ago


when the child grows up and blames her father for all her problems b/c he wasn't there for her, i would hope someone in the future shows her all this stuff about how he tried to get visitation rights to his child and was denied b/c of the mother.

1118 days ago


why do you idiots care? and which one of you idiots called her a racist? she's half white dumb@ss and she was WITH a white man. are you as dumb as you sound?

1117 days ago


cali is one of the worst states for fathers in any matter dealing with custody. i'm willing to bet he's somewhat passive and expected that she would be fair. what he needs to come to terms with is that she only wanted him to be a donor as she so publicly stated after her last divorce--"next guy that comes around, i'm gonna ask him if he wants to make a baby with me." she never thought she would deal with a guy who ACTUALLY wanted to be with his kid--she probably thought he'd just fade away & disapear. She would have been better off going to a sperm bank and avoid all this baby-drama.
as for his attire, can't comment on that becuz i wasn't in the courtroom with him....

1117 days ago


The poor guy ALWAYS loses and that's sad that most men don't even get a fair shake.

1117 days ago


I really don't like making comments. But some of the comments being made here is just stupid. If you read the story you will see that they have an agreement and more than likely it's a do***ented agreement. What elese do you think the judge is going to do. Just because Mr. Aubry is having a problem he can just change it. Good he lost and he is going to continue losing if continue to be an *******. An agreement is an agreement no matter who's having problem with it. As for Ms. Berry I think she making all the right moves. I wouldn"t do anything different if I was in her shoes.

1117 days ago
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