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Kris Jenner

I'm Gonna Co-Host "The Talk!"

8/26/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kris Jenner media train is plowing right through NBC and CBS -- Kim Kardashian's mom has just been tapped to guest co-host "The Today Show" AND "The Talk."

Jenner will reportedly fill-in for Sharon Osbourne on "The Talk" in September ... and with all the cuts producers have made on that show recently, it wouldn't be shocking if she got a permanent offer.

Kris says she's also been asked to co-host "Today" later this year -- but it's unclear exactly when that will happen.


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First! Just GO AWAY Kardashians! blahhhh

1153 days ago


There are people who have graduated with broadcasting degrees, etc., and we keep putting these hasbeens who have done nothing with their lives on tv. But it's Amercias fault-you want her and her slut daughters, you've got em.

1153 days ago


Why, oh why, won't they just go away?

1153 days ago


Kris (the world's most unfit mother) KockROACH! Go away and take your immoral garbage family with you.

1153 days ago


I don't give 2 *****s about any of the car-assians. All media whores. All look like bottoxed plastic people. And kim is just a plain fat ass with that fake butt and butt implant. Lady go the hell away.

1153 days ago


Dina Lohan has to be filled with jealousy about this! Especially after her failed attempt at being a radio host. Maybe Kris will lend her the 5 million Dina has been begging for, for her "movie"!
The Kardashian's keep raking it in, while the Lohan's become a bigger joke each passing day.

1153 days ago


"Breaking News".... are you serious? Who the hell watches that show anyway, it's just a bunch of loud mouth wind bags just like The View. The only reason it got renewed for a 2nd season is b/c Julie's husband is the man at CBS, the ratings weren't spectacular by any means. Jill Zarin is begging ppl to write CBS & tell them to have her as a permanent host....more trash

1153 days ago


I have to admit they are very good at keeping their names out there. But so sick of them at the same time. Cant wait till their time is done. And what would she be doing on the Today show? And how much more can the fame whores of that family be crammed down our throats.You know when you want to change your last name, back to your first husband name. Just because you think you are a brand, as she said like the Kennedy's. Oh but I think the Kennedy's had class. I AM SO OVER THESE PEOPLE. Oh and Bruce really needs to grow a pair. Back in the day when we were younger, he was in the hot guy field. Now he is such a wimp.

1153 days ago

moe l.    

A complete family of whores.

1153 days ago



We don't want these Media wh0res but somebody in LaLa Land does. Somebody is getting stroked by Kris, It's called favors for favors and the gals haven't paid in full yet. They will keep stringing the girls along with promises of TV, modeling and movie deals while mommy dearest rakes in the money. It was their fathers name and Sex that got them where they are today not because they have any talent besides that.

1153 days ago


Will never watch if Kris Jenner or any of her offspring are on. Please make them go away!

1153 days ago


Please CBS do not put this woman on the Talk show. I love this show and Kris Jenner is such a pimp to her daughters that she just wants the same attention and to be in the limelight. I cannot stand her. I love Bruce Jenner but Kris Jenner is so phony and wanna be. If you put her on The Talk...I will no longer watch the show...just like The View. Come on Julie and Sarah have some sense. And the Today Show....what are you are downgrading the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1153 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Well...they just lost a viewer! Canno't stand seeing the Kardashians anymore-they have polluted TV and magazines and I am so tired of seeing them. I think they can do better than that geesh!

1153 days ago


I never watched either show before and certainly won'*****ch them now! I'm sorry but I just can't understand the fascination with the Kardashian family!

1153 days ago


Will never watch The Talk again if Kris Jenner (media whore and pimp) is on the show. She is an idiot with no class and is passing that on to her children. Kim Kardashian's wedding favors is all Kris' doing. The fact that they made 20 million on that wedding and are becoming wealthy off their reality show is beyond ridiculous. Bruce Jenner is the only sane person in that family.

1153 days ago
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