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Lindsay Lohan

Not Biting on

Pitbull Apology or Invite

8/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_lilo_pitbull_getty_EXPitbull's not getting out of Lindsay Lohan's legal doghouse -- because she's blowing off his apology for using her name in a song ... and rejecting his invitation to the MTV VMAs.

Lilo recently sued Pit because his song "Give Me Everything" includes a lyric she feels disparages her name.

On Wednesday, Pitbull taped an apology (below) ... claiming he meant no harm, and invited Lindsay to join him at the VMAs this weekend -- where he's scheduled to perform the song.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she has no interest in going to the VMAs -- and Pitbull's apology has no impact on the lawsuit ... it's moving forward.



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Law Firm Fined for Frivolous SLAPP Suit
Judge punishes firm for attempted intimidation

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By Henry Weinstein
First published by the Los Angeles Times, August 16, 2005

Los Angeles federal judge on Monday ordered a large law firm and two of its attorneys to pay $267,000 in sanctions for filing a "frivolous lawsuit" against a community activist and three Forest Service employees who opposed a luxury condominium development on Big Bear Lake.

U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued the unusual order against Foley & Lardner and two lawyers in its San Diego office, who had filed suit on behalf of developer Irving Okovita against the employees and Sandy Steers, executive director of the Friends of Fawnskin. The group played a key role in fighting Okovita's proposed Marina Point development.

Real in March threw out the suit against the Forest Service, which substituted as a defendant for its employees, and Steers, saying she was exercising her 1st Amendment right to petition the government.

1132 days ago


It is Hollyweird people !! They would sue their own mother if they thought they could collect a dime. Not surprising at all that it is Fire Crotch who is trying to collect something free again.

The same town where she collects free jewelry, lol.

1132 days ago


Judges usually have little patience for frivolous lawsuits that actually make it to court. Under federal and state rules, attorneys are required to do due diligence before filing a suit in an effort to keep frivolous claims out of the court in the first place. If an attorney makes a frivolous claim on behalf of his client (or if the individual, representing himself makes a frivolous claim), the judge can fine the attorney and/or the individual. For example, making a frivolous argument in US Tax Court could cost you up to $25,000 in fines.

Individuals who decide to represent themselves in lawsuits--without the expertise of an attorney to represent them--often make frivolous arguments in court simply because they don't fully understand the laws and the legal system. If you're representing yourself in small claims court, the judge will probably be understanding and explain why a claim, argument or motion is baseless. But if you're representing yourself in other courts, judges may have less patience, and you could be fined or required to pay your opponent's legal fees. This is an instance where it pays to have an experienced attorney representing you.

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1132 days ago


It is Hollyweird people !! They would sue their own mother if they thought they could collect a dime.
Now, THERE is an idea I can get behind. Lindsay suing her mother.

1132 days ago

Who Knew    

How can he hurt her rep. when she has left it a smoldering mushroom cloud with her actions. She's just a joke of a person.

1132 days ago

Who Knew    

She's a fire crouch, you stinky beaver.

1132 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

We all know her broke azz is hoping Pitbull settles out of court so she can get another check. Pitbull should counter-sue her for WASTING HIS TIME. I cant stand this whore.

1132 days ago


Nobody will hire her, she is a has-been. This brings her attention again. She is sooooooo transparent. If it looks like a whore and it quacks like a whore...

1132 days ago


tide up in court the lohans have now sued each other 275 times.ranging from back child support to defamation of character.. even Kody is in on the collective law suit.. he is demanding a paternity test.
lindsay has won 167 lawsuits so far her reaction "Balls"!!!

1132 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

So this is coming from Lindsay and NOT Dilo now? This is going to make it harder for her to gain any traction in reviving her career. She had a chance to work along side Matthew McConaughey in the upcoming mike movie and the producer, who said Lilo was his TOP choice, was instantly turned off by her teams demands and dropped her immediately. Then its reported she and her team begged him to deny this fact. Dumbass moves Lindsay! Quit acting like your mother or you're doomed!

1132 days ago

Red Cloud    

grandma cracker: 13 hours ago

There is a suspect post on X17 that is credited to RC....

I post on Lindsay's TMZ threads. Is a poster pretending to be me on X17??? Do you remember the comment?
BTW, I agree with RW.

gone, gone, gone.......

1132 days ago


ok fans... you have named both movies that lindsay was going to be in.. Gotti and mike movie... that is like 10 movies she has been dropped from...
now whats her next move?

1132 days ago


In other words, it's all about Lindsay needing money. She can't resell the VMA tickets, apparently.

1132 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

RC, RW...

Good to see you two are finally coming around. Lindsay's not taking her life seriously anymore and until she does, her career is going nowhere.

1132 days ago


Who? Pitbull?
LMAO....the "music" industry has gone insane.

1132 days ago
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