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Dr. Phil

Casey Anthony's Parents

Spill Death Secret On My Show!

8/28/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony
's parents are finally opening up about what REALLY happened to their granddaughter -- revealing NEW information that could have changed the outcome of the case ... at least that's what Dr. Phil wants you to believe.

The good doc has released his first promo for his tell-all interview with George and Cindy Anthony -- and though neither one of them utters a word during the 30 second spot ... Phil seems pretty excited about some new "information" that he claims America has never heard before.

During the interview -- set to air on Sept. 12 -- Phil asks, "You know the truth, don't you?"

At this point, does it really even matter?


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i think the world has had enough casey, next subject

1151 days ago

Jim in Cali    

These parents are a disgrace to even show their faces.

1151 days ago


Don't. Care. Enough of theses lying sociopaths.

1151 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Dr. Phil needs to focus more on shaving his paedophile mustache.

1151 days ago


Despicable. If these people really wanted their privacy, they wouldn't go on TV with a quack. They wouldn't go on TV with anyone.

1151 days ago

Home Skillet    

I, strongly, urge everyone to NO*****CH this episode. If you must get your fill of Dr. Phil, tune out for this. NOBODY should be making a dime off of little Caylee's death, and that's all this is.

1151 days ago


Can someone please duct tape Dr. Phil's mouth?!

1151 days ago


This is truly appalling!

1151 days ago


What Dr Phil ISN'T telling you....he did NOT pay George and Cindy....but he did make a "substantial" donation to the Caylee Anthony foundation.....which, by the way spent about 90% of the money they received last year for "administrative" purposes....translation-it's George and Cindy Anthony's private bank account.

1151 days ago


Ummmm..... Dont care and will no*****ch. They will not tell the truth so what is the point. And I am positive they are getting $$$$ for the interview.

1151 days ago

some guy    

Stupid asses. Why didn't this information come up during the trial? I still think they have something to hide.

1151 days ago


If they had ANY information they didnt come out with to the police immediately they are as guilty as whoever took that childs last breath. Phil this sucks, he should never have gave these dishonest azzholes a platform for more notoriety. Do you TV types have any grasp on real life anymore and what real people want to watch? I dont want to come in at the end of the day from working my arse off to see Kim K wasting her money all over the TV while I am trying not to stress over how I will keep the mortgage paid and I dont want to see Dr Phil get his hands all over this case to make a quick buck and snag some ratings off a childs death and a perverse miscarriage of "justice". No*****ching it. If the Anthonys gave a damn they would go grieve in private they had 3 years of TV and their time is up. TV can stay off I got internet.

1151 days ago


I REFUSE to watch such crap!! I did have some respect for Dr. Phil, and was just starting to for the Grandparents- If there was "information" they knew and held it out of court, they are just responsible for that sweet little girl's death and Dr. Phil should be ashamed to parade such crap on his show- Can we say the next Jerry Springer?? NO CLASS!!!!

1151 days ago


**** dr. phil, he doesn't give a ****, he's exploiting a little girls murder for ratings and money. and if her parents know something and didn't say it... **** THEM TOO. they've got a childs blood on their hands.

1151 days ago


Why is DR.PHIL lying ..He he just spouting off bull chit thinking people are going to watch...that is false advertisement, fraud ,lie's ..I wouldn'*****ch it if it was the only thing on TV to look at..DrPhil what do you take us for? a bunch of fools...WRONG!!

1151 days ago
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