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Matthew Fox Accuser

I Punched Him In Self-Defense

8/29/2011 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who punched Matthew Fox in the face this weekend tells TMZ ... she HAD to let her fists fly because the actor struck first and she needed to defend herself.

TMZ spoke with Heather Bormann ... who tells us she was driving a party bus for a private party Saturday night in Cleveland -- when Fox boarded the vehicle.

Bormann claims she told Fox he wasn't welcome on the bus -- but he was too drunk to understand.

Bormann says, "He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying anything. I told him, 'You have to leave buddy. You are trespassing on my bus.'"

That's when Fox "leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast."

Bormann says, "I took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled backwards."

"This was my self-defense," Bormann says ... adding, "This was the only way I could protect myself…..from a man beating up on a woman."

Bormann says she's meeting with prosecutors today -- and may press charges.



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Sounds like Matthew Fox... *takes off glasses*

...has LOST it.


1149 days ago


True story...there are several witnesses from the party bus that had to break up the fight.

1149 days ago

se esse gostoso quisesse me bater eu até deixava lindo maravillhoso não acredito nessa mulher aíiii fox vem pro Brasil vem meu lindo

1149 days ago

não acredito que o meu amor fez isso aí se ele quisesse me bater eu deixava lindo , gostoso vem pro Brasil que eu te protejo te amooooooo I LOVE FOX I LOVE FOX I LOVE FOX

1149 days ago

pit tuch    

i do not like the driver she have a brutal unfriendly face mabye when im drunk i will kick her also,ha ha ha

1148 days ago

I LOVE FOX I LOVE FOX vem pro Brasil meu lindo maravilhoso eu cuido de voce te amo te amo

1148 days ago


it makes me sick that these stars get so drunk and think their **** dont stink and they can do anything or go anywhere. i wish this lady would have just cleaned his clock and left him in a bloody pile on the sidewalk!

1148 days ago


I happen to know Heather on a more personal level than anyone making comments on this board. I'm her father and have seen the bruises to an extent of her arm and upper chest area. Number one she did not know who he was until the police showed her his Oregon D/L and second I don't care who it is a man should not go around hitting women period. She had already told police she wanted to press charges before he was identified. We'll just have to wait and see what the Prosecutor want's to do with this case.
And as far as the other comments about her being trailer trash and a slut. If that was your daughter or sister or mother being trashed would you stand for it and not get mad? I doubt it.

1148 days ago


For someone who just got attacked over and over and has bruises all over her arms and legs; like she keeps saying in other interviews; looks fine to me.

I agree with others; he was too drunk to comprehend; yet he could hit her in the same two spots? Something is fishy about this story.

Also there were guys on that bus; it being a 'bachelor' party; if they heard something; I bet they would have gone out there and helped her.

1148 days ago


Some of you people are in denial. I am a fan of the Lost TV show, and of fan of Michael Fox. He hit her first, so she hit him back in self defense. It took 3 people to pull Michael of the bus driver. A off duty police officer is the that pulled Michael off. All you people that hate Chris Brown so much, need to hate him too. Everybody on the bus saw him hit her.

1148 days ago


I wouldn't screw with the guardian of the island someone gonna get knocked out.

1147 days ago


TMZ was so quick to jump on this story when this chick made her initial claims. I posted then I wasn't buying her story. Apparently I was right. Where's the story stating the prosecutor was NOT filing charges against Fox???

1131 days ago


She'd actually be really pretty if she wasn't a whale.

960 days ago
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