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Rihanna Sues:

I Got Duped into

Buying a Crappy Mansion

8/31/2011 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you drop $6.9 million on a Beverly Hills mansion ... you expect a quality place -- but Rihanna claims all she got was a leaky piece of crap ... and she's blaming the woman she bought the home from for allegedly lying to her. 

Rihanna just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she bought a 2-story home in Bev Hills in 2009 for $6.9 mil ... after the seller claimed she was not aware of any major defects with the property.

But Rihanna claims the woman was lying -- and knew about all sorts of problems with the home ... including numerous waterproofing defects, evidence of water intrusion and other construction defects.

According to the docs, Rihanna's home was hit by a "moderate rainstorm" in January 2010 ... but because of the defects, water leaked into multiple rooms ... causing some serious damage.

Rihanna claims she got screwed -- because "the actual value of the property at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the extensive construction defects ... was millions of dollars less" than the price she paid for it.

Rihanna is now suing the former owner ... along with the inspector, the real estate agents involved with the sale, and engineers who worked on the house.



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I am sorry, are we suppose to feel sorry for the stupid b%$#@.

1057 days ago


Caveat emptor, baby, caveat emptor.

You should really sue Chris Brown. When he hit you, he probably damaged the home-buying area of your brain.


1057 days ago


She bought it 2 years ago. She and her hip hop friends have probably trashed it out and now she sues?

1057 days ago



1057 days ago


"the seller claimed she was not aware of any major defects with the property." If the owner was cunning, she knew how to cover her butt by claiming she was not aware of any defects. Rihanna has to prove the lady was lying during the sale process. Did Rihanna hire her own inspector or did she rely on the realator's inspector? Of course the realator and their inspector will be working together. Both the realator and the inspector want the house to sell so they can get paid. My parents went with the realator's inspector report when buying their first house and bought a house with plumbing issues. The next time around they hired an independent inspector before forking over any money and got a better house. Where were her "people" when she was house shopping. Her "people" should have warned her about the house. Sadly, she may not have a leg to stand on because the lady who sold the house has stated that the house did not have any defects that she was aware of. Since Rihanna is suing the burden of proof is on her. For all of those people who are defending her and screaming that she did get the house inspected, was it a realator inspector or her own private inspector? You don't know because the article does not say. I will step out on a limb and say the inspector in question worked for the real estate company. I bet she inspects her hair before buying it, give the same amount of attention to something you are paying over six million dollars for.

1056 days ago

jat nano    

The inspectors are on the TAKE and can lose thier lics.The house can be condemed thusly voiding the sell and they will have to repay not only the value but also any other costs intelled.Yes it`s a huge crime that happens all the time.. ake lemon laws cover homes as well as cars so on.Use a real home broker who is bonded next time for the big of buy

1056 days ago


dumb bitch. nuff said

1056 days ago

Jim in Cali    

She needs to hire a better real estate agent.

1056 days ago

Jack Johnson    

A lot of you people commenting about how she should have hired a home inspector are idiots and don't have good reading comprehension skills. It even says in the article that she is also SUING THE HOME INSPECTOR!

I think there is more to this story then what she is
letting out being that she does not want to be sued for false accusations. But I think her and her lawyers found
out the independent home inspector that she hired actually
probably got a kick back on the side from the real estate
agent for passing the house with great marks.

This goes on a lot in real estate, even when you find a licensed independent contractor. These s*** bag housing
inspectors will take payment from the actual home owner
and then find problems and then contact the real estate agent/agency and tell them if they want the house to
pass inspection then send them some money their way.
And then the home inspector tells the potential buyer

This goes on a lot, so I hope this opens up a can
of worms with this lawsuit being in the spotlight.

1056 days ago


Sista, welcome to the world of owning your own house.

1056 days ago


Those of you that are trashing her for not having an inspection need to read the whole story. You look foolish.

1056 days ago


6.9 mil... i would have had 69 home inspections. Just because you have a ton of cash does not mean you should not go through the formal process of buying a home.
Love ya Rhi Rhi but but next time dont skip a step

1056 days ago


She's a nasty bitch! Yuk!

1056 days ago


Her wigs are safe. So what's the big stink.

1056 days ago


If you where smart you would have dumped it off on the next ignorant person, say like chris brown, tell him how great the place is......

1056 days ago
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