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Rihanna Sues:

I Got Duped into

Buying a Crappy Mansion

8/31/2011 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you drop $6.9 million on a Beverly Hills mansion ... you expect a quality place -- but Rihanna claims all she got was a leaky piece of crap ... and she's blaming the woman she bought the home from for allegedly lying to her. 

Rihanna just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she bought a 2-story home in Bev Hills in 2009 for $6.9 mil ... after the seller claimed she was not aware of any major defects with the property.

But Rihanna claims the woman was lying -- and knew about all sorts of problems with the home ... including numerous waterproofing defects, evidence of water intrusion and other construction defects.

According to the docs, Rihanna's home was hit by a "moderate rainstorm" in January 2010 ... but because of the defects, water leaked into multiple rooms ... causing some serious damage.

Rihanna claims she got screwed -- because "the actual value of the property at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the extensive construction defects ... was millions of dollars less" than the price she paid for it.

Rihanna is now suing the former owner ... along with the inspector, the real estate agents involved with the sale, and engineers who worked on the house.



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Didn't she use a HOME INSPECTOR?
and, with her cash, she could of just had a home built....and sounds like she would have been better off.

1096 days ago


well if she pays attention when she bought her house and not twittering about her nasty ass and taking naked pic of herself this wouldn't happened to her. yes shes rich but she is dumb.

1096 days ago

brown dynamite    

When you're shelling out that kind of cash for a home, you hire your OWN inspector. Her mistake, deal with it.

1096 days ago


II think Riri is shigit out of luck. The roof was damaged by the heavy rains while Riri owned the house. Now Riri wants to cheat the woman of her retirement money she got when she sold the house. When it was raining hard, Riri could have picked up a phone & called a roofer to check leaks or have him put a canvas until he could repair it.

1096 days ago


I honestly think that is the worse picture of RiRi that I have ever seen. The pictures the cops took of her after Chris Brown beat her senseless look better than this. Oh, and RiRi... I believe the saying is: Let The Buyer Beware.

1096 days ago


I have to wonder why RiRi's attorneys didn't "INSIST" that she have her property "thoroughly" inspected before it was purchased. In some states, attorneys have to be present at the "Act of Sale" to insure that all is "kosher" pertaining to the transaction. However, in California, I know the real estate procedures are much more "relaxed" but Rihanna is a very successful performing artist and too "YOUNG & NAIVE" to be conducting business without experienced legal professionals being present. It's usually the buyer's responsibility to make sure everything is in order before they move forward with real estate transactions. If RiRi and her legal advisers had done their jobs, she wouldn't have been stuck with a "leaking" LEMON. The seller got over like a "FAT RAT" and I'm not mad at her. That redheaded KNUCKLEHEAD is going to find out how much cheaper it would be to fix her "RAGGEDY AZZ" Beverly Hills home than to litigate a real estate transaction crying FRAUD!!! A new roof is certainly CHEAPER THAN ATTORNEY'S FEES!!!

1096 days ago


In CA, the seller of a home has to sign a disclosure form. The form list a number of common defects, including a leaking roof, plus additional space the list other items not listed. If the failed lied on the form or failed to do a reasonable inspection of the property prior to completing the form Rihanna wins.

1096 days ago


Hey Dummy, have you ever heard of a building inspection? Those of us who buy normal houses get them. Next time spend the money, it's worth it.

1096 days ago


Caveat Emptor. Guess thats not a familiar concept in Barbados. Million dollar beauty, 25 cent brain.

1096 days ago


I am no fan of hers, but the same thing happened to me, AND to Sandra Bullock, and Ivana Trump. I had the place inspected by "the best" not once, but twice. The sellers, real estate agent (not a "Realtor") and the inspector, as well as the escrow company, were all in cahoots. We won.

1096 days ago


Hahaha i hope they sue her for being a moron !!

1096 days ago

texas turd    

why didnt this clown also sue God for making it rain in the first place? i guess this is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil for a shot at hollywood...

1096 days ago


Did perhaps someone forget the home inspection??? To spend that much on a home and not get it inspected and checked beforehand is just dumb.

1095 days ago



1095 days ago


And ths mansion wasn't inspected by a professional because??? I would think that you would have some type of home inspection regardless if it's a mansion or not a home is a home.

1095 days ago
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