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Buzz Aldrin Divorce

We Used to Hang

with Kings and Queens!

9/2/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She kicked it with Queen Elizabeth ... Elton John ... King Juan Carlos and Obama -- but Buzz Aldrin's estranged wife claims she ain't about to give up her super-fancy lifestyle just because she's getting divorced.

Lois Driggs Cannon has filed new court documents -- demanding Buzz fork over at least $25k per month so she can continue to live the same "comfortable lifestyle" she enjoyed with Buzz.

And what does a "comfortable lifestyle" consist of, you ask???  Lois claims ...

-- They traveled to Asia, Australia, South Africa and Antarctica together
-- They attended Elton John's Academy Awards party
-- Annual 2-week ski vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho
-- Annual 2-week beach vacation in St. Tropez and Monaco
-- They lived in a fancy L.A. condo with views of the ocean
-- They attended social/celeb events in L.A. 3-5 times per week
-- They threw fancy parties at their home 2-3 times per year
-- Often attended Cannes Film Festival
-- Often went to the Ascot Racecourse in England

Lois also says she's met multiple U.S. presidents and "most of the royalty around the world" ... and she doesn't want to give up that lifestyle.

But here's the thing -- even if Buzz forks over the cash ... who wants to meet Lois without the MOON MAN by her side???



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Professor Chaos    

Get a job ya old lazy bitch. I seriously hate women that leech of of their rich husbands their entire lives and then expect their husbands to keep paying for that lifestyle after they've split up. Seriously worthless human beings.

Here's hoping she has a stroke real soon.

1125 days ago

The Real JJ    

Does she want to walk on the moon too? Why when women get divorced feel as if the man owe them something. In a lot of cases i understand the kids or if the man cheated but this is not the case. Women claim they want to be independent, let them.

1125 days ago


is it just me or does this pic look like theyre wax museum lookalikes

1125 days ago


This woman is a disgrace! Buzz you're an idiot for marrying this parasite!

1125 days ago


Why is it that women have this delusion that they can keep a 'comfortable lifestyle' on other people's money? After a divorce she needs to get an effin' job or marry another fool. This 50/50 shcit needs to end and spousal support should be banned by law. IF it occurs there should be a 1,000$ limit. What a cow.

1125 days ago


what a stinking rotten money grabbing wh0re!!

i cant believe this old skank is doing this to one of the greatest men to ever live! i hope she breaks a hip and dies of pneumonia very soon! (before divorce is final would be best)

1125 days ago


They live in CA? Ut oh.

1125 days ago


New word.....cougar-digger!

1125 days ago

two cents    

Keep it in the courts Buzz! Keep dragging it on. One of y'all will kick the bucket soon and the other party gets to go on with their life. Win Win lol

1125 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Did he really walk on the moon? I doubt it.

1125 days ago


Where is he getting this kinda money??

1125 days ago


They're both pathetic creatures. However, she gives me the impression of someone who is not willing or able to change. I know many couples with a double income. Then, one bad day, one of them is fired and suddenly there's only one income and maybe some welfare check. However, they keep up a lifestyle as if they still have a double income. Usually the result are huge debts, selling the second car, selling the house. Why are so many people not able to adjust their lifestyles? This old woman obviously is not PREPARED to do so.
And as for the question: "...who wants to meet Lois without the MOON MAN by her side???"
I don't want to meet neither her nor the MOON MAN whether he is or is not by her side.

1125 days ago


Typical gold digging woman. Didn't do a damn thing but latch on to someone successful and thinks she has an entitlement.

1125 days ago


Who are they? And who give a rant if she knows queens and kings.

1125 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Something is seriously wrong here if she gets anything close to this. I doubt he's anywhere near that loaded, and the stupid b#t#h doesn't realize the ONLY reason she got access to those events was because of HIM???

Talk about delusional...

1125 days ago
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