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Westboro Baptist Church

We're A Rabid Dog And

We're Going After "Red State"

9/4/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0902_red_state_composite_exThe Westboro Baptist Church has set its hateful sights on the movie, "Red State" -- which will be released in theaters later this month -- calling director Kevin Smith "a God-hating clown."

The Church spokesperson says, "God hates fags, God hates fag enablers, therefore God hates Kevin Smith."

The movie puts the spotlight on a fanatical church whose members kill "sinners" -- many say it bares a resemblance to Westboro.

As for Kevin Smith -- he's unfazed by Westboro's promise to disrupt the movie release.

Smith tells TMZ, "Well Jesus told ME he loved 'Red State.'  He said it makes up for 'Cop Out.'  He also said neither He nor His Heavenly Father have any affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church."

Smith has more to say about God ... "He loves all the 'Dark Knight' footage he's seen so far on TMZ."

Smith also wants Westboro to know, "'Red State' is available now on VOD."

Check out our recent TMZ Live interview with the director himself below:


No Avatar


I love Kevin Smith, bring him back!!!

1111 days ago


OMG Judge NOT lest thee be judged. I could QOUTE a lot more sayings from GOD. I don't remember HIM saying "I hate ****".
Who are these reps of the Church anyways? The same defenders of the Priests that abuse children? OMG

1111 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Any church that has a belief system that outwardly states "God hates..." about any group is sorely missing the concept of god. If god exists, he created all creatures as he wants them. By the simple act of recognizing that god created homosexuality means he wants it to exist and has a plan that includes it. Perhaps the hate mongers should stop hiding behind god and search inside themselfs as for why they hate homosexuality so much. Find love and acceptance for yourself and free yourself of the hate. Hatred is like a stone, weighing you down. Release the stone before you drown.

1111 days ago


Who cares, both sides are complete morons and douche bags.

1111 days ago


I think every celebrity should do what Lisa Lampanelli did and donate money to groups that support the LGBT community every time these jerks protest something. Then they become 'enablers' themselves, and therefore 'sinners' in their own eyes.

1111 days ago


It was so easy to love kevin smith to begin with, but this kind of stuff makes me love him even more

1111 days ago


Is "***" as in God hates **** above now allowed on TMZ?

Thoth not!

1111 days ago


Please hire somebody to proofread your articles. The correct phrase is "BEARS a resemblance", not "BARES a resemblance".

1111 days ago


those people are crazy, who are they to judge anyone? they are not a "church" they are a cult, they brainwash people (including children) to follow their insane beliefs which makes no sense cause God is suppose to love everyone and for them to protest at military funerals and hate on people just because of their sexual orientation is just beyond disrespectful, if anything they are the ones who are going to hell for bashing anyone who isn't in their cult, they need to go away and get a life, they obviously have nothing better to do, they are a joke!

1111 days ago

And thats the truth    

This so called "church" is basically a large family. The grown kids are attorneys. Since they are attorneys, they wait for someone to challenge them and then they sue.
They were picketing at a soldiers funeral and the father sued them and was awarded $11 million dollars for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Supreme Court overturned it and the Father had to pay $16,500 in court costs. The father was on Bill O'Reilly and Bill was understandably outraged. He paid the court costs for the father.

1111 days ago


crazy christians! They make the Norway Christian terrorist look sane

1111 days ago


"neither He nor His Heavenly Father have any affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church"
Well said. I adore Kevin Smith, he is amazing. I am so glad to see he has lost weight. Go Kevin!

1111 days ago


These Westboro people are sick in the head. They are breaking so many commandments and doing exactly what Jesus would NOT want them to do. It is truly sickening how they behave, and they come across as ignorant, unintelligent fools. I'm GLAD they are protesting this movie so more people can learn about what a bunch of trash this church is! These people are not Christians! They are twisted losers who have been brainwashed by a severely screwed up man!

1111 days ago


Shameless and 'incorrect' promotion for buddy Kevin Smith over accuracy?
Uh, sorry, its already been released in 5 theaters since Jan Sept. 1st released to Video on Demand. On Blue Ray Oct. 18 with a few theaters over seas in Sept.
I like Smith yet he's been 'more' than disingenuous about this film since day one. Don't lose your accuracy and credibility to us over promotion for a favored.
And they'll 'disrupt' the release? It's already been released, and there's only a few of them hello? 'Bares' resemblance? Spell check being outsourced with credibility too?

1111 days ago

She's baaaack    

What's really going to be funny is that when these fine upstanding Christians die they're going to find they have an expressway to hell in their own special lane.

1111 days ago
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