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George Stephanopoulos

Too Short for Morning TV?

9/12/2011 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Stephanopoulos
could lose his "Good Morning America" anchor chair within a year to the news reader who towers over him ... this according to network sources.

The buzz at ABC is that Josh Elliott -- a former ESPN sports anchor who has been the GMA news reader since March -- is on the fast track for the anchor seat.  Josh filled in on "World News Tonight" last week and network suits are in love with him.

The network will deny it's contemplating a change, but that's not what we're hearing.

The ratings at GMA have actually gone up a bit with George, so why would the network mess with the show?  Our sources say the suits think Josh and Robin Roberts have better chemistry and look better together.

Our sources say the buzz is that George could go back to his old job, anchoring "This Week," especially because execs privately now admit Christiane Amanpour is a disaster as an anchor.

Now why, you ask, do they look better than Robin and George?  Robin is 5'10" without heels.  Josh is around 6'3."  George is 5'6" ... and a half.  There's a lot of talk at ABC that it just looks awkward when the male anchor is slight and short. 

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

7:55 AM: An ABC News spokeswoman tells TMZ, "This is Total Nonsense."



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I like the "other" show better but when I do watch this one, she annoys me. George has the knowledge and has been doing this for a long time and people like him just the way he is...... I don't think people ever thought of his height once!!! This is so petty for people to even come up with this.

1108 days ago


It seems George is just waiting for a better gig to come along and he is better than GMA. Love Josh!!

1108 days ago



1108 days ago

two cents    

I can't stand george!!! He's so homely and arrogant. He has a face for radio. It's painful watching him try to interview anyone. He's incapable of being impartial when the topic at hand is politics. He had his nose so far up odumba, I actually had to stop watching gma last election.
I'm glad they got rid of diane. I LOVE david muir and look forward to watching him on WNT on the weekends. Then they got rid of Kate Snow and Bill Weir, too, so now the weekends are lousy, too.
It used to be great fun watching the banter between Sam and Chris but now that's over with, too. Josh and Sam are great! George needs to go back to politics so I don't have to watch his ugly mug and dry personality every morning anymore. Robin needs to lay off the teethwhitener. It reminds me of an old episode of Friends. lol

1108 days ago

Don Pedro    

A Ford pickup truck would do a better job than Amanpour and is a lot better looking, but that doesn't mean George has to get tossed just so they can dump Amanpour from her slot

1108 days ago


I don't think George should be let go because of his height. But I do think George is just too serious for the morning format. I just don't see George bungee jumping or appearing on Wipeout during ratings sweeps....he'd have to take off his suit and tie. He even seems uncomfortable on Fridays during the Concert in the Park segments. Josh and Sam are much more able to laugh at themselves. Now if we can just get them to dump that stupid Pop News Heat Index schtick that Lara does every morning. Love Lara....hate that drivel.

1108 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

That is the biggest crock of BS i have ever heard! As someone who is "vertically challenged" i would take great offense to any network that replaced someone just because they are short! BTW I love tall people too.. I am 5 ft tall my husband is 6ft 5in.

1108 days ago


If you are a male, and are under 5'8, do us all a favor, and shoot yourself! Thanks...


1108 days ago


Re: George's height: Harvey, be afraid, be very afraid.

1108 days ago


Have you ever met anyone of these anchor's in person. I have, met George on a flight and he's gracious and professional. On the contrary, SAM CHAMPION, what a QUEEN. Arrogant and a fake. KEEP George, DUMP Sam.

1108 days ago

John the Lawyer    

And Harvey is too short for TMZ lol

1108 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Strange that TMZ doesn't seem to have an issue with the fact that he's a bought and paid Democrat partisan apparatchik who was implicated as a bag man in several Clinton scandals including lieing to the American public. On reflection I guess that isn't so strange for the biased media after-all.

1108 days ago


How to underestimate the intelligence of your audience! This sounds like celebrity journalism running with a rumor.

1108 days ago


It better be 'total nonsense' or else dude has grounds to sue on discrimination.

1108 days ago


This is stupid. Whatever happened to hiring competent unbiased professional journalists based on their skills?

1108 days ago
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