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George Stephanopoulos

Too Short for Morning TV?

9/12/2011 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Stephanopoulos
could lose his "Good Morning America" anchor chair within a year to the news reader who towers over him ... this according to network sources.

The buzz at ABC is that Josh Elliott -- a former ESPN sports anchor who has been the GMA news reader since March -- is on the fast track for the anchor seat.  Josh filled in on "World News Tonight" last week and network suits are in love with him.

The network will deny it's contemplating a change, but that's not what we're hearing.

The ratings at GMA have actually gone up a bit with George, so why would the network mess with the show?  Our sources say the suits think Josh and Robin Roberts have better chemistry and look better together.

Our sources say the buzz is that George could go back to his old job, anchoring "This Week," especially because execs privately now admit Christiane Amanpour is a disaster as an anchor.

Now why, you ask, do they look better than Robin and George?  Robin is 5'10" without heels.  Josh is around 6'3."  George is 5'6" ... and a half.  There's a lot of talk at ABC that it just looks awkward when the male anchor is slight and short. 

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

7:55 AM: An ABC News spokeswoman tells TMZ, "This is Total Nonsense."



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I agree that George is the best thing to happen to GMA since Diane Sawyer. I left Today when Katie left and I will leave GMA if George leaves.

1103 days ago


TV is so shallow. Really, nothing is thicker than 1/8 inch in the world of the boob tube. I've been to the studios and looked at the sets and met the people. I've seen mud puddles with more going for them.

1103 days ago


If this happens I hope he fights. They must be Desecrates, This is so wrong in so many ways.

1103 days ago


Oh beware George. ABC always denies everything until it happens. They denied they were taking the soaps off until it was a done deal. ABC daytime is comprised of a bunch of liars who will stab anyone in the back no matter how loyal they have been to the network.

1103 days ago

Jamie Vesperman    

The cameras are usually set close to the floor in 90% of TV studios so Height is an issue the other way. Shorter people work better in most Tv studios.

1103 days ago


Next time you watch GMA take notice to the couch segment. The other hosts sink into the cushions, George's cushions is rigged with a plank of wood.

1103 days ago


George adds nothing to this morning show and neither does Lara. Put her back on that entertainment show. Robin, Josh and Sam are great. Robin/Josh as a team - oh yeah !

1103 days ago


Bring in William Hurt.

1103 days ago

two cents    

It's amazing how so many people don't have a clue. First, it's NOT discrimination. Are people that stupid? Discrimination has to do with sex, race, religion, etc... No where is "height" in there. This is television, people are hired (and fired!) for their looks.
George has NO personality. Have you even watched him try to interview anyone? He's arrogant and condesending. He always attacks repubs while treating dems with kid gloves.
Diane is also no prize. Yes, she's off GMA but she's on WNT, which I also watch. She can NOT keep her head straight. It's forever tilted, a permanently confused look on her face, and always batting her fake lashes. The woman looks like an idiot and should retire (taking babs with her!).
The only thing ABC has going for them is Chris Cuomo, David Muir, Sam Champion and newcomer Josh. Lara needs to go back where she came from, what an airhead. I'm female and I'm embarrassed for her. EliZabeth Vargas does a great job subbing on GMA. Very charming. I thought Bill Weir and Kate Snow were perfect for the weekends, but they brought on Bianna. Ugh. Dans are great though. And Katie Couric? There's a reason her numbers were so low, she's lousy! Cant' stand her either. What's with all the dumbed dowm women on the show?
GMA is barely tolerable to watch but old habits die hard. So, I just DVR the thing and can get through 2 hours in about 15 minutes, once I bypass all the babble and george segments.

1103 days ago


Im so tired of this prejudice against people of smaller stature.

1103 days ago


I totally agree with Cheryl on this one!! George should stay and Robin needs to go!!I am not really enjoying any of the morning shows at this time because of the female hosts!!

1103 days ago


But he is so cute!! Get rid of Robin had enough of her!! or bring back Diane Sawyer and Charlie!!

1103 days ago

B's Grandma    

George didn't just become short. Having a very tall man on the panel just amplifies this fact. I stopped watching GMA when George joined the show. He is a serious newsman...not a talk show host. GMA is a talk show with some news aspects. Keep Sam, Laura and Josh. Replace Robin and George. That's the only way I'd return as a viewer.

1103 days ago


When I saw Josh on Good Morning America, my first thought was, "GMA got a puppy."

1103 days ago


"But unfortionately they don't have much to choose from in that office so they stick the bitchy blode girl, the idiot Max and the brunette with the glasses in the front while hiding the other gremlins in that office."

They show Mike Walters and that other fat guy a lot too. I think his name is Gary.

1103 days ago
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