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Nancy Grace

I Never Trash-Talked

Ryan O'Neal

9/13/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace is perplexed that Ryan O'Neal dropped out of "Dancing with the Stars" because of her, telling TMZ, she never said anything bad about him.

Sources directly connected to Ryan tell us ... the actor was all set to do DWTS but dropped out because Nancy has said bad things about his son Redmond, who has had chronic drug problems, and also suggested he was a bad parent.

But Grace tells TMZ, "We have never covered Mr. O'Neal nor his family on our show," adding, "I hate that he dropped out of DWTS; I would have loved to compete with him and wish him the very best."

Grace says she considers O'Neal to be one of the great actors of our time and she finds his relationship with Farrah Fawcett "an inspiration to me."

Nevertheless, O'Neal has bitter feelings toward Grace ... and he freely discusses that in private.


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nancy grace can kiss my dogs shiddy azz!

1115 days ago


His bowing out had nothing to do with Nancy. I think he just figured that would fly. What he is really trying to avoid is public scrutiny. I bet when he thought he was going to be on the show, all of a sudden people started asking him personal and uncomfortable questions. Just like a loser to blame it on a lady. Puss.

1115 days ago


Another fantastic for the journalists at TMZ. They couldn't even make it through five sentences without a misspelling/typo.

Her name was FARRAH, not Farrrah.

Harvey, you need to seriously stop hiring cute, young, hipster surfer boys and stop allowing your employees to screw around all day.

You guys only put out about 6-8 stories a day (and even less on the weekends) - why is it so hard for your employees to spell correctly? It's not like you guys do much work!

This website is becoming PerezHilton - cringeworthy.

1115 days ago


Ryan is just making excuses because he's a pu**y, and he's afraid. He knows the public is aware of the lousey a** father he's been. He just can't stand the criticism. He kicked Tatum to the curb and Redmond has drug issues as well. They were doing drugs to mask their PAIN you rotten bas*ard! I hope some old lady runs over YOUR a** Ryan you piece of sh*t.

1115 days ago


Gardisil for all your children- and male-people!

1115 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at all the emotional bag women posting in Nancy Disgraces defense! If you're still married, I'm sure your husbands can't stand you anymore with all the irrationality spewing from your lips as a loyal Disgrace follower.

1115 days ago


Nancy Grace is an horrible person, and she looks like a retarded poodle.

1115 days ago


THANK YOU NANCY GRACE!! I'm grateful for any role you played in getting him off the show. Anyone who saw him on Piers Morgan knows what a jerk this guy is. He even openly blamed his daughter for Farrah getting cancer. What a low life. And I think he was a one hit wonder as far as acting goes.

1115 days ago


Ok TMZ, what is the real truth? Don't report half the story. Find out who is right and then ask the person who is lying why?

1115 days ago


Ryan's abusive relationship with his kids and partner are an inspiration to her? Disgusting! One more reason not to watch DWTS.

1115 days ago


She would do any thing to make a buck.

1115 days ago


She ever said anything nice about anyone? She is venomious bitch is what she is.

1115 days ago


As far as I'm concerned Ryan O'Neal made one decent movie and that was Love Story 40 some yrs ago. What does this jerk do for money all these years.

He is a rotten father and a nobody as far as I'm concerned.

1115 days ago


I use to like Nancy until last week she starts talking about being on Chastity side ...not more Nancy Grace for me! I lost the respect for her! Chastity stills has the woman voice she can'talk like a man and the manerisms are of a female ,she is a MAN!saw her dancing she is like a woman dancing ,poor partner I can see she feels akward dancing with another woman ,imagine when the song is a sexy,romantic song? poor thing!

1115 days ago


He hit on his own daughter at Farrah's funeral, after not recognizing her. HELLO, he is a bad parent!

1115 days ago
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