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John Travolta

The Magical Hair Growth

9/21/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0921_travolta_x174John Travolta has once again done the impossible and grown a full head of hair in a matter of days!

The follicle-challenged 57-year-old showed off his bald forehead in Calabasas this weekend (left), but just a couple days later the "Battlefield Earth" star was rockin' much longer and darker locks in Burbank on Tuesday (right).




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Meh, big deal. Have you watched the early seasons of The Office? Steve Carrell has also miraculously gotten thicker hair over the years.
Who cares if these guys want to wear hair pieces or get plugs, transplants, whatever.
No worse than the bajillion women getting plastic surgery.

1129 days ago

JAMES Elliott    

The main thing is how awesome hair pieces can look. You would be blow away by those who wear the. By the way, Mick Jagger has been wearing wigs since the late 60's. Just look at the pics of his brother and father-100% bald. Finding a pic is rough-thick Mick bought them up!

1129 days ago


He looks fine bald....he should just go with it like Bruce Willis did. His weaves and wigs are silly looking and not fooling anyone. I know....he will lose some acting jobs. Let some young guys get those roles, he has made enough money to have his own airliner that he parks in the driveway!!

1129 days ago


Travolta with or without hair; I couldn't care less.

1129 days ago


Either way he is a handsome man and if thats the worst he has done then lets let Vinny Barbarino alone. Tha man has suffered the worst thing a parent can go through and has done it with incredible dignity as has his wife.

Speaking of Vinny Barbarino, just damn. He looked good back the and still does. And to all you always harping that he is gay, well, so be it. If he is he is, but I have never thought that of him but it is obvious many have. If you are sitting around day by day wondering if he is then you really need a hobby. Suppose he is and has done an interview and said he was. Then what....??? Is this going to alter your world somehow??

Leave the man alone. He doesn't live for you.

1129 days ago


FOUND: JTs missing hair


1129 days ago


There's nothing wrong with a man wearing a quality toupee. As for John Travolta I prefer to NOT see him bald unless the movie he is in calls for it. A bald man or one that cuts his hair so short is not appealing to me. Since the 60's my dad has cut his hair so short I was made fun of throughout school like it was wrong for men to have short hair. As far as I'm concerned if you're bald man wear a toupee you would certainly expect a woman to do so.

1129 days ago


He's great. I'm okay with him either way. Go John Travolta!

1129 days ago


It looks like he used a product called Caboki. I'm not posting an advertising comment, it's a real product that gives a person the "temporary" illusion of having hair... and it feels like real hair. Only problem is it washes out. Go to youtube and search Caboki and it will show you how it's done and what it looks like. The video will show them doing someone with the same hairline. it's the latest rage in hollywood.

1129 days ago


Either way, he still has a handsome face.

1129 days ago


Looks like the Hair Club for Men has found their new spokesman! Vinny Barbarino is Ball Ball Balderino! Mr Kotter is having the last laugh! LOL

1129 days ago

And thats the truth    

So what TMZ. John Travolta has and always will be one sexy man. Some of your TMZ staff is half the age of John and their hairlines are already pretty thin.

1129 days ago


It's better to be bald a look normal than have a wig a look weird!

1129 days ago


I can't blame Travolta for rugging out--he's not a good bald guy. Some guys are, like Terry Bradshaw, and some aren't.

1129 days ago


John is still handsome. Bald or not, he is a terrific man.

1129 days ago
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