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Dumping Pain-In-the-Ass Home

9/22/2011 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has had it up to here dealing with her beleaguered Orange County home -- vindictive neighbors, endless mortgage troubles -- so she's decided to cut her losses ... and put it up for sale.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore -- and the place is scheduled for foreclosure next week.

According to the rep, Octo's going to try to sell the home before the bank takes it -- but if she fails, c'est la vie ... Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there. Credit score be damned.

The rep says Octo had the place appraised recently for $500,000 -- pretty good in this economy ... but the bad news is she still owes $450,000.

Nadya's list of grievances is endless -- but the rep tells us, Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair (video above).

We're told Octo's already got her eye on a few (more affordable) places nearby.


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Obviously Natalie LIED about being a germaphobe/clean freak from the looks of this house. What a shock.

1106 days ago


All I can say is compare that house to the Duggars or Gosselins house.

1106 days ago


WTF happened to all the money she managed to get when she cried for help publicly the last time this disaster of a house was about to be foreclosed? Clearly she didn't use any of it to pay her mortgage. What kind of sh*tty scam is this failure of a human running, anyway?

1106 days ago


Listen to her brag about this wonderful house and all the upgrades she will be receiving:

1106 days ago


Hey TMZ-can you check out something Octo stated on a radio interview last night?? that her grandfather (Angela's father-Stanaitis) was FORCED to serve in the Nazi Army and then later Angela was in a displaced persons camp (not a DEATH CAMP). Octo still refers to Angela as a Holocaust Survivor though. thanks

1106 days ago


Octoscammer is the most narcisstic person I have ever heard of. The sense of entitlement she has is outrageous! Gimme Gimme Gimme. Didn't she do the very same thing with her mother's house that went into foreclosure? She reminds me of a squatter.

1106 days ago


Having fourteen children dos not make you a bad parent, discipline is the key, My grandparents had 17, 2 doctors 5 teachers, 1 lawyer, 2 construction worker 3 nurses 3 homemakers, 1 deceased grandma never worked and didn't have to bail any out of jail.

1106 days ago


Well, well, well... This isn't the New-York Times, is it? Let's move on then... I see terms such as crazy, mentally ill, moron, etc... This is the result of a society, which has completely lost its core values, if it had any to start with. None of you knows this lady, and some of you dare to play "cops." Instead of putting somebody down, I suggest you go to college, get an education, read meaningful news, read an interesting book and be quiet.

1106 days ago


the disrepair is her and her many kids fault.... she wont be able to sell it like that

1106 days ago


Those poor kids. The condition of this house is deplorable. It looks like a third world orphanage. Why is Child Protective Services not doing the job they are paid to do? Remove these children! This Octo Tard does not want them anyway. She has some mental condition that causes her to love being pregnant. She could give a rat’s azz about raising these kids. Will it never end with this bat shiat crazy lady? How is she going to cope in 12 years when she has a houseful of angry, hateful, damaged, resentful teenagers?

1106 days ago


Her credit score will not take any hit, nor will she have any judgements against her. California is a non recourse state, therefor nothing negative will come from walking away from a mortgage.

1106 days ago


I hope she finds a nicer, better and larger place that's more satisfying and affordable for her and her kid's and I hope she has better and nicer neighbors.
Team Nadya! :D
Rental value on that house is about $2500/mo. Something larger, nicer, and better will cost more. Further, until she gets some real control, the kids will continue to inflict damage. She needs to make a major investment in dry wall patches, paint, and Kilz.

She isn't the only one to walk away from a mortgage due to financial difficulties. On the other hand, it was foolish to buy that particular home without any sort of guaranteed income. She will never qualify for a purchase money loan, I'm not sure Dad can come up with another $100,000 to make the down payment. Renting seems to be her only option, but no landlord is going to put up with the kind of damage that Octomom's children seem capable of inflicting. Sad for the kids. No security of any kind.

1106 days ago


What makes you think that if you do not live there you do not owe on your mortgage. It was not a RENTAL!!! She has a note she needs to honor. And whats with the disrepair. She is and always will be trash and one of the millions of reasons for the downfall of our economy

1106 days ago


Seriously the damage shown looks like OMG damage that having 8+ kids can do. Hello allowing the kids to draw on the walls. The hole in the door looks like it could have been made by a foot. The cieling missing a light fixture they sell covers for that at homedepot and lowe's. Then the damage to the wall under the sliding glass door, well that could be wear and tear or bad finishing by the contractor who built the house but still repairable she could DIY it. Seriously could be fixed by her with no problems.

1106 days ago


Didn't this "professional" grifter sign a lease agreement to be held accountable for all damages incurred whilst residing there?
If so, does she not have 2 braincells to realise that she will be sued for the damages? And I LOL at the appraisal amount! There are spray painted graffiti on the brick walls surrounding the property. Seriously, what "sane", self-proclaimed "germaphobe" allows her unruly, undiscplined feral and filthy rugrats demolish a once immaculate home?
Harvey needs to post a side by side before and after photos of this hovel.
What makes Natalie/Nadya Doud/Suleman/Guiterraz/Soloman think she will be able to dupe another homeowner in leasing a home to her after this *********** y?
HAHAHA and where exactly will she be moving to next? She thought she had it all planned out, huh. She knew all along she had planned on breaking her lease agreement and has been hinting and begging for a much larger and posher home to compete against her antagonist rival, K(h)ate G(r)osselin. Nothing is ever good enough for this daft bint.
All of her media opportunities are drying up. How will she support the brood in the years to come?
This bitch held one job in two years of her entire 36 years of life. She has no employable skills to take care of the children. Suze Orman declared that Fraudya made enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives but she squandered most of it to fuglify herself with plastic surgeries. LMAO

1106 days ago
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