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Lindsay Lohan

Sucking Face ... WITH A DUDE!!!

9/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philipp Plein and Lindsay LohanThe Lindsay Lohan sexuality meter is leaning towards "MEN" again ... because last night, she was spotted in a lip lock with a DUDE in a funky jacket.

The guy is actually fashion designer Philipp Plein -- and while he and Lindsay are getting pretty close lately, we're told the two are NOT dating ... for the time being.



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The Dweeb was able to get blowies from Lohan by convincing her his wanker was really just a rolled up rug.

1090 days ago


Knew she'd come back! So hot!

1090 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

What was she sucking after dinner?

1090 days ago


Company's gone and Sam and I had a nice short nap now he's running on all burners ......
And the kettle wad for TEA David ! nice ordinary tea...well take that back it was apple/lemon herb tea....!
good for you..
Since Milan fashion week last for two weeks if she stays till the end ..shes gona be in some serious trouble making up hours if and when she gets home before her next court appearance........unless ...her high dollar lawyer has already taken care of the problem.....a little here and a little there and a trip to the law libary to dig up a statue that they can use as a excuse.....and Lindsay is free to fly off to Russian and whore her way thru the Russian upper crust (aka)locally known as the Russia mafia....but its familar territory I'm sure mommy dearest can give her tips on how to whore for the mob......
Side note on fashion....I've been looking everywhere for a outfit to wear to a outdoor wedding in two weeks for my neice and its dressy dress code...Site is down by a lake and NC weather is notorious for changing and the muzzies don't leave till after I'm having a hard time finding something ..Everything in the high Dollar stores (as I call them )are ugly and dark...what do I do ?

1090 days ago


Is her face getting longer or is she balding more?

1090 days ago


Frankly, I couldn't care less if she kisses or makes out with men or woman. She's a loser...her time is up...get rid of her sorry ass. That said, as Bree O (about 7 hours ago) and some others posted, when in the heck is she gonna complete all that community service? If I remember correctly, it was something like 380 hours, including 120 at the morgue...the last I read, she had completed only about 60 or so hours.

1090 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe lil miss lohan needs a pair of thick rimmed glasses now, too. maybe she's thinkging, while she's smoochin: gosh, this girl is real fuzzy. am i dating chaz or something??!

1090 days ago


OK, I’ll give her a job but only if Dina is included in the deal. I need at least two people to push my Hummer while I steer.

1090 days ago


Man…he WAY overpaid for sex with Lindsay…Here in the states he could have had her for four vodka shots!

1090 days ago


I wouldn't say they're dating--YET! It's just the boss warming up his new "employee".

1090 days ago


Who cares who shes with as long she is happy and the guy is not a douchebag.

1090 days ago

AGENT smith    

AndyCondom is Lindsay's number one fan on TMZ. I nominate Andy for president of Lindsay's TMZ fan club.

1090 days ago


She's a trashy has-been

1090 days ago

Joe Blow    

Mommy DUIna must be flipping her s*it that A.) her beloved daughter Loser Lie-ho has been bumped to the second page of TMZ (expect this to be rectified once the latest check to Harvey clears), and B.) her beloved daughter Strawberry Snortcake is sucking face with someone other than her.

1090 days ago

delusional much LL?    

just seems like more attention wh0ring from a desperate trainwreck and the dude using her for all the (bad) publicity he can get.
love how all the fly by nights that have used her like this before,how after they get their free publicity,their projects never see the light of day or fail miserably.
they should save their breath as well as their money.

another thing, these people all seem to get the same script from the lowhans...they all seem to mention how great an actress she is, despite not having any success in that field in over half a decade.
you won't see the word "talented" used as much when talking about meryl streep,but for a mediocre disney remake queen,it's used constantly....yeah ok.
that's about as believable as those "eye witnesses" in multiple articles that saw liar-lo only drinking "water" when seen out at the clubs.

1090 days ago
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