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Lindsay Lohan

Sucking Face ... WITH A DUDE!!!

9/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philipp Plein and Lindsay LohanThe Lindsay Lohan sexuality meter is leaning towards "MEN" again ... because last night, she was spotted in a lip lock with a DUDE in a funky jacket.

The guy is actually fashion designer Philipp Plein -- and while he and Lindsay are getting pretty close lately, we're told the two are NOT dating ... for the time being.



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Bullcrap. Shes sucking face with another dude to take the focus off the fact that she was caught making out with her MOTHER. She STILL hasn't addressed it or denied it. She was caught drunk at a club making out with her mom and is now trying to throw the media off

1087 days ago

Ellie G    

Yerppi3, While those pics certainly make those 2 look like the drunken idiots they are, I dont believe for one minute that they were making out. But yea, I agree they are trying very hard to take the focus off of them.

1087 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Poor Lindsay looks reallllllyyyy board in Italy. I think her gooney bodyguards aren't protecting her, but rather enforcing sobriety on her so she can get through this without a major meltdown overseas.
And the half million dollar paycheck? Ha ha ha ha ha.....uh, no.

1087 days ago

some guy    

Smashed my PC monitor earlier. Just replaced it. Not feeling so good. Losing grip on reality more and more I think. I hope what I hope will happen will happen soon.

1087 days ago

Red Cloud    

Funny how some people here are so pizzed at Lindsay for possibly/probably getting six figures for this PP gig. She put his name on the "map". I DOUBT it's less than 6 Figures. And how much do you think she will get for Gotti??? She PROBABLY has that role. She will be playing Ben Foster's wife....not a tiny role. She will get MORE than 1/2M. And how much will she get for the other movies contracts she will get this year?? And how much does she get in royalties when her movies are on TV FREQUENTLY!!??!!?? Lindsay's UPWARD TREND is beginning to annoy some people. Heh Heh...

1087 days ago


No matter where you’re come from, white or black,I suggest you to the sugarbabymeet.c0m, to find your rich man or hot girl.

1087 days ago

Red Cloud    

If you check out this 3:54 minute clip from April you will see/hear the media in love with L at 2:40. They can't stop shouting Lindsay, Lindsay. I tried to warn non-fans. She's coming back. BIG TIME. She's not going to end up sitting beside a dumpster at Store 24 begging for coins and food. She's rising above the ash heap SHE created. She fell, and now she's getting up and standing tall. Accept it.

Hae you ever done this??????

1087 days ago


alls u peepel evr doo is maek fun of linds wen she trieing 2 hard 2 maek u hapy and help ali get her cereir of the grond wair wure u wen linds was in meen grills u think u no 2 mutch but u dunt no nething so leeve linds aloan unles u can b nies

1087 days ago


MichaelJLohan Michael Lohan
"@bloodredwitch @andyconda2 read me @k8major dm's, encouraged me to tell u then let me look bad!I am done w/him.I am w U.Very sick!"BOTH ARE

thats hysterical!!!

1087 days ago


She looks absolutely stupid with blonde hair.

1087 days ago

Ron Paul    

San Pellegrino contains fluoride

1087 days ago


Umm, the only person this Phillip Plein creature would be interested in is George Michael. This is just a ploy for publicity. I can't see anyone getting serious with Blowhan when the whole world knows she is infected with herpes and other STD's.

1087 days ago


I know where BRW and Andy are going to be at 2:00(eastern):
"Chat With Michael Lohan Live On Radar"

1087 days ago


@ ILG and Danielle Can you believe that Andy said to kate that sheis a beautiful woman, I laughed so hard. Looks like BRW and Andy are buddy buddy with MiLO and Kate..Whats up with that?? Payroll??

1087 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

ILG, GC and Nikki,

Andy and Kate have been tweeting each other. Seems Kate is quite smitten with andy. Andy gave me a heads up and for giggles I jumped in with one tweet to her and she went around the bend. So, I was bad amd told MiLo that Kate was flirting with my bf.
It then got way out of hand. Kate and her followers have called me worse things thing the rock ever called anyone on the boards. MiLo and his followers are all very sympathetic. It is all very dramatic and bizarre. Especially since MiLo and his followers have been way nicer to/about andy in their tweets.
Anyway, now I am in this twitter drama and wont answer the Kate faction. But also dont want them to think their meaness ran me off. So I have been answering Milo. *shrugs* I didnt know it would turn into all this.

1087 days ago
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