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Lindsay Lohan

Sucking Face ... WITH A DUDE!!!

9/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philipp Plein and Lindsay LohanThe Lindsay Lohan sexuality meter is leaning towards "MEN" again ... because last night, she was spotted in a lip lock with a DUDE in a funky jacket.

The guy is actually fashion designer Philipp Plein -- and while he and Lindsay are getting pretty close lately, we're told the two are NOT dating ... for the time being.



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Ghost Rider    

Been listening to Rob Zombie all week and got an idea for a B movie from hell called "SEX KITTENS OF THE ILLUMINATI", Now all I need is some ideas for the movie poster, and a trailer.

1081 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Lets see how this looks...

"SEX KITTENS OF THE ILLUMINATI" starring, The Ghost of Marilyn Monroe, The severed head of Jayne Mansfield, and The corpse of Bette Davis played by the living dead girl herself Lindsay Blowhan.
They may not have wanted what they have gotten, but they got it anyway.
coming soon to a drive in near you...

1081 days ago


In a revealing moment, the rising music star says she can’t let success get to her head, because it’s “grotesque.”

“There’s so many people who believe their own hype and treat people like ****, and if I was ever like that I would absolutely stop doing what I’m doing for a while and go and find mysel****ain. I find it grotesque when people change because of it, but maybe it’s because they’re not as good at keeping in contact with the people who love them for a reason.”

Even with her resolve, she says she still doubts herself:

“I’m as insecure about myself as the next person … that I’m not good enough in my music, in my relationships and that I’m never going to be brave enough to tell anyone how I feel.”

This is from adele,close to lindsays age

1081 days ago


I just had to share this for those of you that don't go over to Radaronline. It's on the post about Amanda Knox. If this isn't the best response to one of RW's posts, I don't know what is!
Ive added a new member to my dream team, the chick who cooked and ate her husband has made it onto my list along with, Courtney S, Amanda K., and Casey A.!!!!! Lilo got the boot and has asked me not to say anything publicly!

by therock (aka Rogue Warrior)
Posted Sat, 10/01/2011

I think you should just stick with the cannibal. :)

by Crabby Abbey
Posted Sat, 10/01/2011

1081 days ago


My of My they are deletely my comments left and right...just because I pointed out what is so obvious to anybody who looks at todays pictures ....don't believe me will trot on over the ROL and look at them....

1081 days ago

Ellie G    

All that fashion around her and she dresses like that? She just looks used.

1081 days ago


Ketjo, agree, agree, AGREE!

1080 days ago


Linds is supposed to stagger home any week now. I better wipe my fingerprints off the safe - AFTER I grab another fat stack, of course.

1080 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Wow serious deleting of post going on! All of andy's are gone. Havnt checked mine yet. Just WOW!

1079 days ago


LOL.......the TMZ edit/deleter must have had the weekend off cause that last post of mind lasted till today before he deleted it.......count went from 265 to 251 which means he deleted 6 comments from over the week end and since they only had about 10 0r 12 total for the weekend means they deleted over 1/2 the comments.......
Now it don't take a rocket scienist to fiqure out what is going on TMZ....but if you all want to continue to cut off your nose despite what its doing to your face go ahead... but answer me one question first ?

Is the money worth it ? Is Lohan Inc worth it ? because I'm sure in hell sure that if it comes down to it They would Throw you TMZ under the bus faster then you can spit for money....

So keep your lohan paid for bully sitting in the playground guardin your her interest but know that he is driving off all the paying customers and ya'll are going in up with a empty lot with nothing but trash to pick up....

1079 days ago


Hey, Bully of the playground..........

I got another comment you can delete.......just did a quick tour around the net on storys on your gal from this weekend that are popping up ...thinky you need to tell your boss they are going need more money cause I found 415 storys and 90% of them was very unflattering to your gal....and that just the ones from Saterday and Sunday....\
How do you like playing in a empty playgorund ?

Gotta go there's a new playground down the net/street that not under the control of Lohan Inc and boy is it fun to play in lots and lots of people stoppiny by to bad for you but I quess you'll have to play by yourself.....

1079 days ago


It's insane. I'm completely blocked - ALL possible access - from CeleB and Radar. I can still get on here for now, but FUTMZ is banned and everyone's jumping ship here. Clue me in before I give up completely - this isn't any fun. I miss all my comrades. andyconda (or agent of) - if you see this, e me before this message vanishes too: clamronson at yahoo... or futmz at yahoo.

1079 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I emailed you an answer as well as posted it!

1079 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

TMZ Moderator,

As many others here, I have been proud to be a TMZ poster. It was a rough and tumble site to post on. To be able to hold my own on these boards, post funny and informed comments, make friends (from both sides) was great! This used to be the site to come to for the entertainment value of the posts, even none posters did. We had fun on both sides. It is not the same with all those that have been run off.
Please rethink your new policy. You are not only losing posters but those that log in to read our comments. Many of us have gained follwers of our own, that give you hits when they come here to read our comments. We can and will leave. We prefer not too.

Thank you from all of us

1079 days ago


we are all on DOUBLE SECRET step Harvey will issue us virtual tickets with major virtual fines...FUTMZ is allready doing life in internet space

1079 days ago
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