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Paramedic Claims

He Could Have SAVED MJ

9/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


SHOCKING testimony in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial today -- a paramedic claims he could've saved Michael Jackson's life if Conrad would've called 911 immediately ... and Harvey says it had "huge implications" in the case.

Plus, the dumbest lawsuit ever is filed against the producers of "The Black Swan" ... aka that movie where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis' makeout. And, we play "Who's the Douche?" in the Kelsey and Camille Grammer's custody battle.

Guess who lost?


(3:10) Richard Senneff, one of the paramedics that arrived on the scene and found MJ's body testifies today in court. He says there is a chance they could have re-started Michael's heart. 
(4:43) Harvey says the Associated Press missed the headline!
(10:00) A caller compares Dr. Murray to a drug dealer and Harvey says that's a little conspiratorial.
(21:30) Who's the biggest "d-bag" ... Camille or Kelsey Grammer?
(24:00) Kelsey is required by court order to attend all their kid's extra activities and Camille plans on being there as well. Kelsey can't stand being around Camille ... will they play nice?  Harvey thinks things are going to keep getting ugly.
(35:20) A caller who happens to be a divorce lawyer explains why scheduling is important for children with divorced parents.
(39:20) Wanna see two girls make out?
(46:01) Another entertainment show rags on the paparazzi ... then uses a picture taken by the paparazzi on their show. Hypocritical?

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fioo hoos    

This all is a bad joke-it should be murder one with pre med.he pre planned his actions which were to make dam well sure three times over MJ was DOA just as he was orded to do by viacom sony CBS.five had battled them since day one and was half a billion dwont after makeing them muti billions plus and they now have total control of all of fives&Mj`s works.A slappy wrist fake roo court for a island hopper voodoo killer MD.CBS owns this trial court room and hellywood`ss just ask howard hughes`s IIV.If Mj was dirt than why is he still make mooka for sony

1120 days ago

Dr. Conman Moron is a selfish greedy bastard.

1120 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Murray looks very haggard, like this has been going on for months.

PS: He killed MJ.

1120 days ago


Just had to slip in a cheap shot at Mel Gibson didn't you!!!
Shame on you!!

1120 days ago


No, he didn't say he could have saved him if Murray had called right away. He said if the "down" time was close to the call time, then he's confident the patient can be general situations he was referring to. Which is just common sense. If you had a heart attack, were under the water 2 minutes, were shot in the torso...OF COURSE he will be more confident of saving you if he gets there right away as opposed to 20-30-60... minutes later.

Christ TMZ...stick to the facts and quit embellishing.

1120 days ago


Anyone who has a medical training knows you need remove the patient to a hard service before administering CPR!!!
He is a heart surgeon!

1120 days ago

The Real JJ    

There's a lot of "ifs" in this case. If Conrad Murray would've never gave MJ Propofol in the first place we wouldn't be talking about this now.

1120 days ago

fioo hoos    

Even when they pusts someone to death in jail they get better treatment from the doctors.MURDER ONE doctor stomp stomp little kids chest in could have would have and should have followed his oath but he followed his pocket book from day one five million to murder MJ spent a coupe of years in jail and have millions is just one more day at the office for a kilroy murder inc MD sned him back to mexico and hang him up by his sputts untill they fall off than hide them from the ratts and send him back to trial in the USA for haveing none.MJ`s dirt make more money for sony than anyones and that money trail leads back to the contract killer MD

1120 days ago


TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT THE JUDGE IN CM CASE... I personally think he is FABULOUS!!! Do you think if OJ had had a judge like in the MJ trial things might've ended up differently? (shorter trial... different verdict?... less of a cricus show)

1120 days ago

fioo hoos    

i4i murder ONE contract murder for hire sony gets the loot and cooks and corks the books to steal MJ&five blindo.Blind med trial using the kilRoy~SS voodoo do dos for the study i4i trail is a joke circus make more money for sony doofy the MJ dirt dirt dirt five next grand babys never endin money for viacom off jacksons MJ knew and setup doctor stomp stomp stomp little kid`s chests in so he would`nt get his kids DOA Great JOB MJ and now thier rich again until those sony book cookers steal them blind also at least doctor kilroy is stuck in the headlights now for all to see

1120 days ago


Michael knew exactly what the Doctor was doing but the doctor should have known better. The doctor is responsible for his death period!!!

1120 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    


1120 days ago

fioo hoos    

I was like six years old when conrad tryed to murder me via stomp my chest in stab and cut my heart out and eat in in front of me,for CBS sony goodship elsiabeth taylor pop.I fought back and was blacklisted whiole still being ripped for billions just like 5&MJ.MJ knew defended his own kids from the contract killer MD.Elsiabeth taylor killed MJ when he was just a child for her stardom and my step brother a child of MS taylor was dumped by the curb..stars suck tass for murder inc but most never standup to contract killers for thier kids

1120 days ago


MJ could easily inject the propofol into his Central Line that was in place when the paramedics arrived. Find it interesting that Dr. M pulled the line out..

1120 days ago

big WILL    

Why is prosecuting Dr. Murray any different than prosecuting a drug dealer for a death by overdose? By supplying propofol outside of a medical facility for sleeping purposes, he was no longer acting as a medical professional, just a provider (dealer).

1120 days ago
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