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ESPN to Hank Williams:


10/6/2011 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
The Monday Night party is over for Hank Williams ... ESPN has just fired the singer, days after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

ESPN had already pulled the song from Monday's game while they mulled Williams' fate -- but now, it's permanent.

ESPN released a statement, saying, "We appreciate his contributions over the past years.  The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

As we previously reported, Williams went on Fox News earlier this week, and referred to Obama and Joe Biden as "the enemy."

He later called his comments "dumb" -- but never really apologized for saying them.


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Funny how when some moron calls a Tea Party member a terrorist, he's lauded as a hero, but when someone gives an opinion that isn't glowing of the Obamessiah, he's ridiculed and fired. You libtards really do love Freedom of Speech....as long as that speech is telling you what you want to hear. If it's doesn't, you want everyone to sit down and shut up.

1021 days ago

Jackson Ferguson    

The name hank is a icon.
ESPn lets Mike Tyson talk SMACK about Sarah Palin.
The interviewer or Mike were not called to the rug.
I guess in my judgement, me & all my roudy friends will qui*****ching Monday night football

1021 days ago


ESPN sucks! Go Hank and Go Bucks!

1021 days ago


Why do idiots always argue freedom of speech when someone gets fired for making questionable comments? You do have the freedom to say what you want, that's why he's not in jail. But if you jeopardize a companies reputation they have the right to fire your ass. The first amendment protects us from getting prosecuted over our opinions, but it doesn't protect from public reaction. Its as simple as that geez c'mon people

1021 days ago

O. Baxter    

Freedom of speech means that you won't go to jail for voicing your opinion. Freedom of speech does not prevent you from losing your job if you say something stupid.

1021 days ago


@ Baxter & Dre

What is something stupid?

Is it something that conflicts with your employers opinions?

Is it what is popular vs. unpopular?

You sit there and make arguments that people can be fired after long and loyal service...for no good reason, and counter to the rights granted by the Constitution - yet do you not realize that you too could be fired for nothing, if your limited perception were reality?

You are fighting for less freedom for people? You are defending the few thousand US corporate bosses to decide what is acceptable to say in public?

What is the matter with you?

Big Poppa

1021 days ago


Good for his ass. He meant exactly what he said.

1021 days ago

john johnson    


1021 days ago


So funny to watch liberals call George Bush a "Nazi" and get away with it...when, in actuality liberal ideology is much more in line with the Socialist/Marxist agenda set forth by Hitler. Good for Hank Williams for speaking the truth.

1021 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

It's the middle of the 4th Quarter...

The Confederacy of Evil - 10
The U.S. Citizens - 3

....but look-out....Number 7...is TAKING THE FIELD (*wink*)

1021 days ago


Hank was speaking about a very important topic. He was not inciting hate. He spoke his mind in truth, and attached logical reasoning in explaining his feelings/statements.
Those who support the corporate elitist right to react to Hank's statements by firing him, you thereby aid in the argument that YOU could be fired for saying blue is your favorite color in a passionate and/or controversial way.

ESPN fired Hank precisely because they believe that there are enough Americans who would rather see a celeb fired for speaking out, than protect the rights of the people under the Constitution, and thereby demand that EVERY US citizen be afforded those rights.

You see, if you understood anything about the state of America, you would not call someone down for trying to address the amazing ineffectiveness of your own political leaders to accomplish ANYTHING to right the ship!

The effect of firing Hank is to intimidate those who would passionately speak out as he did! Nothing more nothing less!

Now let's go golfing.

Big Poppa

1021 days ago


What an. A Hole! I can't believe this guy!

1021 days ago


With high profile jobs such as a television spot on a major network such as ESPN comes the duty and the expectation to maintain a certain type of image. Williams' comments were a disrespect to the current president and borderline unpatriotic. He certainly has the right to voice his opinion but it can't be in such a way where it is cruel, demeaning, or offensive. I think ESPN made the right choice.

1021 days ago


@ sunshinerad

OK so...in any capacity where one actually has the ability to communicate with large amounts of people - IE: a TV interview...in that interview Hank must shape his opinions according to his employer?

He can have his own opinion, at home?


Big Poppa

1021 days ago


The Constitution does protect the freedom of speech of every citizen, and even of non-citizens — but only from restriction by the Congress (and, by virtue of the 14th Amendment, by state legislatures, too). There are plenty of other places where you could speak but where speech can and is suppressed. For example, freedom of speech can be and often is restricted in a work place, for example: employers can restrict your right to speak in the work place about politics, about religion, about legal issues, even about Desperate Housewives. The same restrictions that apply to the government do not apply to private persons, employers, or establishments.

1021 days ago
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