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Lindsay Lohan

Banished to the Morgue

10/19/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good News for Lindsay Lohan: The judge who could end up sending her to jail has decided she doesn't have to do any community service, at least for now.

Bad News for Lindsay Lohan: She'll be sweeping up blood and guts at the L.A. County Morgue.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell TMZ ... Judge Stephanie Sautner contacted Probation officials and told them to immediately yank Lindsay from her current community service assignment with the Red Cross. We're told Judge Sautner ordered the Probation people to immediately assign Lindsay to morgue duty.

It's clearly a sign the judge is pissed off -- probably at the Probation Dept. for pulling a switcheroo by taking Lindsay out of the Downtown Women's Center, where the judge ordered Lindsay to perform 360 hours of community service. Judge Sautner also ordered Lindsay to do 120 hours at the morgue, and now that's taken top billing.

As for pissing off the judge, we've learned there's something in the Probation report that will probably do just that. Lindsay's probation officer wrote that Lindsay had problems with the Women's Center, because it was "not fulfilling." One more time -- Lindsay complained the Woman's Center was "NOT FULFILLING."

We broke the story the Probation Department believes Lindsay has NOT violated her probation, but prosecutors feel the opposite is true and they want her in the slammer.

Lindsay is ordered to court this morning at 10 AM PT. It promises to be a showdown -- and possibly an epic one.

Yes, we'll livestream from start to finish.


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Whats it like to get away with breaking rules and not being punished? I think Karma will be her only payback. Her looks are gone, her teeth are bad, she has no legitimate career, her good reputation will never be recovered. Enough?

1108 days ago


Really hope to see a good crowd today in the chatroom. I imagine there's going to be a LOT to talk about today.
I can't believe her mother was STUPID enough to actually say she was doing her CS at home. WOW.

1108 days ago



Are you dense?

Lindsay didn't show up for her scheduled Community Service appts with the Downtown Womens Center. So, they said f-this trouble. It's not worth it anymore.

But, it's not like good ole Linds can just move onto a different place to do her community service. She has to go to probation and explain why she got threw out on her @ss. LIndsay (of course lying) then told them she just stopped showing up because it wasn't fufilling.

Even my dog can follow TMZ stories. I'm not sure why you can't.

1108 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

#@Andy you forgot Nicole Richie

1108 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is like Wall Street the big banks get bailed out pay themselves big bonuses and then cut off the money supply to the public by not lending....Lindsay gets caught with coke, robs a jewellery store etc and gets a slap on the wrist! We the public are OUTRAGED that justice AGAIN is not served! We know that the same rules don't apply to everyone,if your rich or privileged you get off.

1108 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

I hope this judge has some balls and sticks to her word! If Lindsey doesnt change, then she'll be at the morgue soon and not for community service. Too bad she's not grown up enough to stay out of trouble. "Not fulfilling = NO star treatment"?! LMAO Its community service you twit!!

1108 days ago


That cracks me up the WC not fulfilling, she never showed up, blew it off 9 times stayed maybe an hour and got booted. Has the nerve to say it's not fulfilling.

Lohan is so wacked the morgue will be more fulfilling.

1108 days ago


So, who in the probation department is LieHo giving BJs???

1108 days ago


When is this girl going to grow up?!? She needs to shut her mouth and complete her sentence, just like everyone else! Personally, I think the biggest problem is her dumb-a** mother! Someone needs to slap a permanent gag on that woman. How can Lindsay ever accept that she has a problem when mom keeps telling her she's wonderful just the way she is???

1108 days ago


She certainly is an arrogant little brat. She also knows the system inside and out. She probably deliberately got kicked out of the DWC so she could get a cushier assignment. She also probably has no intention of stepping foot in the morgue. And then she tops it off with having her hair done yesterday and her teeth fixed in preparation for her big concrete carpet walk. She is really sticking her middle finger in the Judge's face

1108 days ago


Does that mean that she won't be going to jail today? If she doesn't go to jail today she'll be going very soon because there's no way in hell that Lindsay's going to comply with morgue duty; so if not today - soon.

1108 days ago


This just a game for Lohan and she's making a judge look like a total moronic idoit. Ho many slaps on the wrist until it actually turns red is she going to get? Star struck
Judge Sautner should be removed from the bench and let a real judge take over.

1108 days ago


if judge sautner has a hair on her A$$ (By looking at her I would say it wouldnt be lonely)..she will do the right thing...Might as well add some barbacue sauce...that buck could be cooked

1108 days ago


The judge is a joke. The Probation Department is a joke. But it all works out because Lindsay is a joke too. And she'll keep it up until her 30's when whatever talent she had, continues to atrophy.

1108 days ago


Saunter is going to be PISSED. She gave Lindsay the DWS SPECIFICALLY as community service to "show her women who have let drugs and alcohol control their lives, and women less fortunate than her". She wanted her to go there and gain humility. The mother fing Red Cross wouldn't even come close to that. PSSST...IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD, DIP-SH*T. Too bad the judge didn't know she was dealing with a girl mainly running off of cigarettes, cocaine and an occasional Red Bull. There aren't any brain functions left. Or, just enough to make excuses...

1108 days ago
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