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Lindsay Lohan

Probation Revoked


10/19/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


In a blistering hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lindsay Lohan's probation, had her cuffed and set a hearing for November 2, when Lindsay could end up getting as much as a year-and-a-half in jail.

Judge Sautner said Lindsay Lohan was completely responsible for being thrown out of the Downtown Women's Center, where the judge told her she must complete probation.

The judge concluded Lindsay violated her probation, scoffing time after time, incredulously reading from the Probation Report -- the section where Lindsay told the Probation officer she didn't find the Women's Center "fulfilling."101911_lindsay_still

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay got kicked out of the Women's Center after being a no-show 9 times.

The Judge also doubted Lindsay attended sessions with her shrink once a week, as the Judge required. 

The judge dismissed Shawn Holley's argument that Lindsay had to go abroad to work -- where she was seen partying on several occasions -- and that's why she missed a number of community service appointments, saying, "She's supposed to be an actress, from what I hear."

Judge Sautner recalled all the screw ups Lindsay has had in her court cases, reminding Holley that "Probation is a Gift."

As we reported, Lindsay's bail bondsman appeared in court and will be bailing her out shortly.

The judge could barely contain her contempt for the Probation Dept., which gave Lindsay a glowing report.  Judge Sautner said the Probation Dept. had no authority to send Lindsay to the Red Cross to do her community service and said Lindsay would not get credit for the time she served there.

Before Lindsay was taken away in cuffs, the judge said Lindsay must complete 16 hours at the morgue each week before the November 2 hearing.

Although Lindsay could get sentenced to nearly a year and a half in jail, a frustrated Judge Sautner noted new laws and overcrowding would make such a sentence unlikely.

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This idiot burns through more money trying to stay out of the slammer than anyone I've ever seen. She acts like this rebellious bad ass until right before court and then folds like the immature bietch she is. And Dilo should take a cue from Milos book and STFU already. She is accelerating the families exit from Hollywood which is a good thing for us.

1102 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

"And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree. It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks." Johnny Cash from "The Man Comes Around"

1102 days ago


Oh, come on, there will be nothing new. The judge will just give her a quick little lecture,and she will waltz out of there like she always does! Same old, same old, as with any other celebrity, when if it were your average Joe off the street, they would end up in jail!

1102 days ago


She was a NO SHOW at the women's center NINE TIMES, and left early virtually every other time she showed up.
That alone should be enough to convice the judge that Lindsay is NOT taking her obligations seriously.

1102 days ago


What happend to 3 strikes and you're out? Come on, why do we keep giving her chances everytime she screws up. What a waste of time and tax payers money. Get it together because it's obvious she's not!

1102 days ago


I cannot believe the arrogance of this chick - saying her community service was "not fullfilling". WTF? community service was not invented to amuse you Lindsay, it's designed as a consequence of your actions, a PUNISHMENT. Get a grip.

1102 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

slow news week

1102 days ago


This unbelievable picture pretty much shows why Lindsay has become such a train wreck.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan Make OutAn insider said, "Both Dina and Lindsay were completely and utterly wasted. Dina was even more trashed than her daughter."

Unfortunately for that sloppy mother and daughter pair, this is just the latest rumor to surface about an already damaged family. Lindsay Lohan's desires to resurrect her career and herself as a stable and reformed bad girl have taken multiple hits last week because of her often bizarre and diva-ish behavior during New York Fashion Week. No one is surprised by news that A-listers like Dakota Fanning shunned Lindsay or that she was kicked out of Marc Jacobs' after-party but the fact that she probably made out with her own mother while her young brother wished to disappear next to them is shocking to nearly everyone!

Lindsay Lohan wants a baby. Don't have heart attack just yet. Lohan only said she wanted to have a baby, she didn't say she was pregnant! Best known for being unstable and troubled, it's difficult to fathom how Lindsay Lohan can have a baby and be a good mother!

According to InTouch Weekly, friends said Lindsay Lohan thinks having a baby will curb her troubles ways. One can argue Lohan should think about having a puppy first before reaching out to her baby dreams! It's possible that the wacky celebrity will learn having a baby does not mean less stress in a one's life or more stability!

There will be more stresses and whatever freedom Lohan may have now will be taken away by the baby! Unless of course, Lohan has the baby and her mother does all the nurturing. However, Lohan didn't turn out quite right so maybe Dina Lohan probably shouldn't be the caregiver here either.

What do you think about this latest news? Can you even imagine what this poor baby will have to go through?


Lilo supporters, want to know why it's so easy to hate Lilo and Dilo? Just look above and combine it with all the lies that are constantly coming out of their mouths. Lilo will be completely removed from anything Hollywood within 5 years if she doesn't drastically change her ways!

1102 days ago


Why does it seem when other 'stars' have issues with their probation they sent flying to jail. None of this come in let's talk and then set a date to 'talk' stuff. This will be the same as all the other times she's violated her probation .. nothing will happen and she will be told the 'new' rules for finishing her probation... Yawn.

1102 days ago


You go Lohan, go girl! Go right into the slammer and let the door hit you on the way in.

1102 days ago


slow news week

1102 days ago


Just a waste of time.Nothing new is going to happen and LL knows that.

1102 days ago


The judge won't send her to jail; she'll put her on house arrest, ban her from using alcohol and assign her to work mandatory 8 hrs/day at the morgue... a fate worse than jail, the judge will work her azz off instead lol.

1102 days ago


we all know what the outcome will be...the skank will come up with a ton of excuses...judge Sautner will kiss her azz and give the bitch more time to phk up again and waste our courts time....they should do what they did to casey anthony and make the bitch pay all court costs for her stupidity....just another lindsay gets off day!

1102 days ago


I'm gonna be hanging out at my special place today. You all know me as jeebus but I guess putting up a website on here will get you banned. For shame Kaiser and co. Not like it would have stopped people from coming here. But oh well. last time I come by.

1102 days ago
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