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Michael Lohan's Ex

Bruising Photos

After Alleged Domestic Abuse

10/26/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kate major bruised picturesTMZ has obtained photos ... showing the damage Michael Lohan allegedly caused to his ex-girlfriend's body during a domestic violence incident early Tuesday morning.

The pictures show bruising on Kate Major's upper right arm ... where she claims Lohan violently grabbed her during an argument in her Tampa apartment.

Major also has black and blue marks on her leg, which she claims she suffered when Lohan was shoving her around. 

As we previously reported, Major told Tampa police ... Michael got violent and threatened to kill her after she refused to perform oral sex on him in her apartment.

Lohan was arrested and charged with domestic violence ... though he told police he never laid a hand on Major and "would never hurt her."

Michael is still in custody -- but he's set to face a judge this morning in the hopes of being released from jail.


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Maybe she will leave him this time for good, otherwise she's become a non-story.

1102 days ago


I don't have a drinking problem, I drink, I fall down, no problem. Alcoholics regualarly fall down, this could explains the bruising. Besides I think Kate sees huge dollar signs when she looks a MILO. By pinning him with accusations of domestic violence ups the payout.

1102 days ago


This is supposed to be an entertainment site. I don't like reading police records of abusive people. I can watch TV news for crime stories.

1102 days ago


Those bruises are clearly old. They have yellowing all the way around them. They are already healing. I don't think much of him, but she is pretty pathetic. Classic definition of a "fame whore"

1102 days ago


Hard to feel sorry for someone that's been abused by this man over & over, when she keeps going back for more. Either stay in the abusive realtionship (I'm guessing for his money) or stay the he!! away from him!

1102 days ago


I`m not partial to either one, but it seems to me that Kate Major is the agressor of what goes on between these two. SHE is the one who goes after him. If you remember, Michael was in Celebrity rehab, she would call and harass him, she showed up drunk yelling at him, and then she called the police on him. Doesn`t that seem a bit contradictorial? She goes after him, then calls the Police after she yells at him then tells the police he is causing trouble? Even her `friend` has told her to stop, that Michael isn`t doing anything. Michael needs to stay away from her, change his number and move. If she shows up in the same state he is in, then he needs to go elsewhere, she is poisin to him. Maybe she will get the hint when he stops all communication with her. He gets put in jail, has a reputation as an abuser, but gets out and charge are dropped. If he was abusing her, she would not drop the charges. If you look at the `recent` picture of her so called bruise, she is saying that just happened Tuesday, well the one on her arm is old, that bruise could be cause from hitting or bumping into something when you are in a hurry, I myself, have a couple that look exactly like that. I could bet most everyone has had the same thing happen to them at one time or another. The one on her ankle, well, if you want to get someone in trouble, you can certainly hit, kick, or grab yourself to make things look worse then they are. She is a drunk, Michael is sober. Drunks are always obnoxious, most if not all, lie to get what they want. She also lied about Jon Gosslin saying they were getting married, he was smart and got away from her, now Michael needs to do the same. She needs help in a bad way.

1102 days ago


She let him in because she felt sorry for his azz because he is homeless. She lets him in and throws a Mel Gibson shiat fit because she won't go down on him. Well, Mel is a millionare movie star & some chicks go for pricks like him because of the $$$$. Milo is an unemployed, homeless convicted felon. What does this clown bring to the table?
Rot in jail you turd!

1102 days ago


She files and gets a TRO against him, yet turns around and lets him in her apartment instead of calling the police? Then she sold the pictures of her alleged abuse? Please... Time and time again these two have gone back and forth with this crap. They are BOTH money grubbing alcohol/drug addicted media whores. IMO they both should be put away.

1102 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Lohan has a history of abusing Kate, but yet she still goes around him (or invites him over ---> STUPID!!!)?! Kate is a dumb, insane bitch.

1102 days ago


She is as bad as he is...

1102 days ago


This is all for attention for both of them. After what he did to her why would you let him in your house. She got what she wanted and that was attention. If we do not pay them any attention we would not have this follery. Sad and I am tried of trash news

1102 days ago


That CouldnT Of Been Me Ii Would Of Let Him No Imma Be The Last Female Uu Lay Handss Onn

1102 days ago


Her ankles are swollen from the booze! She is a huge crack-whore. They deserve each other. The whole Lohan clan needs to move to Florida, it's where they belong. Trailer park trash!

1102 days ago

Linda Brown    

It kinda makes you wonder if these two losers beat each other up for the publicity because we all know what a mediawhore he is! And I do not condone domestic violence, but in their case I make an exception and figure out she must enjoy getting beat on because she keeps going back to him! And like he has a lot to offer a woman? NOT!! How he makes money besides off his messed up daughter. he is a "professional addict and a mediawhore!! He gets paid to go on Jane and ET and TMZ? Why do you even waste your time on this loser?It is not like he is some big star, he is a leech and as useless as a used tampon!! He has nothing going for him, he is a nothing and if none of the media pays attention to him, he would go away! It is you guys that need to not give him his fix!!Like it is pathetic you took those pics of him in the hospital gown? Who in hell did you figure would be interested enough to want to see that? I will say this much in your favor, it shows the real ML and not the one he tries to spin he is, this good guy, a great father and a good husband? And it is his big huge ego you people feed!! DO YOU personally feel he is newsworthy? I sure as hell don't! I would much rather read about an American Hero, someone who makes a difference in people's lives, who is unselfishly does a deed not this useless excuse for a man!!

1102 days ago


why does this woman keep hooking up with losers and why does she keep coming back for more? she can't change this joker. Kate, leave, and never come back. get some self-esteem.

1102 days ago
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