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Kris Humphries

I Was Blindsided!

10/31/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is willing to do whatever it takes to repair his broken marriage -- telling TMZ, "I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents."

Kris adds, "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce ... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."


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Harden Thicke    

Haha Kris.. You are the biggest idiot ever! What will you do.. you are pretty much looking like a ball less shmo right now. Are your balls still hanging on the kardashian mantel?

1033 days ago


Kris you need to stop playing the victim. Do you honestly what us to believe that you had no idea that Kim was going to file for divorce? Is your head up your ass? Or are you that self centered that you couldnt tell something was up. Please.

1033 days ago


She needs to quit lying to herself. She loves the media attention, I bet she would have LOVED being the next Brad and Angelina. The Kardashian clan needs to stop making Kim look like the victim, they've cried wolf too many times for people to believe them. Sorry Kardashians.

1033 days ago


Kris,Kris,Kris..you seem to be a man who is somewhat spiritual and the Bible does state that the man is the head of the household, so if you wanted her in Minnesota then she should have went. Her "career" is based on a sex tape..that's it. She is famous because of that and that only. Remember that.

1033 days ago


The "reality" is how wedding became larger than the committment. How sad. I feel worse for the young girls who idolize this type of relationship. It makes marriage look like a circus....It's hard to feel sorry for these two people.

1033 days ago

gbenga odusina    

kris..didnt u see the signs on the wall..kim and her family are such overnight celebrities and would do anything for fame and they are always lovin it..i knew right from the start it was one big scam..atleast it put your name on the world map too...its real men like her former boyfriend REGGIE BUSH that can really handle that ANYTHING FOR MONEY gal..her mum is equally annoying as well..same of the same..she sure loves the attention..no wonder she is biggest loser amongst the 3 gals...kourtney got a dude/baby,khloe got a husband and kim got....?nothing but VANITY

1033 days ago


Im so sorry Kris, Everyone saw this coming. Kim cares only about herself, the proof is in the pudding! I cannot believe with all the money she has that she asked for wedding gifts, why didn;t she donate it to charity. Hmmmmm I wonder if she will return all the wedding gifts. She is an opportunistic, self centered, materialistic NOTHING! You are better off with out her

1033 days ago


Kim, You will never be happy or have a happy marriage until you climb down from your pedestal, and realize you put your panties on just like the rest of us ladies out here, doesn't make you so special that you can easily through a great guy like Kris to the the gutter and expect your whole life be for you and you only....Grown up young lady one day you are going to be old and not the beautiful lady you are now.......and being alone in life will get you no where, people will certain get tired of your spoiled ways, grow up I really liked you til now and now I think you are way out of line, give your marriage a chance

1033 days ago


Aweee I really wanted for their relationship to work out... they seemed so happy and anxious to get married. Well, things happen. Hopefully their divoce is for the best. Chris (kris) is really cute by the way ;) wish you the best Kim K.

1033 days ago

romelle corley    

they could had given the money for the wedding to people who really need help.

1033 days ago


If this marriage was a publicity stunt, they better not admit to it. A lot of people will be angry and might not be so supportive. Kardashians might lose some fans.

1033 days ago


Just Run ..... She's a reality whore, she planned it "since she was ten" and you were just "inserted".

1033 days ago


Kris I know that first 2 letters in Housewife is HO... but dude you can't make a HOE into no Housewife you just can't!... forget her I hope you get your ring back.

1033 days ago


oh god... why do you want to be part of a family like that? first of all her mom is ******* crazy! yeah kim is pretty and **** but hellooooo shes getting old. shes not gonna look like that forever. Fame whores. i will not support them in any way. **** YOU KARDASHIAN BITCHES.
ps. pretty sure the little sisters are going to grow up the same way... WHORES. next lindsey lohans ;)

1033 days ago


Kim claims she loves Christ????? In Gods bible (the dead sea scrolls) he specifically states He hates divorce and Jesus in the new testament when tested tells us NOT TO DIVORCE. This is a grave sin. She has all ready shown God that she hates him and Jesus Christ by disobeying his word and law. The bible is not some stupid myth, fairytale or joke and God tells us we will go to hell if you do not trust in him and follow his laws. Kim wants to be an example to our children of how to live a Christan life NOT.I am sorry but I am very upset that she has decided to give up and not go into Christan counseling and MAKE IT WORK. She should show how Christ that she loves him. She is hurting God and that is not loving him. I am sorry Kim but you have done some wonderful things, but this is a disaster (a slap in the face to God, a really BAD example to all our youth and she is setting her soul up to wind up with Satin in hell) It is very, very sad.She is not being a good example as a Christan and the church in America can only be very disappointed in her.KC


1032 days ago
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