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Terrell Owens --

I Can't Afford My Child Support Payments

10/31/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens Fedora
Times are tough for Terrell Owens -- so much so the currently former NFL star is asking a judge to lower his child support payments ... TMZ has learned.

Owens, who is currently not an NFL roster, wants to reduce the payments he's making for a son he shares with baby mama Monique Reynolds ... because, according to his rep, he's simply not getting paid these days.

The rep says Owens wants to make the payments a little more reasonable, adding, "His child support payments should mirror his income today and not be based on his income from over four years ago."

Owens was due in court in Northern California for a child support modification hearing on October 24, but didn't show up. His rep says his lawyers tried to reschedule, but lawyers for Reynolds refused.

T.O.'s audition for prospective NFL teams -- the one nobody showed up to -- was the next day.


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OMG give the guy a break.............he was unable to play football this season due to an injury and wasn't picked up, therefore, not making the same paychecks that his child support was based on. I think the amount should be lowered based on his reduced income. If a factory worker paying $200 a wk is layed off from his job and is making 1/2 of his normal income, shouldn't his child support amount be lowered as well? I'm sure TO's baby's mamma could adjust her lifestyle a little bit like I'm sure he's had to!

1090 days ago


some people get sentenced to extremely ridiculous child support payments... not everyone is extremely financially stable

1090 days ago


If any of you would have taken the time to research why he is broke then maybe most of you would understand why he's asking for a reduction instead of making ignorant statements about a man you don't know. His supposed friend and financial advisor robbed him of all his money you idiots.

1090 days ago


And maybe she should get a job like the rest of us....... giving birth shouldn't give you a FREE ride, I never got that, Why can't EVERYONE CONTRIBUTE MAN OR WOMAN???

1090 days ago


If he is making less money, then his support payments should be lowered. He also should have showed up to the modification hearing. That will end up going against him.

1090 days ago


I'm sorry but why does the child get less?!?! He should downsize his Condo, sell his mansion etc..Hell ask Kita & Mo to take a paycut?!? fire the maid? the chef? change cars to a less expensive one? They always wanna run to court & reduce their child's support?!?! reduce your lifestyle & sacrifice for your child/children in his case!!!

1089 days ago


He's not poor you idiots... just can't continue to pay $50,000 a month without a salary. He's still got a lot of money, it's just a smart financial move on his part. Now that poor little kid is going to have to wait an extra month before he gets his baby Jordan shoes. Poor kid =(

1089 days ago


if yall knew anything, his ex best friend, also his cccountant squandered a great amount of money away, so he was basically taken advantage of by someone who he cared about. That's why he's in the hole today. Not because of greed. Only thing you could fault him on is his judge of character. Just a sad situation. He was paying for his parents and a lot of other family members. He has a good heart.

1089 days ago



1089 days ago


Who holds the record for fathering the most children out of wedlock?

1088 days ago


His child support payments were probably outrageously out of the range of need for the baby-mama anyway. I love you T.O., life's too short to look down on people. We're all in this together, it's a struggle.

1088 days ago


Look its the way it is, a smart move, on a legal stand he has a good case and will probably win, its a smart finacial move, his son is clearly not starving, so his mom will only get 30 grand a month instead of thr usual 48 grand a month, he's laid off. Do you honestly think he wants or needs your sympathy? Some of you people need a life of you're own.

1088 days ago


You have writers who cannot write. Bad grammar and sentence structure.

1088 days ago


I'm all for T.O. paying child support but the amount should go by what he is making today and not what he made 4yrs. ago if he no longer makes that amount. The mother has a responsibility to pay to care for the child also. Greed of money makes people act stupid

1088 days ago

Next time..    

Next time....Maybe sleep with a non-american woman who isn't looking to bring life into this world based on whether or not the financial benefit is large enough for her?

You really think the women T.O. got pregnant would have had some 40 year old janitor's kid? No, they were just waiting to trap a man--like all American women are taught by their mothers. It's really the only practical advice attractive women get handed down anymore, "get knocked up by rich guy, bleed him dry."

1087 days ago
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