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Kim Kardashian

Never Legally Mrs. Humphries

11/1/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
One less post-divorce snag to worry about -- TMZ has learned, Kim Kardashian won't have to legally reinstate her famous last name ... because she never changed it to Humphries in the first place.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim planned to change her last name to Humphries soon after her wedding -- but it never happened.

Sources close to Kim tell us, the reality star really did intend to take Kris' name -- but since the marriage only lasted 72 days ... she never got around to it. How convenient.

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That women would never "hump for frees" anyway !

1054 days ago


Who cares. Kim K is nothing but a talentless hack who i s a publicity whore. Even Barry doesn'*****ch. whole thing is a stunt

1054 days ago



1054 days ago


WHO GIVES A ****. Really, move on.

1054 days ago


And next, we're going to discover there's no valid marriage license. Right TMZ? I know you send someone to the courthouse to copy these things -- unfortunately I know first-hand -- so let's see it.

1054 days ago


NO MORE... TMZ... NO MORE. The Kardashian family is trash. High-priced hookers who will sell their bodies and souls to make money.

Please everyone... please.... do not comment on any Kardashian threads and boycott all Kardashian TV shows and merchandise.

WE have the power to make them go away.

1054 days ago


It would save time during her future marriages if she just goes by the name Kim.


1054 days ago


Why is no one reporting what appears to be obvious -- the entire wedding was a publicity stunt! Who files for divorce from someone they allegedly love after 72 days because they cannot agree on a place to live? ludicrous. the E channel should be ashamed.

1054 days ago


Can't blame her on this one. KIM HUMPHRIES.

1054 days ago


Please TMZ!!! Can you never write the word Kardashian again, unless it is a eulogy to Bob who must be spinning in his grave, rest his soul.


1054 days ago


She is a money hungry fame whore who will stop at NOTHING to keep her fat ass and fake lashes in the press. This entire "wedding" thing was nothing but a calculated scheme that made her MILLIONS through endorsement deals, etc. She is a shameless skank porno-star wanna-be. Does this poor excuse for a woman think that ANY decent man would EVER consider her as the mother of his children?!? She is a BRAND....not a real person. You cannot marry a BRAND. I think Kris Jenner should be thrown into prison for CHILD ABUSE -- she's already got 15 y.o. Kendall doing basic porn shots (oh, I'm sorry, high fashion skimpy bathing suit shots). Sick stuff in the Kardashian Klan......none of them are REAL people...they are all characters in some nutty alternative reality.

1054 days ago


I wish people would just stop watching that stupid show the kardashians. why not have a show about people who do good in the world, like donate 10 million dollars instead of spend it on a fake wedding.. boo

1054 days ago


Supposedly, Kim directly "banked" the majority of a $17mil sum from the promotions regarding the "wedding" activities and propaganda surrounding the event.
And, . . . That's ALL that we really need to understand!!!

1054 days ago

That's Right    

To Kim K. Fans, I hope you can see your icon for who she really is and be more selective of who you’ll admire. I can only hope you will realize when idolizing role models you must look in your own homes/cities, the teachers who helped you, the friends who have stood by you and the mothers who loves us unconditionally, the brother or sister’s who cried with you during your sorrows. Role models don’t act out a scene or read a script; role models don’t deposit millions into their bank account while others are hungry. There are children who live within miles of the rich and famous that is cold and hungry. True role models live it without an audience, while performing hard work every day without applause; real role models don’t ask or desire to be known. “TIME TO STOP PRAISING FOLKS YOU SEE ON TV”. Praise those who work hard just to put food on the table, those who keep us safe. Praise those who give to the less fortunate without a camera crew airing it.

To Kim K. Haters, No need to call her names or hate on her, nothing you can do or say will hurt her more then when she realizes love is a blessing and should never be played with. Karma is her best friend, she is 31yrs old and at this point of her life men have passed her around same has their football and basketball. She has been used, pimped out, dumped and sold, it might have made her famous, but she will never be written down in history in a positive manner. Don’t hate her, yet feel sorry for her because she is rich and beautiful, and she may not ever have true unconditional love, money can’t buy that. It’s possible she will end up all alone, after this latest side show what man will trust her and treat her like a woman should be treated?

1054 days ago


She has successfully trashed the K brand with this fiasco . . . or should I say farce?

1054 days ago
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