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Ex-NASCAR Driver

Cops Seize Roughly 40 Firearms

11/2/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield had enough firepower inside of his home to equip a small army ... law enforcement tells TMZ.

We spoke with Captain Joel Fish of the Catawba County Sheriff's Dept. who tells us cops seized approximately 40 firearms during a search of Mayfield's North Carolina home last night.

Captain Fish says most of the guns were rifles and shotguns ... with a few handguns.

We're told the guns were seized so officials could determine if the weapons belong to Mayfield .... and if so, if they are properly registered.

As we previously reported, cops had searched the home on a warrant after receiving a tip about stolen property inside Mayfield's pad.

Captain Fish says cops seized all sorts of items they believe to have been stolen -- including Red Bull Racing gear, commercial sound equipment and industrial machinery. Cops also claim they found 1.5 grams of methamphetamine inside the house.

Mayfield was arrested for felony possession of meth. He was released after posting $3,000 bond.

Captain Fish tells us cops are still investigating the matter.

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No Avatar

Bill Leslie    

oh nozes - shotguns and rifles! You flaming liberal Hollywood faegs really have no idea how people live in the rest of the country do you? F all of you!!

1051 days ago


Guns, Nascar, Meth, cops.. what else is new in the good ole Us of A?! Too funny! Some people are just 100% TRASH!

1051 days ago

On the fence    

enough firepower inside of his home to equip a small army ...Thats just hype talk. Although its extremely disappointing to hear about the drugs, the amount had to have been minimal for him to have only a 3,000 dollar bond. Meth in any amount is wrong IMO but it seems the Police are looking for some media coverage.

1051 days ago


Awesome, did my jacket for Jeremy Mayfield just increase in value?

1051 days ago


When he got in trouble before. He went to the doctor & took a drug test, but they didn't get to test it. He dropped his urine sample on the floor. Given you just a taste of info.

1051 days ago


Wait a minute, a (former) Neckcar driver had guns, meth, and stolen property?? Shocker I know. Weeeeeeeeee Doggie Uncle Jessie, that sho is crazy. Congrats hillbillies.

1051 days ago


People are stupid. Just because you own guns doesn't mean you commit crimes. We have 32 guns we use for hunting, skeet shooting and target practice. Plus hubby had his dead daddys guns... Big deal.

1051 days ago


Gee, a hillbilly who like NASCAR, meth and guns - SHOCKER!

1051 days ago


Just because it sounds like draw when you say it, doesn't mean that is how you spell it!

1051 days ago


Ahahahahahaha!!!!!! "I don't do meth! I tested positive because of my allergy medication and the fumes from the cars!" LoLoLoLoLoL

This story is hilarious. Up yours sh*tbag Mayfield. Loser!!

"F*ck you Danica Patrick!! I'm goin to the left!!" =)

1051 days ago


You don't have to register guns in the state of North Carolina. I live here and you don't. They may be checking to see if the serial numbers on the guns have been reported as stolen but they are not checking to see if they are registered because they aren't. And neither is anybody else's here.

1051 days ago


Also, 40 firearms is not an inordinate amount of firearms for an avid collector, sportsman, or hunter. I realize things are a little different out there on the left coast and usually you only see guns when they're stuffed (unwisely) in the waistbands of your favorite rappers but here in fly over country people own guns normally, and lots of them. The number is not that unusual. The real story here is the METH! HELLO!

1051 days ago


He'll have no choice to let go of the collector or rare guns(they won't even be do***ented as seized). He'll never see them again. Both dems and reps deserve the right to bare arms, but maybe testing people who are buying guns for illegal substances at purchase period, and every 3 years until the age of 55 would help, I don't know, there's still gonna be bad people in the world getting access to guns. Someone with a do***ented history of mental illness shouldn't be allowed to own a gun, like that idiot in Arizona that shot Giffords. Also the guys that came up with "Fast and Furious" idea are total idiots(they gave guns to the Mexican drug lords with your tax dollars!)

1051 days ago


By the way, there are plenty of gun loving, Nascar loving people on the West Coast, don't prove hillbilly ignorance!

1051 days ago


When your famous you need to feel secure, carrying a firearm is one way or have someone with you "with one"...don't blame him...there's so many crazy people out there...who think the world revolve's around them...so much that they think there on an equal plane with someone well known...some would say he is overdoing it...maybe he likes collecting guns...who are we to judge.

1051 days ago
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