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Kim Kardashian

Kris' Parents HATED Me

11/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries parents and Kim
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... Kris Humphries is full of B.S. when he talks about how much his family loved and supported her.  We're told Kim says they had nothing but disdain for her and her family, and never wanted their son to tie the knot.

Kim is telling her posse, "It's ridiculous that Kris' family is making Kris look like the victim."  We're told she says the reality is ... they constantly "belittled" her, were "nasty" to her family and Kim is saying a lot of this was captured on camera.

Kim is telling friends that Kris' family is actually partly to blame for the failure of the marriage.


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Jim in Cali    

You mean Kim is telling Mike at TMZ.

This slut is so embarrassing. Yeah let's make Kris the "bad guy" in this. Just STFU bitch and go back to do what you do best: making porn tapes.

1084 days ago


Not a surprise which parents would accept this whore. PLEASE STFU WHORE. You didn't marry the family.....Your marriage failed cause it was never real anyway.

1084 days ago


i hope they did, saved him from a mistake or should that be pisstake? wish she'd vanish like pari******on, that'd be a nice xmas present for all of us.

1084 days ago


well honey i can see why!

1084 days ago


Yes Bitch they had reasons to hate you. and this divorce is prove.

1084 days ago


Trophy wives arnt supposed to talk.

1084 days ago

The Real JJ    

Can you blame them? She's blaming everyone else for her problems.

1084 days ago

Not Fooled    

I was actually feeling sorry for her....I believed (and saw on TV) that was a total ass...I mean, who spends $10 million on a wedding and divorces 72 days later FOR PUBLICITY??? It's made her look so bad, I can't help but think she is putting herself through this because something real ****ty went down...BUT, to bring his family into it, and badmouth them at that, and following the "I'm-not-giving-presents-back-but-donating-money" thing, is making me rethink how sorry I feel for her.

1084 days ago


Geebus, will you listen to this fatassed whore. First, it's because her husband is "chasing fame" (pot, meet kettle). Now, it's the fault of his family. What's next; it's the fault of his basketball team?

I hated this whore a lot before this; now I absolutely cannot stand her & her whining & scapegoating; this bitch is worse than lindsay lohan...

1084 days ago


Kim is such a liar! Me and my sister kept asking "where's Chris's family?" while watching the wedding. But all we got was the usual big ego Kardashians. It's not all about you when you're married, ya bimbo! Good for Chris, hope he meets somebody worthy. Kim's a self absorbed infant, this was most likely spurned on by her fatso jealous sister.

1084 days ago

Lynn M    

Sometimes, kKim, when you've made the mistakes you've made in your life, you may just have to win the approval of parents that are only interested in protecting their only son from what appears to be an older, more worldly, woman looking to ensnare their son.

1084 days ago


Really, she went THERE? For someone who so desperately wants to escape the trashy reputation she rode to success (a la Ray J vid), she sure is doing an AMAZING job acting like a classless biyatch through all this. Let's review: she (through her minons) says HE is just a fame chaser looking to up his own image, and that his family hated her. Meanwhile, back in the land of real life, he cancels his appearances, makes a statement he is committed to her, and his family and pastor publicly state they want them to make it work. Kim hangs with Reggie Bush in NY, jets off to Australia, does interviews and appearances galore, trashes his parents, and issues a statement seeking everyone's empathy. She spent hardly any time with this guy in those 72 days....dragged him to NY to film, where he had to live with Kourtney and Scott....he is a sport through it all yet they trash him constantly. I feel bad for the dude. Damn.

1084 days ago


What a load of crap! Everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be a lie. I am sorry she used this man to advance her reality show. That's the reality here. He was simply a PROP. The Humphries are so far above the Kardashians it's stunning.

Sorry Kim. You have really done it this time. No fix for it either.

1084 days ago

Lorenz Cordova    

It's good they got a divorce. Now Kris can meet a real woman that truly deserves his love. Good luck Kris. One day you'll look back at all this and laugh. She's nothing but something on the bottom of your shoe.

1084 days ago


I feel very bad for Kris Humphries and his family. The Kardashians humiliated all of them. They were all used.

There isn't anything to like about Kim or any of them. Dunzo-please go away.

1084 days ago
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