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Kim Kardashian

Kris' Parents HATED Me

11/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries parents and Kim
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... Kris Humphries is full of B.S. when he talks about how much his family loved and supported her.  We're told Kim says they had nothing but disdain for her and her family, and never wanted their son to tie the knot.

Kim is telling her posse, "It's ridiculous that Kris' family is making Kris look like the victim."  We're told she says the reality is ... they constantly "belittled" her, were "nasty" to her family and Kim is saying a lot of this was captured on camera.

Kim is telling friends that Kris' family is actually partly to blame for the failure of the marriage.


No Avatar


Can you blame the for not wanting a porn star as a daughter-in-law??????

1049 days ago


Kim, you better quit it now. A lot of your fans are fed up with your excuses never mind those who never liked you. You've done so much harm to your brand -- that means you -- that you may never recover.

1049 days ago


can we petition to get this bitch completly out of the media! pleaseeeeeee!!!!

1049 days ago


Hmmmm, so in reality Kris's family if the reason you are getting a divorce. K.K. is such a loser! She is the reason she is getting a divorce and apparently can't take responsibility for her own decisions. Go away! Your 15 minutes of fame is done!

1048 days ago


Kim is very fake and greedy for money. She will never find love. She will forever be a porn geek. No man will ever take her seriously.

1047 days ago


As we can tell they were right!!!!!!!!

1047 days ago


EXACTLY WHAT SELF RESPECTING LOVELY CARING GOOD PARENT LIKE HUMPRHIES WANT A DAUGHTER IN LAW WHO HAS MAKE A SEX TAPE LIKE KIM HOE DASHIAN i mean kardashian? she is skank most likely STD, winbag, whose thinkin she is all that with such cake on make up. in her 30s and act 17 she is stupid and not at all beautiful to me. regular girl with lots of money now
and i pray KRIS even if he is a bi-racial black man and white mother,even if he is to some a great guy maybe but i say this HOW GREAT can u b to gie a 2 million ring to her?

you can't turn a HOE into,a housewife,and his father got nice eyes,hazel i guess like kris,and the mother look like him too, nice family they appear and i am happy if he is smart he will NOT LOOK BACK.

older women are hot independent MOST mature,i m engage to mi ma almost forty my mami chulo all dat,but kim older woman
than him is a std skank and he should be happy to move on.

real women do not act like KIM HOEDDASHIAN

i mean kardashian.

peace out

from jose lizette hernandes on facebook

1046 days ago

christine h    

It's sad that when you are in the public eye that people are so insensitive. Divorce for anyone is not easy. And to continue to bad mouth Kim Kardashian is a bunch of bull****. Let it go.Tis the season to be jolly. Say something positive for once in your miserable lives.

1046 days ago

christine h    

I've never read so much crap from so many losers. And the females are worst than the males. And alot of you know how it felt when you were called the same names you are calling Kim.Why take out your hatred on her. What is it exactly that she did to you. And by the way hell I don't want to move to Minnesota either. Hell it's colder than here.

1046 days ago

shelly fenters    

I have never seen such a bigger materialistic baby than kim.c'mon a fairy tell wedding that was like royalty PLEASE!! far from a princess..What a publicity stunt..The wedding items,the dresses ,all of it was given to her by sponsors for free from what i understand on top of that she made millions off that wedding..she made the money, got paid and dumped the green giant...I would of married to for millions but atleast not hurt the partner involved he deserves some money to for all that don't you all agree?????

1046 days ago


what a JOKE from the beggining. I dont buy sketchers shoes because of them Kardashians.

1046 days ago


I don't even know you and I hate you, too.

1046 days ago


Can you blame them..they had it all right Kim. You just made it black & white for them that is all. You are such a LOSER! Who does like you any more? You have lost all morality and any respect anyone did's deserve NOTHING and I do hope it all goes way for you so quick!

1045 days ago


i just wonder why every one thinks she is a slut :S no one calls a man a slut for having a sex tape or dating lots of people its a messy divorce that many people in america deal with this one just happens to be big news note im not saying im a fan of kim but im not a hater of her either

1045 days ago


Uh, can you blame them? The way your mother did not even get a car to carry them to the wedding. How much of a fame whore you are as well as your mother! And for the record, he IS the victim and you will end up ALONE! That is unless and until you realize that not EVERYTHING will be your way honey! Marriage doesn't work that way! Nor does life!

1042 days ago
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