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Kim Kardashian

I'm So Distraught,

I Can't Function

11/3/2011 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... she is so "distraught" over the divorce and torrent of publicity that followed, she's bailing on her Australian appearances and returning to the US of A.

Kim is moaning to friends, The Melbourne Cup appearance -- a Thoroughbred horse race -- is the first time she's ever missed work, but she says she just can't handle it.

And, we're told she's saying, "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."  It's unclear if Kim means that she's put the brakes on her reality show, or whether she'll be selective as to what she does and doesn't do.


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Ivan in Phoenix    

If K-Ho does what I think she'll do, I will bet she seduces (uses) someone extremely rich or famous to get pregnant. That's the level she will have to up her game to stay in the press. Maybe I should have said, 'That's the next level she'll have to sink to'.

1030 days ago


I don't get why you're distraught. If you didn't want the media to barge into your personal problems, you should have kept your mouth shut and deal with this inside the family circle. Because you know the public will say things you don't wanna hear. That's reality, you're "famous" so no such thing as privacy in anyone's books.

1030 days ago


It amazes me that TMZ treats this no talent publicity whore like a princess and daily tries to destroy Lindsay Lohan...

1030 days ago


I laughed at and made fun of one of my friends who wore some Kardashian something, and she took it off right in front of me and threw it in the trash. It seems a lot of her stuff is going to sit in stores now, go on half price, and then be given to charity because no one will guy it... the new Kardashian "Homeless Line." Get yours today!

1030 days ago


Australia didnt want her either.

1030 days ago


It only took her 2 months to figure out that Kris H. wouldnt kiss her ass and treat her like a spoiled princess and be her "Man Bitch" like Bruce Jenner. Consider yourself lucky Kris, you just escaped from jail!

1030 days ago


Breaking news - she never could function! The K's are really out there trying to put out fires, aren't they? What a disgusting group. Lets stop all publicity for them - they do not deserve any! Maybe they will disappear now -- all of them.

1030 days ago

bill dickerson    

****** test

1030 days ago


Oh, the drama............
Why does anyone waste their time paying attention to these pseudo-celebrities?

1030 days ago


Distraught? Tortured? She was worried that her dress made her look "huge" in the Australian interview and her sister had to get the place and time to go check out their new handbags in on the discussion about her ending her marriage. The cameras are following her and it will be part of her story line for her show...Kim flying home because she is distraught and tortured. Puke. How stupid does she think the public is? Nobody believes she is distraught and tortured over the end of her marriage. She didn't even sit down with the guy and tell him before she went to TMZ. What a flake. Liar. What a sham. Tortured? Her eyes aren't even puffy. If she cried all weekend, why does she look perfect? Even makeup can't hide puffy, crying eyes that cryed all weekend. Anyone who has ever loved someone and it fails, knows what I am talking about. They don't just give press conferences and keep it all about their torture not even 5 hours after they were tortured over the decision to end it. She would have been better off to "leave him at the altar" for the reality show. It would have gotten even higher ratings. But to mess with the institution of marriage which has already taken a huge bruising in our culture. The work involved to keep a marriage alive is no secret. But usually the real work starts after the 1st year of marriage, not the first 2 months. She never loved this guy and he probably didn't love her. It was all for their show and she is the very definition of a narcissist. She wants to be the most beautiful woman of this generation. The incredible ego involved to go to such an elaborate wedding with diamonds on your veil and your Vera Wang dress, and the just over the top quality of it all. She really thinks she is Hollywood royalty. This is why her fans are so angry. Most people know the torture and agony of having to make such a decision as to end their marriage if they loved someone. 72 days. Most people newly married are still giddy in love and busy at the business of opening presents, returning unwanted gifts, setting up a household, sending out thank you notes, picking out favorite photos to frame. 72 days and her intuition tells her to end it? Don't feel sorry for him either. Apparently, he was hand picked by E! and agreed to be part of this scam. Other NBA starts and sports figures, turned down the offer by E! to date her when she was in NY filming. He agreed to it all and knew exactly what was going to happen.

1030 days ago


Wasn't she in a Halloween party dressed as Poison Ivy the night before filing for divorce? Yeah, really "distraught"....

1030 days ago


This is very easy- apologize to every one, and ask for complete forgiveness, and don't con your fans the viewing audience, how can we look up to you or believe in you, when there is no intergrity, or truth. You sent the audience on a wild ride, with a fake wedding that made America proud in a sense. But to know that you were looking ahead of time for someone to marry in advance for this type of publicity is appauling. Just to do a special - So confess, apologize, and get on with your life. In the end money isn't everything. You gambled on this and lost big time. Maybe you will get some of your views back. Losing your reputation is a serious thing to lose.

1030 days ago


BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KARDASHIANS! This lady is addicted to media. She will do anything to be relevant.

1030 days ago


Are we all forgetting that this whole family's empire...all the 'work' that they have to do now...started with a sex tape?

I think Kim is more distraught that her career may very well end soon because of her divorce.

1030 days ago


pls go a hard if u kn dat it will nt work and b happy,pls go back 2 work because i luv ur show very well pls tak kia of urself k luv u

1030 days ago
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