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Tiger Woods

Ex Caddie Makes Racist Comment Towards Him

11/5/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stevie Williams and Tiger Woods
Stevie Williams -- who was Tiger Woods' caddie for 12 years -- accepted an award in Shanghai last night ... where he described the feeling of beating Woods during an event in August by saying, "It was my aim to shove it right up that black a------."

Williams quickly apologized for the remarks on his web site, saying, "I now realize how my comments could be construed as racist. However I assure you that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to Tiger and anyone else I have offended."

Woods' agent reacted to the comments, saying, "It's sad it's come down to this."

The back story ... Williams was unceremoniously dumped by Woods in July and then worked the bag for Adam Scott at an event in August. Scott won the event and Williams stuck it to Woods after, calling it "the best win of his life."

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Florida Gator Killer    

Look at white people saying whats not racist towards black people.Shocker.Not like he said Italian americans are trash,the irish are drunken gingers or eastern europeans are some of the shadiest individuals ever.Besides Tiger is a ***** and has no back bone and no man would allow his name to be trashed by a bunch white trash

1046 days ago


Tiger Woods is black isn't he? And not that I've noticed: he does have an ass right? So I guess he has a black ass...is that really racist? Answer: No it is not

1045 days ago


Steve Williams needs to understand when you cross the racial respect line, which he did by bringing " Black A$$" into the forefront, he will in turn lose his credibility as none racist. Most of the general golfing public will not see his behavior as acceptable and his pretentious apology will be seen as the lie it is. It appears Steve was caught up in the Tiger limelight, and once removed had no feet of his own to stand on. I understand he is a millionaire as a result of his work with Tiger. I am sure Tiger also benefitted as a result of Steve's efforts and influence supporting his gameplay. Throughout life things change, surprisingly at times, and you learn to roll with it. The civil rights movement put a big dent in racism, however, racism will never ever fully go away. Racism is now fully ingrained in the people of the world, tucked away in a closet, waiting to be worn by envy, jealousy, disappointment,neglect, greed, ignorance, supremacy, just to name a few. Maybe Steve should become a comedian, that's a platform that is a bit more forgiving to flagrant
color implications.

1045 days ago

Freddie J    

Why are New Zealanders so insensitive about racism. Maybe its because your country was not exposed to slavery, segregation,the KKK. Maybe you can't appreciated why people that came from slavery, hangings, beatings are "so sensitive". Maybe black people in your country did have to get shot down with water cannons just because they protested to be equal. Yes he is black but when someone uses it as an indication to prove he or she is better than that person. So when the majority of you NZ'er are so quick to say what is and what isn't racist please consider what TW's father went through.

1044 days ago


i like it

1043 days ago


Recently the producer of the Oscars resigned for his '***' comment beacause the committee for the Ocars and Gay activist group got involved and said the comment is unacceptable because it has negative meaning and consequences. The same should happen with the 'black *******' comment by Steve Williams about Tiger Woods...PGA Committee and race activist groups should get involved and state this is unacceptable and there should be appropriate action taken...the only way to educate ignorant, unrighteous people.

1040 days ago


he should have never hired him

930 days ago


don't give that ass hole an excuse for his comment.The bastard was saying what he was feeling for 12 yrs.Tiger suck it in and pick your caddys carefully. Try a black brother.He will appreciate you and won't stick it in your back.Rememeber 1 drop of black blood and you are black.Come back to your roots.We need to try and stick together.You had a knife in your back for 12 yrs and did not even know it.

906 days ago


White people are soooo racist....they make me sooo sick. Every day you read something they say and just cringe.

906 days ago
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