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Penn State Coaches

Urge Players' Friends & Family:

"Wear White for JoePa"

11/10/2011 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1111_penn_state_exMultiple sources connected with the Penn State football team tell TMZ ... coaches held a meeting with players today and told them their friends and family should show support for ousted coach Joe Paterno by wearing white to the game on Saturday.

It's a bold move, considering there is a university-wide move for people in the stands to wear baby blue to support the alleged sexual assault victims of Jerry Sandusky

In addition to wearing white, we're told the coaches informed the team they may change the time and location of the pre-game meal because of security concerns.

And, we're told, the coaches assured the players there would be "enhanced security" for the game.

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Or wear RED for the blood spilled and the cover up of all involved in this horrid crime against a child. A winning record in sports is more valuable to Penn State than the protection of a minor child being raped by an assist. coach???

1042 days ago

lil harvey    

What the hell happened to this world? It football more importat than the welfare of innocent children? I just don't understand what the people at Penn State are thinking and it disgusts me.

1042 days ago


This is appalling! Disgusting people disgusting school. God bless the victims.

1042 days ago



1042 days ago


Everybody should be fired at Penn and them students that are supporting this perverted staff you have that choice but for the students that are protesting for the truth should continue to ask for truth football cannot mean more then our children and their safety. I think when you put in person on a level of an God you can expect them to feel like they are a God because of some of them idiots at Penn State supporting these criminals. I say glad not mine I would be on CNN right now it would be a whole different story Mom flipped out after finding out 10 year old boy was raped from Penn state coach cover up yea these people are sick

1042 days ago


People, People I urge you not to take any of your aggression out on the players!! But it would be amazing if one of their top players stood up and said " I AM NOT PLAYING AS LONG AS MIKE MCQUEARY IS PART OF THIS TEAM!" But that probably will not happen and I do not chastise any of the players for not doing that, they are young men.

1042 days ago


Wearing white is fine as long as it is matched with thick black stripes.... One stripe for every child abused after "Joe Pa" failed to report this crime to police!!!

1042 days ago


They should be wearing white for the lost innocence of the victims and ALL OF US who mourn for their lost childhoods and their ****tered trust. THese weidos who do this and their accomplices who look the other way ALL have REPROBATE MINDS ALL have no ability to feel compassion, or guilt for ALL their CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN>


1042 days ago


Everyone should go to the official PENN STATE Blog they call the "BlackShoeDiaries"


Tell the football players how you really feel!!!!

1042 days ago

two cents    

Nice. The team wants to show support for child rape. Real classy folks.

1042 days ago


You people need to get your facts straights and not listen to the false information in the media. Go read the grand jury report. As soon as Paterno heard about the crime he reported it to his boss and the head of the university police. And yes at state college the university police have the same powers as normal police. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. And for clarification, when Paterno learned was in 2002 and Sandusky was fired in 1999 so Paterno had nothing to do with him anymore. The students are upset because Paterno was thrown under the bus by the university as a scape goat. They gave into public opinion that doesn't know the facts, like those posting above. He was fired for doing what he was supposed to do. Learn the facts before you throw into the mindless mob mentality you are accussing the students of having.

1042 days ago

RAzoredg REquiem    

Honor the Boys, Boycott Penn State Football


1042 days ago


What hubris. White as if Uni people were the victims and not the townies that were lured into the devil's den. Wear white but wear if for the children that lost their innocence, their sexuality, their freedom. Papa Joe made MONEY ON THEIR INNOCENCE BY PASSING THE SIN THE SHAME THE HORROR. Time to repay.

1042 days ago


Seriously, do they give people laced 'kool aid' at Penn State? Why are these morons more concerned with one of people who is a main player in the cover up instead of innocense lost in what this monster did to those poor children.

1042 days ago


This situation is disgusting. It seems like everyone at Penn State seems to have forgotten that children are involved here. Because your God Damn beloved coach failed to follow up- and i use follow up loosely- since this happened years ago and Sandusky was still walking freely so that's all the ******* follow up I would need. A ******* rapist walking free tells me nothing was brought to authorities.

Legally, he did just enough, but as a ******* human being he did ******* nothing. How many children were taken advantage of AFTER this was first brought to his attention? Too many.

I hope one day all these Paterno and Penn State supporters have to hear someone tell them that the "wish they did more"

1042 days ago
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