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New York Giants Star

Caught in Middle

Of Nightclub Shooting

11/15/2011 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
, the breakout wide receiver for the New York Giants, was smack in the middle of a shootout last night at Juliet Supperclub in NYC ... sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ.

Some guy got through the pat-down last night and snuck a gun inside the club.  He ended up shooting 2 people, then escaping.  He's still on the loose.  One of the victims died.  The other is in stable condition.

We're told Victor was at the club celebrating his birthday with some pals when the gunfire erupted.  He was not involved in the incident, but it was pretty scary.

The Supperclub is a hangout for NFL players.

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was plaxico burress there?

1070 days ago


Seriously?? He wasn't involved at all!! Misleading, sensational, smut journalism at its finest here. The man was trying to enjoy his birthday like any of us might out on the town, and some schmuck runs up in the club with a piece because of a security snafu. How is it even newsworthy to attempt to sully Victor Cruz's name (who happens to be Puerto Rican and Dominican and NOT black, although I'm not sure WHY that has any bearing here) when he was a mere bystander? Ignoramuses. Those who crafted this "story" and many of you who have commented.

1070 days ago


Supper club? I've been to my share of supper clubs and never had to go through a pat-down. Maybe NFL players should find a safer hangout. There have to be "supperclubs" that will take their money and are "cool" enough that are in safe areas that DON'T NEED PAT-DOWNS. Geeze, does being a gifted athlete require that you have a death wish and NO common sense?

1070 days ago



1070 days ago


I'm reading these comments and people are so shallow minded! Meaning white and black, spanish and whomever. All it's saying is he was in the middle, meaning he was there, and he was scared about what happened!! Dumb MoFo's don't know how to just read, always overlooking what was said. Happy Birthday V Cruz, Sorry stupid people make up half the world but hope you enjoyed your bday to the fullest!! #lefttheroomazzholes

1070 days ago


Another crazy night hanging with Plaxico Burress!

1070 days ago


Does anyone here know how to READ and comprehend what they read? Victor Cruz happens to have been in a SUPPERCLUB where an incident occurred. He was not involved, he did not have a gun and he was injured. What the hell are you commenting about? I get it...you may not like athletes...you may not like the Giants..hell, you may not like black people..However, at least be smart enough to gear your comments towards the situation as it is presented to you and not find some sick way of twisting it to meet your own agenda. This would be like if you happen to be inside of a bank and it is robbed. Does that make you a criminal because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Come on people, at least ACT like you have had some sort of education. If you went to college get your money back..it's obvious nothing was learned!

1070 days ago


After practice and after the game go home. Rest and relax. You are no good to the team dead. During the season no alcohol etc. to harm your physical conditioning.

1070 days ago


TMZ may as well say Tom Brady was involved in the shooting if he was in the tri-state area. Cruz was not involved, he was not detained, he was not questioned. The SupperClub is popular with NFL players. Were any other players in the club at the time? Were they likewise involved? As a journalist, I am deeply disappointed with such a lowest denominator appeal.

1070 days ago


What, in the world is going on do this guy know they have a chance to win there division, even though Im a Dallas cowby fan but the best thing is for someone in our division to stay focus, my husband is a true fan of Giants he gets a Come on Man.

1069 days ago
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