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Francis Ford Coppola

Wrong About 'Godfather II'

11/21/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Francis Ford Coppola has everyone baffled -- why would he say "Godfather II" was a mistake?? Even Frank Sivero, who played Genco in GF2, is challenging Coppola -- calling in to figure out ... why the bitterness over a masterpiece?

Plus, wedding stress sent Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner to splitsville -- so maybe Harvey The Wedding Grinch has a point when he says ... JUST ELOPE? 

And, did Matt Damon make a huge mistake by going to a bullfight in Mexico? We're calling for an embargo -- no foreign aid to countries hosting these barbaric events!  Agree ... or are we nuts?


(5:45) Shocking -- Francis Ford Coppola regrets making "Godfather: Part 2" ... but nobody understands why.
(9:35) Frank Sivera -- who played Genco in "Part 2" -- is on the phone to defend the movie.
(12:30) Frank says Coppola was extremely meticulous over the movie -- which may explain why he didn't want to make it.
(17:01) Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear cancel their nuptials because planning the wedding was too stressful -- so ... how stupid are weddings?
(26:00) One lady tweets that she had a $1,000 wedding!
(27:01) Evan's wedding -- the greatest ever.
(31:50) The Twitter lady has finally had enough of Harvey ... and takes a parting shot.
(36:20) The biggest problem with reopening the Natalie Wood case -- is virtually impossible to convict Robert Wagner of any crime.
(45:01) Matt Damon attends a bull fight -- should the "sport" be banned?


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Liza (with a Z) claims her dog was responsible for her breaking her leg in 3 places. Personally, I think she was attacked by a GREY GOOSE. What's your opinion?

1066 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Are weddings a huge waste? ABSOLUTELY!!

Mt girlfriend got married to her now ex-husband in a $50,000 blow out wedding in 1994. The same year I married my husband and father of our 7 children in a less then $1000 wedding and I am more married then she is.

1066 days ago


"The only remarkable thing about Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, Part II is the insistent manner in which it recalls how much better his original film was" Vincent Canby NY times

1066 days ago


The wedding planning process sometimes reveals deep problems in the relationship. Smart people call off the wedding at that point. Kim Kardashian = not smart.

1066 days ago


Harvey .. what do you think of dr murrays attempts to have the propofol bottle re examined?. I heard judge pastor denied request.. Plus what do you think he will get in time as he is due on 29th.. ? love your show

1066 days ago


Im amazed at the number of staffers who have never heard of Natalie Wood

1066 days ago


now that Justin Bieber has taking the DNA test whats next. Do you have more info

1066 days ago


Can you elaborate on the Power Balance bankruptcy - Power Balance is claiming on their facebook that you are inaccurate

1066 days ago

El Capitan    

Weddings are can great times if the couple have understood what is needed in a marriage if they don't which happens alot especially in the celebritity scene the couple can make a mockery of marriage, if only more marriages lasted longer than a gallon of milk.

1066 days ago


Ask Francis if he is willing to give back the money or donate it to charity for the two movies he should have never made ????

Also, a question never answered by you:
Could Casey Anthony's parents file a "wrongful death" suit against her (like Nicole's family did in OJ case?

1066 days ago


Maybe he thought he could have told the whole story in one long film, instead of three.

1066 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

WHAT is he talking about? HE'S the one who was actually in talks with Mario Puzo on doing a Godfather IV, but then Puzo died, & Coppola was quoted as saying, "I won't do it without my friend." Forgot where I saw that, it was years ago. Someone should ask old Frankie about that.

1066 days ago


SO, we should boycott sites like TMZ that plaster huge bullfighting-centric Vodka ads on the top of their homepage? At least Matt Damon didn't get paid! Shame on you!

1066 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Possibly Coppola was referring to "The Godfather Chronicles," the re-edited conflation of Parts 1 and 2.

1066 days ago

nee nee    

why do guest have to get a meal...hor'derves are enough at the reception and the cake thats it

1066 days ago
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