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Mariah Yeater's Lawyer to Ex-BF

You're a Media Whore Hypocrite

11/28/2011 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater is now taking aim at the girl's ex-BF -- telling TMZ, he's guilty of the same thing he accused Mariah of ... exploiting her child for media attention.

As we first reported, Mariah's ex Robbie Powell claims he's positive he's the real father of her child -- not Justin Bieber -- and he's willing to cough up the DNA sample to prove it ... because he's tired of Yeater using the kid for publicity.

But Mariah's lawyer Jeffrey Leving says Robbie's just playing into the media mayhem surrounding the story -- telling us, "If Robbie Powell 'actually' believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly. Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah's legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it."

As for Powell ... the baby daddy drama has already raised his street value -- because he's already been approached by several media outlets to tell his side of the story ... and he's entertaining multiple offers.


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The Love Sponge    

First You Sissies

1057 days ago


Holy sh*t, someone grab that baby and get it away from ALL of these losers already! Her lawyer's douchebaggery knows no limits. also,,BOYCOTT E! and everything Seacrest,Kardashian and Hilton. That is all.

1057 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....TMZ...please STOP with this's old news now..and the very fact the real baby daddy has been offered $$$$...makes me friggen cringe..don't feed this monster is MILO today????????????? hahahah

1057 days ago


Didn't Mariah and her lawyers bypass Robbie Powell first by going to the media and accusing Justin Bieber publically?

1057 days ago


I hope the ex-bf sues her s.c..u.mbag lawyers for slander. Also, if anyone is a media whore its their psycho bitch client.

1057 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

D N A....D N A.....D N A!!

Less talk, more action. Less talk, more action. Less talk, more action.

1057 days ago


Im so disappointed to see Attorney Leving in this mess his such a good lawyer. I just dont get why he wants to be caught in all this mess. And another question that I raise is that how in the in world is this chick paying for lawyer fees she looks like that she cant afford anything,and a lowlife, so how can she afford him. I once called for a consulation and it was not FREE it was $160... or something in that range (this was a while back so i 4got). Just wondering...WHAT A MESS!!! lol

1057 days ago


Jeffrey Leving is just another attorney looking for visibility. I really hope that he and his customer get their a**** sued major time and have to undergo major troubles in their lifes... if of course their whole thing is confirmed to be boggus. We would be living in a better world if all lawyers would become gossipers instead.... ;-)

1057 days ago


Jeffrey Leving is in it for the money...that is all he is seeing.

1057 days ago



1057 days ago


Pot, meet kettle, Kettle, meet pot.......

1057 days ago


Sounds to me that Levi is getting nervous. I wonder why?

1057 days ago


This Lawyer Leving is a medai whore, any credibility he had is gone. I thought he just wanted the truth? If I was Bieber I would just ignore this moron, either file another lawsuit or shut up.

1057 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Anybody else notice that her lawyer looks like James Lipton, the Inside the Actors Studio host?

1057 days ago


Hey Mr. Lawyer, maybe he did this publicly to shut you & the whore up, did you ever think about that? Maybe he's just sick & tired of your client pimping out the child for the most amount of money. Maybe he's putting the perverbial smackdown on a bigmouthed slut who he knows is lying to the world, and attempting to extort a celebrity.

Mr. ambulance chaser does not hold the moral high ground here, by the way. He took on a client who's a notorious liar and who obviously has mental problems...

1057 days ago
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