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T.I. Calls In

Some Gays Can't Take a Joke

11/28/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


tells Harvey and Dax it's a joke that people are calling him homophobic for saying certain gays just can't take a joke.

And Harvey makes the case that Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive to his children ... which makes you wonder why the D.A. wants Conrad Murray to pay MJ's kids $100 million.

And no one is buyin' what Miley Cyrus is sellin' -- that she was just being a "smart-ass" when she said she's a pothead.


(0:45) Miley Cyrus calls herself a pothead on video -- but claims it was just a joke. Anybody buying it after her salvia fiasco?
(15:45) Seriously -- why don't people just admit they smoke pot? Harvey thinks booze is so much worse.
(12:01) Prosecutors want Murray to pay MJ's kids $100 mil -- even though MJ's estate made hundreds of millions after his death.
(12:40) One of the best criminal defense lawyers around, Richard Hirsch, says giving Murray a max sentence is "way out of line."
(21:00) Hirsch gives us the "shortest answer we've ever gotten from a lawyer in the six years of TMZ."
(30:00) T.I. calls in to defend his statements in Vibe about the gay community -- we he says were misunderstood.
(33:10) T.I. says all groups take themselves too seriously, including African American groups.
(40:00) The Playboy lawsuit -- douchey, or the douchiest?


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Everyone did take TIs comments out of context. He was saying it's un-American for gays to level the same accusations at people who are critical of gays. He didn't mean that all gays were inherently un-American. Unless tmz posted it wrong in the first place. What a shock that would be.

1067 days ago


His point was proven!

1067 days ago


Miley has to be aware of whatever she comments about, ie, being a "stoner" will come back to haunt her. Good God! Give this girl some guidance. Her reputation is on the line. However, if it is true, could it be a cry for help?

1067 days ago


I would like to hear from charles and your usc-alum staffer at how ASU has fallen and USC has risen!!! :)

1067 days ago


Miley is a smarta$$ pot head and that's ok.

1067 days ago


who cares about ti he will have his butt back in jail getting his sweet bootie pounded like he did know he got turned out in prison...ask him that

1067 days ago


How can the lawsuit against the Playboy mansion win, when the place is a private residence and not a business? Its Hugh Hefner's house and he can set the rules about who gets in and why they are allowed in.

1067 days ago

Ward Bond    

TI is being a *****. His comments the first time around were right on the money and he shouldn't be taking them back. Gays are oversensitive and we are protected under free speech. TI you need to grow a pair.

1067 days ago


u need to get a life OHWELL.
who let this ghetto loser TI out of jail?

1067 days ago


Is this a new lense on the camera? If so I like the old one.
At the Mansion, cool cats men, boys, used to want to go there, does anyone remember Route 66.

1067 days ago

buzz kill    

Get off his back, T.I. is right. This country was built by real men. Can you imagine a limp wristed cowboy trying to draw a six gun or trying to brand cattle, not to mention populating the west.

1067 days ago


Asking for 100 millions $ from Conrad Murray is ridiculous. He's never gonna be able to pay that amount, especially now that his medical career is over...

1067 days ago


harvey they would have gotten that response (financially) no matter when Jackson died. They are raking it in for the work he did. Conrad Murray did NOT create the response to michaels death by his actions- he just cut his life short.

1067 days ago


That T.I guy, does he speak English? I can't understand what he's saying - can u translate?

1067 days ago

common sensi    

T. I. is 100 percent accurate. The gay community wants to silence all those who have a different view than them. Pretty soon they will be wearing wonderfully coordinated little rainbow armbands and doing broadway style arm in arm goosestep. Seriously though this thing is outta control. I believe the Gay community should have all same that hetero's being able to be ridiculed.

1067 days ago
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