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Anti-Rape Org. SLAMS Vinny

'Jersey' Star's Rap

is Ignorant and Dangerous

11/30/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization is BLASTING Vinny from "Jersey Shore" -- claiming the lyrics about rape in his new rap song are "ignorant" and "send a dangerous message to the public."

As we previously reported, Vinny posted the new song on his YouTube page -- in which he raps about having sex with a stripper and "actin like I'm raping it."

Now, a rep for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) -- tells us, "The lyrics in Vinny Guadagnino’s new rap song that glorify rape are ignorant.  Trivializing this violent crime sends a dangerous message to the public."

"Use of the term 'actin' like' doesn't mitigate the harm this crime has on survivors of sexual violence."

The rep adds, "We hope that Mr. Guadagnino will reconsider his stand on this issue and leverage his platform to reinforce a zero tolerance policy for sexual violence, as he has with bullying."

For what it’s worth, Vinny has since pulled the video … and tweeted ... “Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! ... It was fun though!”


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Why would anyone be surprized. These people are all DOUCH BAGS.

1056 days ago


I've never watched Jersey Shore and this is just another example of why not. People who become famous for absolutely nothing need to be ignored. What an idiot this guy is, frickin' idiot.

1056 days ago


'lyrics about rape in his new rap song are "ignorant" and "send a dangerous message to the public."' And that's exactly what Jersey Shore is; Ignorant and sending a dangerous message to the public.

1056 days ago


I wonder why people think these organizations are full of themselves??? Now the organization for people that are into roleplay will stand and say that RAINN is out of bounds. Then the organization for organizations against rape will be like "oh no theu di'int!!!"

But seriously, you are supposed to be an organization that brings awareness to the issue of rape. Not the Foundation for the Politically Correct. Get the hell over it. can't you see the boy is ignorant?

1056 days ago

BB not bb    

La di da, I raped a stripper . . . give me a break. This reminds me of the Taliban mentality, just take what you want and blame the victim. Oh and he went to Italy looking for a nice Italian girl, right, no wonder he struck out.

The Real World on MTV really degenerated into trash. I wonder how low Jersey Shore will go. Just when you think you have seen all you can take, they come up with something even trashier.

He says he wants to maybe go to law school. Having rape in your background will most likely debar you. People who sing about rape, that just reminds me of like the Muslim Brotherhood celebrating their Egyptian overthrow by raping newsreporter Lara Logan.

If a real life soap opera about raping women is top entertainment, God help this society. Seriously.

1056 days ago

Mary P    

Yet when Biden used that word casually in a stumping speech for campaign support, he was praised. Seriously, we've got better things to do that worry about stupid words in songs. I can name some pretty heinous lyrics in everything from rap, to pop, to country over the last 50 years. Maybe RAINN should put resources into helping those actually abused, than to waste them denouncing a goober like this guy.

1056 days ago

Matthew Durham    

What really aggravates me is that so many actual rappers "glorify" rape all the time, TMZ just finds better stories within the Jersey Shore cast.

1056 days ago


Jersey Shore is "ignorant" and "sends a dangerous message to the public"!

1056 days ago

BB not bb    

They still have his video up on It is really horrible. The whole vibe of the song is just bad. I can't say that I ever heard a song like that, though I don't listen to much rap.

Maybe they should call music like that crap instead of rap. He is giving Italians and NJ a bad rap with that. Maybe he should apologize instead of mocking the people who were offended. Or maybe he just meant it.

1056 days ago


So he thinks rape is fun?? He gets off by pretending like that is what he's doing?? Sick. As a recent victim of a sexual assault I feel very disgusted by this. I did not hear the rap, but rape is definately not something to joke about or take lightly. What a sick nasty person he is. I've no respect for you Vinny, no less than I never even had for that matter. Pig.
PS. I hate to even be the one to suggest that you should be butt raped, but then maybe you'll learn not to joke about it or get off on it, creep.

1056 days ago


I guess they are fine with all the other rap songs calling women h0's, b!tch@s...repetitive N-word usage, and calling for the killing of cops.

Nice to see they at least have some standards.

1056 days ago

Pompano Ann    

S***, loser, A Hole of the week! No respect for women! He needs to sit in and learn about Rape!

1056 days ago


I'm not saying I agree with him using those choice of words, but i can see both sides of it. Rap is about using metaphors, and some people like to indulge, by mutual agreement, in rough sex... so although that word has a lot of emotion attached to it, I think people are over reacting in the context it was used - although i think he could've used a different phrase to express what he meant.

1056 days ago



1056 days ago


sex with vinniys corpse

1055 days ago
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