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Kris Humphries

I Was Kim's

Reality Show Pawn

12/1/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian arguingSources very close to Kris Humphries tell TMZ ... Kris is gunning for an annulment based on fraud because he feels "he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian's latest headline and newest business venture."

We're told Kris believes Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show.  One source says, "Once they were finished taping, she just didn't need a groom anymore."

Kris is telling people he feels like a pawn in the game. 

And, we're told, Kris is outraged by people who think he was in on the wedding scam -- according to one friend, "He would have never flown in his childhood pastor to marry them and involve his church."

Finally, Kris feels Kim's own statement that she posted on her blog is a smoking gun ... specifically, "I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn't get off when now I know I probably should have.  I got caught up in the hoopla and the filming of the TV show."

Bottom line -- the divorce/annulment war is on.

Seems Kris has other things on his mind too -- he was spotted yesterday at the airport in Washington, DC with his mother. They were in town to attend a children's health conference ... "Building A Healthier Future Conference." We're told Kris is very active in the cause.


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What's funny is that her and her mom thought they could get away with all of it in the name of business. They almost did, too! Thanks, Kris, for being the catalyst that exposes the sociopaths for what they truly are, psychotic, scary people that should stay away from anyone with a soul.

1035 days ago


Did anyone anywhere believe it was a real marriage? It was such an obvious scam. After watching this I'm convinced that the K sisters are nothing more than publicity grabbing whores who sell their bodies for the money.

1035 days ago


OMG>...I knew you were a whiner from the first scene you came into ...... quit whining, take your 15 mins. of fame and move on.....you seriously need to grow up.....I wouldn't marry you either

1035 days ago


Hook the bitch up to the poly. If she fails, she has to disappear forever.

1035 days ago


Ann you sound just like a Kardashian, the OMG, seriously, like you need to grow up...keep emulating Kim, it's gross.

Like, OMG, like like seriously, like OMG you are so like immature blah blah.

The dumbing down of America thanks to the Kardashian's, it is LIKE like like OMG like unreal, like seriously.

Ann, are you going to like, go get your like, OMG, like oil enema and start the Kardashian trend for, like OMG, anal leakage? Trend setting the Kardashian Trash Way.

Like OMG, go find a guy you can fake marry then divorce in like 72 days.

1035 days ago


I propose the following:

KH did the right thing keeping quiet in the immediate backblast. Anything he says now pings radars across the internet. He probably KNEW he was being used - it just wasn't articulated until now.

His parents, bless their classy hearts, have been silent but I'm sure they are seething. I'd be asking his father, however, what example KH was given as to how to act around women. Sad fact is that we give offspring all the tools they need to function as whole humans. How they use (or fail to use) those tools is up to them but reflects badly on the folks that raised them. Kris - you do make your mentors/parents look bad. That whole "biggest 7th grader in the world" approach is endearing only to other 7th graders.

Truth is, KH, that you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer but you dodged a bullet. A male retaining his manberries is a positive outcome. You already have at least three examples of an alternative outcome.

Hope it goes well...and then goes away

1035 days ago


Just like your some Russians Billionaire and Rapper Moguls
nets show pawn.
Your life should be called Kris the show pawn Humphries
everybody humps me

1035 days ago


He flew his childhood pastor in to marry a sex-tape tramp who takes it up the backside and likes to be urinated on? lol

1035 days ago

Disney Tom    

Kris, why not just get married to one of the frigid woman of your home state? It takes two to tango and either you're really stupid or can be played so easily that you need to stick to Minnesota girls.

1035 days ago

Shady's Lady    

It had to be a scam. That dude is just down right hard to look at. I'm sorry but that face is all wrong.

1035 days ago


Humphries could have been any tall basketball player with a big ****. Kim Whoredashian was ready to use and abuse. Her talentless family was there to support her in this. I feel bad for all of the suckers who bought her ridiculously over-priced "wedding" gifts. They got played too. Kris Jenner is the executive producer of their stupid TV show, so she will continue to try to make Humphries look like the villain. This family should be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves. But they're not. What pigs and whores.

1035 days ago


You don't hurt other people for your personal gain. This family doesn't care who they hurt,look at what that old geezer mother did she had the audacity to exploit Nicole Simpson's death to sell her book.Did she ever think about Nicole's family? Did that old hag donate the profits from the book to Nicole's family or charity? Be careful those kind of things come back to haunt you...

1035 days ago


I cant believe this guy. You can't tell me he didn't know what he was getting himself into. What a whiner. Even if it was for the money, didn't he get paid. I think he is looking for some more money. In my opinion they used each other.

1035 days ago


Every white chic that has ever walked the face of the earth is a gold digging tramp. So what's so different about Kim?

1035 days ago

AGENT smith    

TMZ I have a few questions.....What time does Harvey arrive? When does he leave? Where does he live? Who does he blow? What gym doe he go to? Where does he eat? Who are his friends? What car does he drive?

1035 days ago
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