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Dallas Mavericks Star

Rookie Tattoo Artist

12/2/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DeShawn StevensonDallas Mavericks star DeShawn Stevenson has a fallback plan in case the new NBA deal falls apart -- TATTOO ARTIST -- and TMZ has learned he got his first crack at human flesh earlier this week.

The honchos at Fallen Sparrow Tattoo Co. tell us ... Stevenson rolled in with friends Monday ... but instead of being the canvas, the NBA star thought it would be a good idea to take the needle and do some designing on someone else.

We're told DeShawn's favorite tat artist, Chad, volunteered for the mark -- so Stevenson grabbed the needle and inked the guy's leg with his jersey number, 92.

Fortunately, only the usual amount of blood was shed ... and Chad tells us, "For a first-timer, he actually did a pretty good job."


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what a dumb thing to do. Don't you folks at that tattoo shop know that is a no no. Don't you have to have an apprentice license to attempt to tattoo on anyone in your shop? The local health inspecters need to spank yo azz boys.

1024 days ago

Xanadu Worldpiece    

hey mavs rookie i want a tat what do you recommend for a first timer.....

1024 days ago


Both he and the tattoo shop may very well get in trouble for this. Seems like I read an article on here before where a celebrity was videoed giving someone a tattoo, and since they didn't have a license to do it, they got in trouble. Idiots.

1024 days ago


thats awesome!! haha! i actually dont think this is wrong at all. you can clearly see tattooists around him supervising im sure every move. not to mention this was in orlando florida. the way it works there is as long as the business you work under is licensed so is the tattooist. they dont give out individual licenses. so enjoy the joke for what it was people learn to relax about things.

1024 days ago


dear black people,
do not get black tats or dye your hair blonde.
white people, do not get white tats.

1024 days ago


Yo' here's the deal, let me clear the air and set things straight. Deshawn is a friend / shop client and has history with the Fallen Sparrow crew. We have over 30 years of "Combined" experience and are known for our clean enviroment and welcoming atmosphere. He is my boy therefore I let him tattoo me.....plain and simple. He was coached throughout the entire tattoo by our staff and both him and I are proud and honored to have shared that experience. Feel free to check out our website to see for yourself how we operate. (www.fallensparrowtattoos.com)
FYI : Florida Health Board certifies the shop not the artist; Do your research before replying with ignorance.
Enough Said - Chadillac

1024 days ago


"Chadillac"...what a stupid name

1024 days ago


check out DeShawn Stevenson and ask him personally all about his tattoo experience at www.proliveconnect.com where you as a fan have the opportunity to talk directly with DeShawn

1024 days ago


talk to DeShawn about his latest venture at www.proliveconnect.com . the only social network DeShawn is on. Go register on the site and you can interact directly with DeShawn Stevenson!

1024 days ago


I personally have been to this tattoo shop and I know first hand the fallen sparrow crew are one of a kind, professional and very talented. They also take pride in their creativity and take their work just as serious. So with that being said , I think it was an awesome idea for them to coach one of their well known celebrity clients, that is not only a client but also of friend that has been getting tattooed by the crew for years. I'm sure it was a great experience for both Deshawn n Cadillac. When it comes to violations for working with out a license, it was a personal choice between 2 friends , has nothing to do with the shop, he is a basketball player that tattooed his number on his artist not any random clients...haters mad cause they didn't come up w classic idea like so...rock on!!!!

1024 days ago

Danny Z    

What the hell wrong with you people? Why do ANY of you care what one person volunteers for? Does it REALLY hurt you? It's quite a bit better for Deshawn to tattoo a competent tattoo artist than the kitchen hacks misspelling names and re-using needles. Get over yourselves and move on to your next thing to hate. Idiots.

1023 days ago


I think its Pretty Cool that "Chadilac" personaly commented. a side note to Chad: When you get old and retire the name Chadilac and tell your grandkids about the time an NBA star did a Tat on you, they will think "man Gramprius is losing it, he's confusing the NBA with the NFL" #92.

1018 days ago


Wow... Most people try to enjoy life..You only live life once and who is anyone to tell you whats right and whats wrong..Its lifes experiences and memories that you get to remember and share.It sounds like to me most negative comments were made because you weren't the one making the memories.I guess its easier to say something negative then to say something positive.Either your life is shallow or your just a negative person.I feel this was something that will bring a great memory to both parties.Chad dont let these negative people take anything away from that day...To who that leave negative comments..Try something positive for once and something positive might come back to you in return..

1016 days ago


Haha...most of the people who wrote negative comments about this article are people who own other tattoo shops. Maybe you guys need to get some more fame & recognotion if you want a celeb to tattoo in your shop. Haters run thier mouth, so much! And they havent gotten in trouble yet for doing this, because the shop is licenced, so its all good. I havent been here yet to get tatted, but will be soon. Idgaf if a celebrity went here. It's your choice if you want to get tatted by someone like that. You signed papers & waivers. So please everyone quit your hating & bitching.

1008 days ago

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