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Soap Star Sues Chiropractor

She Won't Crack My Back

'Cause I'm a Scientology Reject

12/4/2011 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Fairman
"Young and the Restless" star Michael Fairman has filed a lawsuit against a Scientologist chiropractor -- claiming she refused to see him and his family after he was excommunicated from the Church.

Fairman claims he was a prominent member of the Church, but became disenchanted with the way the Church was running things. Fairman claims Church leaders got fed up with him earlier this year, branded him and his wife "suppressive persons" and blacklisted the family from all things Scientology.

After Fairman was ousted, the actor claims he received a letter from the family chiropractor -- an active Scientologist -- informing him she would no longer treat the Fairman family. Fairman also claims she refused to hand over a copy of the family's medical records.

In the lawsuit, Fairman claims he MUST have been discriminated against because he's no longer with the Church -- noting that he's been a good, paying customer since 2003.


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I'm not sure there is anything illegal about someone with a private practice from refusing to see a client. The only legal issue I can see is if she really won't release his records. In California doctors (and I assume chiropractors) are legally required to release patient records to the patient on request.

1053 days ago


Is that Buzz Aldrin?

1053 days ago


Is he sure he still wants her to crack his back? If the woman is refusing service, don't force the issue (or sue), just go to someone who is happy to take your, I mean provide the service to you.

1053 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Geez dude, aren't there something like a bazillion chiropractors in L.A.?

1053 days ago


LOVE `` Murphy!!! ```(his person on YR)
Hope he wins!!!

1053 days ago

some guy    

I wouldn't want some crazy cult member cracking my back anyway.

1053 days ago


says a lot about Scientology. Kind of proves that it's more a "cult" than a religion. no catholic chiropractor would turn me away cause I'm a Jew.

1053 days ago


"she refused to hand over a copy of the family's medical records."

Do chiropractors actually generate "medical" records? "Records" maybe but I'm not sure they qualify to be called "medical".

Maybe it's just me.

1053 days ago


There are a lot of other chiropractors he can go to besides her.

1053 days ago


I wouldn't want some nut case scientologist touching me...... so I say count your blessing. It is wrong for her to deny him his medical records though.

1053 days ago


Since he had been a good paying customer then for no other reason than his religion, and the fact she's refusing to release his records, he may have a case. But like others say, do you really want a fanatic cult member messing with your back?

1053 days ago


This is such typical Scientologist behavior. Refusing to release his family's records is absurd. He should take this up with the medical board. But this par for the course - with the bullying "church". They're a bunch of bullies and harassers.

TMZ should have posted the name of the chiropractor, so people can avoid her at all cost. This type of alleged behavior--refusing to give him his family's medical records-- is extremely unprofessional and bogus.

If you use the services of ANY Scientologist doctor/business -- please know that your money is going to that cult which bullies and harasses people.

1053 days ago


Maybe he should call Alan Harper.

1053 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

He should just go get the job done from Tom Cruise - He would be the No. 1 GAY GUY to go to for this service-- He is chief of the group of DIP ****S in that FAKE, Ponzi Scheme!!

1053 days ago


DID YOU READ IT? THE DOCTOR IS ALLEGEDLY WITHHOLDING HIS RECORDS FROM HIM. I doubt the reason he's suing is due to her not wanting to crack his back anymore.. it's about the fact that she ALLEGEDLY refusing to give him his records!

1053 days ago
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