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Soap Star Sues Chiropractor

She Won't Crack My Back

'Cause I'm a Scientology Reject

12/4/2011 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Fairman
"Young and the Restless" star Michael Fairman has filed a lawsuit against a Scientologist chiropractor -- claiming she refused to see him and his family after he was excommunicated from the Church.

Fairman claims he was a prominent member of the Church, but became disenchanted with the way the Church was running things. Fairman claims Church leaders got fed up with him earlier this year, branded him and his wife "suppressive persons" and blacklisted the family from all things Scientology.

After Fairman was ousted, the actor claims he received a letter from the family chiropractor -- an active Scientologist -- informing him she would no longer treat the Fairman family. Fairman also claims she refused to hand over a copy of the family's medical records.

In the lawsuit, Fairman claims he MUST have been discriminated against because he's no longer with the Church -- noting that he's been a good, paying customer since 2003.


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Fuck Celebrities    

A chiropractor is NOT a doctor... they don't have medical records.

They are as legitimate as scientology.

1022 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

That's rich. Scientology banning someone for being 'suppresive persons'. They're not a church. They're a cult.

1022 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

That is what he gets for associating himself with kook alien worshipers for too many years.

1022 days ago


Here's a copy of his medical records:
Monday - Cracked his back.
Wednesday - Cracked his back.
Friday - Cracked his back.
Monday - Back wouldn't crack.
Wednesday - No show.
Friday - Cracked his back.

1022 days ago


Why don't you call Harvey's boyfriend, he could line you up.

1022 days ago


Bwahahahahahaha !!

Scientology KILLS

You should have expected us.

1022 days ago


paying customer since 2003." that is exactly the problem with this "church" Pay your money at each step and you get holier. L. Ron Hubbard couldn't write decent science fiction, and his "religion" is worse than his writing. The aliens is coming, the aliens is coming!!

1022 days ago


Send Johnny Depps bodyguards to see the doctor.

1022 days ago


How do you get excommunicated from a fake church made up by a second rate (no, I take that back, THIRD rate) sci-fi writer? That must be really embarassing for you. You didn't even get kicked out of a real religion. You gotta try harder buddy.

1022 days ago

hung and dashing    

Scientology is a cult. You leave a cult or they kick you out and, um, what do you expect?

1022 days ago


Besides the obvious fact he should find another chiropractor, for all those interested, the way this article was written, it definitely sounds like the Scientology religion is actually a cult or a spin off of the Mormon religion. I have nothing against either as long as people are happy an not getting hurt but if they want people to accept them as religions, maybe they should re-think their "religious policies" to help them in the eye of the people.

1022 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

You have to watch your BEHIND when you go to Tom Cruise for help--If you know what I mean!!!

1022 days ago


Well, TMZ don't be lazy. Name the chiro - so that other people can make sure to avoid her! No one should give money to a Scientologist, because they will turn around and give that money to the cult. She should be avoided at all cost!

1022 days ago


This guy is going to get paaaaaaayed...the federal civil rights act of 1964 makes refusal of any service based on race/religion illegal. Can you say 6 figure settlement 5 times fast?

1022 days ago

She's baaaack    

First ... believe it or not the medical records may be about you but they aren't "yours" per se. They are property of the doctor/practice. Although, on the other hand, most docs will either give you copies for free, or give you copies for a small copying charge. I don't think a chiropractor has any reason to withhold a person's medical records like, say a mental health facility may do so if it might be detrimental to the patient to see said records. I can only imagine what Scientology chiropractors do to "clear" their clients. This guy looks mega-Jewish, why not just go back to home base?

1022 days ago
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