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Khloe Kardashian

Down to Relocate

... If Lamar Gets Traded

12/9/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian is already preparing herself in case Lamar Odom gets traded out of Los Angeles ... and a source close to the family tells TMZ she's open to moving out of L.A. to be with her hubby.

Odom was supposed to be involved in a blockbuster trade for Chris Paul ... but the deal fell through late Thursday night. Still, there's still a chance L.O. could still be headed out of L.A. sometime soon.

We're told Khloe would follow Lamar anywhere ... but she would feel especially comfortable in New Orleans because the family spent TONS of time there when Kim was dating former Saints running back Reggie Bush ... and she already has a bunch of friends who live in town.

As for Khloe's reality TV career -- it seems she'd find a way to keep it going no matter where she and Lam Lam end up  -- one source close to the family put it, "If only Reggie would have stayed in New Orleans ... it could have been Kim and Khloe take New Orleans."

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Praying that Mr. Odam is traded to Minnesota, so praying. Khloe let's see if yo follow your man then. You refused to go with Kim, but will you go with your husband? Please Lord make this happen. Can't wait.

1015 days ago


"If only Reggie stayed in New Orleans it could have been Kim and Khloe Take on New Orleans." Do this mean kim is back with Reggie? He was traded after they broke up? It sound like it.

1015 days ago


New Orleans is praying that Lamar doesn't get traded to the Hornets. Not because we Love Chris...lil girl Paul but we don't want Lamar's baggage (wife and her greedy stupid ass family) here. We don't want that type of trash setting up residence. #nokardashiansinNO!!!

1015 days ago


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1015 days ago


Sign the petition boycottkim.com

Let your voice be heard!

1015 days ago


Lamar's a nice guy but he should grow a pair. Yes it sucks if he gets traded and has to move but that's life. He should consider it almost like being in the military (no disrespect to those in the armed services) like one of those jobs where you might have to move if the case should be. Yes it sucks but its not like you don't have any money etc. Also complaining about moving for a high paying job in today's dismal job market isn't going to grab you any sympathy so keep the whining in check. Athletes sometimes get traded and their careers are usually short.

Cool guy seems down to earth with chloe (the most normal of the kardashians). Still it might do him some good to be away from the circus of the family thats whipped and under their mom's control. Trust me not being around the family would really do the marriage a healthy injection. Jenners a ***** no offense even if he's a nice guy and all the guys are whipped under the mother who looks like she'd lose it any second like the red queen from alice in wonderland who screams when someone disobeys her(off with their heads!)

A bit skeptical when she claims she would move as it seems her life and career is controlled by her mom. But certainly more believable than her egotistic and selfish sister kim. This is a case of let's see if she really would. Sacrificing money and exposure for her husband and family THAT's a wife and partner!

Scott may be f-up but at least he's real. He's not afraid to show their mom that he doesn't want to put up with that b.s, unlike lamar jenner and the rest of the guys who tow the line. At least he has my respect for showing her that he's not gonna settle for that crap. Mother in laws like that have to be put in check, too bad she controls the entire klan when it comes to business. Scott he may be a arrogant prick but at least he has enough balls to not let the mother run his life and his marriage; which i personally admire regardless of his faults.

Unlike Lamar who seemed ready to bow down and worship their mom and not stir the pot. Jenners afraid of Kris and her wraith and doesn't want someone who will upset his "queen". As long as her ass is being kissed everything peachy keen
Scott stood by his woman even dealing with the family b.s and their egos.

I would hate to be married to a girl and have to walk on eggshells a fine line to get in their mothers good graces! Ugh! All those girls run the family and are spoiled with khloe being the least ( she should knock off the vagina and cursing as she looks like a immature retarded teenager and is not funny/controversial)

Lamar you seem like a nice down to earth guy; trust me moving away from the family and the cameras will only do you a world of good. Yes moving and the uncertainty of your career sucks but be grateful you have a high paying job given the job market.

1015 days ago


Khloe is beautiful despite what all you people say, not everyone is going to be super skinny. Women come in all different sizes. It is easy to hide behind a computer and type such hateful comments but I am sure not all of you are all that either! I believe she would follow her husband any where his career may take him, they do seem to have a good relationship and are very committed to one another!

1015 days ago


Khloe is probably the only Kardashian who is REAL!!! Check out Tyreak AKA The Boy Toy in his latest CONTROVERSIAL music video: youtube.com/watch?v=Aqx2yRF0AbM

1015 days ago


Why do these hoes marry athletes (like Kendra in addition to Kim K) when they know they have to relocate all the time? You know what you're getting into. Don't complain. Just support him on your salary and shut up.

1015 days ago


I think she is the least fake of all the Kardashians. I also think she is prettier than Kim and Kourtney. She has a more natural look. She is also the only one who has a personality! Kim and Kourtney appear to be soooo BORING! People like to pick on her because of her weight, but I think it works for her. I really hope her and Lamar make it.

1015 days ago


This is great news! Please trade Lamar, just to get rid of this fat bitch.

If we can get rid of any other Kardashians from our fair city, I'm sure Lakers fans will support it.

1015 days ago

boo boo    

That's gotta suck to be traded, only to have Stern and Cuban mess it up. AWKWARD!!! Whatever happened to Kobe's statement that Lakers can win with their team "as is"? Where's Dwight? What's up with Dr. Buss' condition? Can you tell I miss BBall?

1015 days ago


Just like the other eunuchs in that dumb arse family Lamar will go where Momma K. and Khloe tell him to sign!

1015 days ago


Khloe is the only one who knows how to be in a partnership/relationship. THE ONLY ONE IN THE KKK family w/any values.

Must be because she got some humility genes from her illegitimate father, whoever he is....

1015 days ago


Who Cares? I don't

1015 days ago
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