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Kim K's Reality Pal

ATTACKED by Humphries Fan

Flour to the Face!!!

12/11/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for all that extra security -- Kim Kardashian's buddy and "Spin Crowd" star Jonathan Cheban was attacked by a rogue Kris Humphries supporter in NYC yesterday ... taking a flour bomb to the face.

TMZ broke the story ... Cheban had been receiving threats ever since he announced plans to sue Kris Humphries -- claiming the NBA star called him "gay" on TV.

Cheban beefed up his security to ward off any potential threats during an event yesterday at Kim's NYC store -- but clearly, it wasn't effective.

Sources tell us, there was no mistaking the attacker's motivation -- before launching his powder assault, the flour phantom yelled, "This is for Kris Humphries!" Police were unable to locate the culprit.

2:04 PM PT: A rep for Kris tells TMZ, Kris "would never condone hateful and unacceptable behavior like that to anyone, in any situation."


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its truly pathetic what these people will do to remain relevant. This is solely the action of Kris Jenner; I bet she paid someone to do this.she's a true BITCH!!!!!!!!!

1047 days ago


I don't believe it, Jonathan or Kim paid someone to do this, then blame a Humphries fan. So fake. wow

1047 days ago


wouldnt surprise me if this was the Kardashian PR team at work here... this story is a little too crazy and unbelievable... but than again most of you that read TMZ really believe everything that happens on keeping up with the kardashians is true.

1047 days ago


always luv to see an good ol fashion antiuqing...especially anyone in the kardashian camp
in more important news, happy birthday to teri garr, shes 64 today..
always classy, and will always be beautiful

1047 days ago


this is the flour phantom. follow me on twitter and youtube to find out when im going to attack Jonathan and the kardashians next. LETS GO KRIS HUMPHRIES!!!!!!......!!! next attack will scar for life

1047 days ago


This is definitely a Kardashian publicity set-up.

1047 days ago


That's actually funny... Good for you random citizen
Next time Hit that donkey Kim K.

1047 days ago


Lies... all Lies.. Amazing the lengths the KK Family would go through for attention. Idiots.

1047 days ago


How come Kim K on a previous show thought some guy was Gay, and even tried to set him up on a blind date. He ending up being straight. Oh its OK since it was written in the script. But since Kris, just had a mind of his own, he's going to be sued?? That family is ridiculous.

1047 days ago


He's gay... There's no way he isn't gay. Just come out of the closet already.

1047 days ago


How are you gonna sue somebody for 5million for calling you gay? That's ridiculous. He deserved more than flour to the face.

1047 days ago


bwahahahahahahahahaha Now that is funny!!! Cheban is an arrogant self serving douche. I only wish I could have been there to see it LOL.

1047 days ago

Throwback kid    

YES-YES-YES! just made my day, I can't stand this wimpy Kardashian suck up! Also great news Khloe will have to leave LA with Lamar, it will further weaken the show. Boycott Sears, Boycott the Kardashions! Let's have a Kardashian free 2012!

1047 days ago


This was just another stunt set up by Kim's posse to make Cheban look good and Humphries look bad. Transparent as hell. Did Cheban let Mike know when he'll be releasing the footage to TMZ to further fuel the fires of hyperscandal?

1047 days ago

Throwback kid    

Cheban set this up, the whole Kardashian empite is cracking and they know it. They are doing anything they can to spin this in their favor. Now Kim does charity work? Why didn't she spend 8 million on her wedding and donate 2 million to charity? Because she is greedy and self absorbed. Only when the public exposed her for being a fraud does she want to help people. The Kardashian's are just disgusting

1047 days ago
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