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Brittany Murphy's Mom

The HOUSE Killed My Daughter

12/18/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother claims toxic mold found in Brittany's swanky Hollywood home killed her daughter AND her son-in-law ... and now she wants someone to pay.

Brittany died from pneumonia in 2009 ... and five months later, her husband also passed away from the same ailment.

Sharon Murphy claims the people who built the house are to blame for the mold that caused their condition -- but according to a new lawsuit, Sharon alleges she was duped by her lawyers into giving up her rights to sue the builders for wrongful death.

Long story short -- Sharon says her lawyers convinced her to accept a settlement offer for the construction defects back in January ... but they failed to explain she would never be able to go after the builders for their alleged role in Brittany's death.

Now, Sharon has hired Michael Marzban to sue her former lawyers for legal malpractice -- and wants them to pay her what she could have won in a wrongful death suit ... and other damages.


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Proof that you shouldn't snort toxic mold?

1009 days ago


Money, money, money, money....It's not going to bring them back.

1009 days ago


Agreeing with Linda. It is very possible that "toxic black mold" was the culprit here. I too was very sickened by it, yet my husband was not. My mother also had very high levels of toxic molds (stachy, aspergillis, penicillum) in her house and is not effected like I was by the small amount of stachy in my shower behind the tiles. We could not see it or smell it. It was hidden. If mold was at play here and samples were taken and analyzed, it very well could have sickened some and not others; and as Linda is saying, still others down the road, especially if they continue to remain in the house and not flee. Most people do not believe that mold can make people seriously ill or kill them even when the evidence is right in front of them, literally: environmental testing, mycotoxin illness, infection. Many doctors do not know how to properly evaulate for mold illness. It took over 5 years for me to have a diagnosis and this includes the lab evidence to prove ongoing infection and mycotoxicosis. Inspectors can miss mold. Air samples are unreliable; especially stachy (toxic black mold) does not tend to go airborne.. you have to uncover it. Houses are built to be mold factories as well. I am not sure the mom here could make this up; it's either there or not. Whether they were killed by drug use first, I don't know. Proper testing could confirm. The pneumonia is consistant with "toxic black mold," which is not the only mold from water or moisture damaged building that can sicken you or kill you. Aspergillis is a known lung infector. And as another poster stated, houses built with cardboard exterior panels (which replaced plywood for a period of years and isnow being replaced by OSB board which is highly moisture loving) are prime for water damage-mold. As are showers tiled upon drywall or green board. Before this practice, tilers created a mud backing to place tile one, lathing it on like plaster. Cement based grout and some-many tiles are no*****erproof. The water-moisture goes right back behind the tiles onto gypsumboard which is a cellulose material mold loves to grow on. That is why cement backer board is now hopefully used in newer construction. It absorbs the moisture and drains back into drain pain. A vapor barrier is commonly used behind it to protect studs and adjacent walls from the moisture it builds up. A shower made me sick and I still am years later. Improperly drained and protected basements and crawlspaces are also huge problems. Below grade living spaces where the mold can stay hidden growing behind walls as well. And again.. yes, yes.. one family member can be sickened and another family member can show few to no signs of illness at the time or ever. Genetically, it takes one parent not two to pass down genes effecting ability to detox mold toxins and certain conditions might prime one more than another for infection.

1009 days ago


I miss Brit so much, I was so shocked and hurt to hear of her death. I read before it was do to mold issues. Never the less no law suit will bring back our spunky little Girl. she is sadly missed RIP Brittnay

1009 days ago


To educate yourself about Toxic Molds, instead of just speculating, and learn about why and how Toxigenic Molds cause death, check these sites:

Mold poisoning is a slow insidious death, and is no laughing matter. Fungal Mycotoxins and Aflatoxins are used in Biowarfare, and have been for centuries. The toxins can attack the soft tissues in the body, including brain, entering through the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. They also attack the heart, GI, and many other organs, and can enter the bloodstream.

Often, patients are inappropriately prescribed anti-depressants, anti-seizure meds, heart meds, antibiotics (which are fungal based and make fungal illnesses worse), etc. Conventional doctors almost always prescribe the wrong medications for people with Mold Poisoning. Most MDs do NOT have adequate training in Fungal Diseases, and therefore, misdiagnose.

Global Indoor Health Network

Faces of Toxic Mold (Facebook)

1008 days ago


Didn't Britney Spears live in that home before Brittany Murphy?

1008 days ago


This same dual death from mold happened to a couple in Houston. The husband died of lung disease while in intensive care in the hospital. Then thepathologist found out he had stackybotris mold in his lungs. His wife cleaned out his closet and found the black mold in the back of his closet behind his clothes. She then got same mold in her lungs. She also died in intensive care a few weeks after her husband and pathology report showed she too died of the same black mold in her lungs that was in her husband's lungs and in his closet. You don't have to see the black mold for it to infect you and kill you. The mold can be behind a book shelf, furniture, in a closet. Once it is in a house, it is very hard to get rid of all of it.

1008 days ago

CJ Phillips    

I can believe it, my husband and I have been fighting black mold in our house for years. We didn't know it; but for 37 years in February,2012;we have had mold in our house; but didn't know it until last year when we were pulling the paneling out of the utility room behind the washing machine and the whole sheetrock behind it was completely molded because the water had been draining down into the walls instead of going down the drain.The utility room is in the house because the people we bought the house from had enclosed the double carport into two rooms and was fully carpeted with a lot of foam rubber installed under the carpet. We raised 4 daughters and now we know why we were always so sick,coughing all the time,upset stomach, burning of the eyes, severe dizziness,ears always stopped up. Just never feeling good,now we are seeing water coming in between the walls of the dining room and the middle bathroom. The water drains into the tub when it rains.(in between the walls). We take all kinds of medicine. We take Mucinex all the time so we can breathe and we cough up green or brown plugs of phlem. Now, we found out the whole time we have lived here. The pipes that are supposed to be in the attic to the top of the roof are not attached to the top of the roof. All of these years, the moisture from the exhaust fan in the kitchen, bathrooms and from the gas and electric heater has been going into the attic and not out of the house. Now also, there are dark patches coming on the ceiling in the kitchen. Could this be from the steam going into the attic that has no insulation in it and settling back down on the ceiling in the attic. We have been trying for years to pack up and leave, but everytime we do, one of us gets sick and then the other one gets sick. Now, we are always getting tired and more tired everyday. We can't stay up very long if we stay in the house; so we have been getting out once a day and go somewhere else and we feel great. Maybe we'll get out someday before it's too late..... wanting to sell and buy a motorhome so my husband and I can finish retiring in that. We can't buy a motorhome until we sell the house to someone that will fix it up. We have to use that money to buy us a motorhome.....

1008 days ago


Not everyone gets ill from mold. I had a home w/ mold and never realized it. I was very ill. My daughter who moved in with boyfriend became ill and so did my newborn grandaughter. The boyfriend was never sick. I had to seel the house after a few years because I was too ill to care for it. When we all moved. My daughter got better instantly as well as the baby. Thank God! Unfortunately I lived in this house for over 25 yrs. I`am still not well today but better than I was then. It all depends on your genetic make-up. Read up about it if your concerned. Dr. Shoemaker is the best. He has the best books. Good Luck!

1001 days ago


Terribly tragic. But sounds like her mother is after MONEY and does not care who she gets it from as long as she gets MONEY. Builders for their alleged "role in Brittany's death"? I'm sure those builders had it all planed out to kill people from all the buildings they ever built. Just another greedy person who probably wants MONEY more than her own daughters life back if she had a choice.

990 days ago


Mold affects people differently, a certain percentage of people are more sensitive to mold than others...different genetics involved. I have experienced mold myself and truly thought I was going to die (had to wear a respirator everywhere and became severely sensitive to chemicals - perfumes/laundry detergent etc even outdoors would react off people...still am very sensitive but nothing like I was when I lived with the mold), horrible symptoms yet my husband was fine. I know many people permanently disabled because of mold...serious stuff!

962 days ago


I cant believe she passed away so young. Although I was watching the crime scene video and their could have been many reasons how Brittany Murphy could have passed away.Brittany Murphy did drugs in her life and it could have been the house although, she took to many pills in her system and that could have also caused it. Many celebrities and normal people around the world die for that reason for drug over dose. If they do find mold then they have uncracked the case.

801 days ago
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