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Learning from Kobe's Divorce

Marriage Is a Scam, UNLESS ...

12/20/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kobe Bryant's divorce and future spousal support payments triggered a nasty debate -- is marriage just a scam designed to dupe men out of their hard-earned money?

Plus, Vanessa Bryant's ex-step dad joins us, and insists Vanessa's mother taught her how to be a gold digger! Parents, married people, singles, callers and TMZers -- everyone's pissed off today.

You gotta see it!


(0:00) Vanessa Bryant's ex step father Stephen Laine not only calls her a gold-digger ... he calls into the show to back up his claim.
(4:50) Laine says Vanessa learned it all from her mommy.
(8:10) Does Laine think Vanessa waited to file for divorce until the 10 year mark in order to hit the jackpot?
(9:50) Laine says he warned Vanessa about marrying a pro athlete. 
(21:00) Jason breaks down divorce law -- officially igniting the marriage/divorce debate in the newsroom.
(25:00) In case the legal jargon is too much -- Jason explains divorce law in California using a "Mad Men" reference.
(26:15) Max has a simple answer for everything.
(42:10) Mike goes to bat in the name of marriage.
(44:30) Max agrees with the "spiritual" side of marriage -- but says it's all just about money and contracts now.
(45:45) Christie comes in swinging -- because the guys are "driving me crazy" with all the anti-marriage talk.


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Vanessa absolutely deserves half. Although she's a bitch, which I know for a fact becuz I work at the staples center and seen her at different parties, she still deserves half. How dare he cheat after standing by him after being accused of rape. That was embarassing. Look that marriage was over a long time ago, and YES she did stratigically wait until the the 10 yr mark which was a SMART MOVE.

983 days ago


kobe is an a## hole. first of all to young to get married. 2nd, no pre-nup. no wonder his parents were mad at him. you go mrs. bryant. hit the bricks kobe!! .big dummy!

983 days ago


Not all women are gold diggers or go after everything after a divorce. I was with my ex husband for 5 years, and when I left him for cheating on me (again, it was a habit of his), I just left...left him with the house, the furniture, everything. I paid for the divorce myself and never asked for a penny. My self respect was worth more to me then money. (And no, I didn't go after allimony either)

983 days ago


R U kidding me? She deserves every penny and then some. I doubt she hung in there for 7 years to hit the 10 year mark and so what if she did. Her ex step dad (s***bag) said they started dating when she was 16.....He wasn't so popular or rich then was he? She put up with his antics and his cheating. POS could have saved his marriage at any point and given up his side dishes at any time. They get all pumped up with themselves and think they're invincible. Didn't Tiger Woods fisco wake him up. If anyone was the gold digger it was Elin Woods, 100 million dollar settlement. Vanessa deserves spousal support, Kobe...where's the beef?

983 days ago


Charles, I am shocked that you have not done your research on what women have gone through the ages.
Listen to the law and do you research.
I am so dissapointed in you.

983 days ago
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