TMZ Live Learning from Kobe's Divorce Marriage Is a Scam, UNLESS ...

12/20/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- If Kobe Taught Us Anything it's Marriage Is a Scam, UNLESS ...

Kobe Bryant's divorce and future spousal support payments triggered a nasty debate -- is marriage just a scam designed to dupe men out of their hard-earned money?

Plus, Vanessa Bryant's ex-step dad joins us, and insists Vanessa's mother taught her how to be a gold digger! Parents, married people, singles, callers and TMZers -- everyone's pissed off today.

You gotta see it!

(0:00) Vanessa Bryant's ex step father Stephen Laine not only calls her a gold-digger ... he calls into the show to back up his claim.
(4:50) Laine says Vanessa learned it all from her mommy.
(8:10) Does Laine think Vanessa waited to file for divorce until the 10 year mark in order to hit the jackpot?
(9:50) Laine says he warned Vanessa about marrying a pro athlete. 
(21:00) Jason breaks down divorce law -- officially igniting the marriage/divorce debate in the newsroom.
(25:00) In case the legal jargon is too much -- Jason explains divorce law in California using a "Mad Men" reference.
(26:15) Max has a simple answer for everything.
(42:10) Mike goes to bat in the name of marriage.
(44:30) Max agrees with the "spiritual" side of marriage -- but says it's all just about money and contracts now.
(45:45) Christie comes in swinging -- because the guys are "driving me crazy" with all the anti-marriage talk.