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Kardashian Scandal

Shoe Company Calls BS

on 'Slave Labor' Reports

12/21/2011 8:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The company behind the Kardashian shoe line is adamant ... there is NO CHILD LABOR taking place in any of its China factories ... claiming it's never even been contacted by the "agency" making the claim.

Robert Shapiro -- the famous lawyer-turned-entrepreneur who owns ShoeDazzle -- tells TMZ ... his team has invested tons of time, energy and money to ensure the factories are operating in good standard.

One of the people who has personally visited the factories is ShoeDazzle COO Deborah Benton .... who tells us "This issue of child labor is of paramount importance to us. We've been very focused on this from the very beginning."

She adds, "Factories are routinely inspected and always pass inspection."

Benton says the company has a full-time employee -- who graduated from UCLA -- who moved his family to China ... with the specific task of checking the factories on a daily basis. Benton says she's never received a report of "slave labor" conditions.

Benton also says the company has not been contacted by the agency that allegedly conducted the investigation -- but says, "I'm more than happy to work with any organization that reaches out to us with a concern."


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I don't care if Santa's Elfs were making the shoes, who would want to buy "Kardashian shoes"? Honey, your famous for having a really big butt, not for being a shoe designer. YUCK

1037 days ago

the real diva    

never trust a kardashian. they are so full of it.i bet there is some kind of labour.child or slave. awful.

1037 days ago


Of course they're going to deny it, no one is going to say "Yeah, I make children work for pennies for hours of work."

1037 days ago


Because of the OJ trial I believe everything Robert Shapiro says.

1037 days ago

Jay W.     

She's (Kim) is more famous for the juicy glossed up D. S. lips. They sell clothes? Go back to porn!

1037 days ago


You know the Kardashians are mad dashing today to try and do even more damage control. Let's face it, these people will lie through their teeth so long as they have money rolling in so they can try and cover up the ugly souls they have.

1037 days ago


Would anybody put it past the Krapdashians and Robert Pimpshiro to be exploiting children?

1037 days ago


They can deny all they want. Still, it won't change the fact that they're taking jobs away from people right here in the United States of America.

1037 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh some one got a threatening call. Back peddle much Harv. A little sceert of Mr Shapiro

1037 days ago


I work for a ladies shoe wholesaler. This is how it works. ShoeDazzle buys from a rival company of ours, so I will guarantee they use a lot of questionable labor in China. If ShoeDazzle says they inspect, it's a lie. In order for ShoeDazzle to sell at that margin, and for their vendor to produce to meet that margin, there is 0% their factories pass all inspections.

What we do as wholesalers, is just change the labels in the factories we own. We do all the production for these companies (examples- Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Windsor, The Wet Seal, Dots, etc...).

1037 days ago


Robert Shapiro sucks donkey azz!!!!!! Why can't that old fart just go off somewhere and die??? He is a piece of crap!!!! Kardashian women are whores plain and simple.... They suck too!!!!

1037 days ago


Robert Shapiro is a dear friend of the Kardashian family, so his statement is nothing more than spin control!

What the Kardashians and Robert Shapiro should do is send their E! cameras over to China for a full report on film!

1037 days ago


He fails to mention that the "standards" that are "passed" are probably only a shade above slave labor anyway.

1037 days ago


Yeah right. Try to backpedal. No one trusts this family anymore. The bright side is, no one I know would ever be caught dead in any of their white trash clothing. So at least I know no one who is contributing to their bank account.

1037 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Way to back-pedal, dude. But you should have known anything attached to the Kardashian name is marketed from hell and has been signed off by the devil himself. They are, after all, his most prized demons.

1037 days ago
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