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Kardashian Scandal

Shoe Company Calls BS

on 'Slave Labor' Reports

12/21/2011 8:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The company behind the Kardashian shoe line is adamant ... there is NO CHILD LABOR taking place in any of its China factories ... claiming it's never even been contacted by the "agency" making the claim.

Robert Shapiro -- the famous lawyer-turned-entrepreneur who owns ShoeDazzle -- tells TMZ ... his team has invested tons of time, energy and money to ensure the factories are operating in good standard.

One of the people who has personally visited the factories is ShoeDazzle COO Deborah Benton .... who tells us "This issue of child labor is of paramount importance to us. We've been very focused on this from the very beginning."

She adds, "Factories are routinely inspected and always pass inspection."

Benton says the company has a full-time employee -- who graduated from UCLA -- who moved his family to China ... with the specific task of checking the factories on a daily basis. Benton says she's never received a report of "slave labor" conditions.

Benton also says the company has not been contacted by the agency that allegedly conducted the investigation -- but says, "I'm more than happy to work with any organization that reaches out to us with a concern."


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Whoretrashians are liars. Any family that pimped out a sex tape by one of their members, so the rest of them could get famous, is beyond disgusting & reprehensible. I wish they'd all just die already...

1005 days ago


The shoe fits. The Kardashians are sh*ts.

1005 days ago


If the shoe fits, the Kardashians are ****s.

1005 days ago


Why are the shoes made in CHINA. Is the USA not good enough for them. We need jobs here! BUY AMERICAN MADE!!!!

1005 days ago


Perfect. The pimp-ager in the family is now doing business with the attorney that helped get off the man who killed her supposed "good friend" (if believe the pimp-ager's tell all book). Whoretrashians need to die...

1005 days ago

Throwback kid    

Wow, first they come out with a credit card with hidden fees to rip people off, then a 10 million dollar fake wedding, no slave labor. Is there anyone who can't see the Kardashian family are con artiists?

1005 days ago


This is no surprise at all. Of course they use slave labor their all about greed. your BS. Yeah, they have their own employee checking out the factory.

The BS Haiti charity trip was nothing more that a photo shoot to try a fix up their horrible reputation. Oprah Winfrey nailed them on that one.

This family is way beyond disgusting.

1005 days ago


It was reported a few years ago that the average rate of pay was $0.68 in Chinese factories!!! You can read on sites about horrible accidents and deaths that would get factories closed in the developed world. So by definition it might not be slave labour but try to convince anyone in the U.S. that someone isn't slave labour when they are paid that little live in company housing.

1005 days ago


this guy robert shapiro is just about as popular as the trashian family....if your friends with these losers, well what do ya think? another loser trying to con the american public into buying yet shoes??????? GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK....HE HAS LOSER WRITTEN ALL OVER HIS DISGUSTING UGLY OLD FACE....GO AWAY MAN......GO AWAY....NOBODY CARES AZZHOLE.......

1005 days ago


Oh, it's Robert Shapiro, that means it must be legit. What a joke! OJ's accomplice is still free and a huge ********!

1005 days ago


this may very well be true with regard to the shoe line but may very well be true with regard to the clothing line. he is only speaking of the shoe line.

1005 days ago


this may be the case with the shoes but im sure he is not involved in their clothing line and it could very well be true in that regard.

1005 days ago


They sent over "ONE UCLA GRADUATE" was that person American -- or Chinese??? Funny how you deny slave labor but have NO problem with the fact that you produce your goods in China. Most designers of decent repute have long pulled out of China because of their working conditions. Not the Kartrashians!! Anything for a buck. SIck.

1005 days ago


Maybe they should be using AMERICAN FACTORIES AND AMERICAN WORKERS to manufacture their crap clothing.
At least they would be actually giving back to our country.

1005 days ago


spin to the left, spin it to the right. No matter what is printed, I don't believe it till I see proof. Unfortunatly, the ones covering it up will go to far greater lengths than those who are exposing this, so, proof!

1005 days ago
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