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Accused of Trying to Screw

Church Servicing the Poor

12/22/2011 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Derrick RoseA church near Chicago that caters to struggling members of its community claims Adidas is on a vicious campaign to torpedo the congregation, and a Chicago Bulls star is caught in the middle.

The Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, IL trademarked the name, Add A Zero -- and church reps tell us it's using the trademark to sell clothing and other items to raise money for a new building, a food pantry and a day care program.

In 2009 -- 3 years after the Church got its trademark -- Adidas tried to register the name ADIZERO, for a sub-brand of its athletic clothing.  Adidas is marking the line, using Bulls point guard Derrick Rose as its spokesperson.   But here's the rub ... The U.S. Trademark Office rejected its application because the Church beat it to the punch. 

Adidas then offered the Church $5,000 to give up its trademark, but the Church said hell no.

And get this ... In November, 2010, Adidas petitioned the U.S. Trademark Office to cancel the Church's trademark, on ground the Church hadn't used the name enough.  The petition is pending.

Three weeks ago, Pastor E. James Logan from the Church sent letters to Adidas, begging them to back down.  The Pastor wrote, "I have long been an admirer of Adidas and would not expect a company of your stature, with celebrity endorsers like Mr. Rose, to try to use its wealth and power to bully a working class church."

The Pastor also wrote to Rose, pleading for him to knock some sense into Adidas.

We contacted the lawyer for Adidas but so far ... no comment. We also contacted Rose, but have not heard back yet.

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BB not bb    

Emminent domain for a clothing line? It doesn't make sense. I don't think Adidas should be able to win the case, since the church has its name in active use. I think Adidas should think up another name for its clothing line. I am sure they can hire someone to come up with something. I think it is a stupid name anyway. I can see a church wanting you to add a zero to its building fund, but Adidas has plenty of zeros and they arent' a charithy either.

I think the church probably has nothing to worry about. If they do lose, that is wrong, but I guess they could make another name also. Maybe call it Plus a zero. It is the same idea.

1035 days ago


$5000 is a joke for starts. Second the names are not even spelled the same. And last the church only shows weakness begging them to stop. Advertisers (not all) are soulless and only have love for the dollar. This post might back them off however

1035 days ago


Here we have the racist Addias company bullying a poor African-American church. They should be boycotted.

1035 days ago


Not a good look for Adidas!

1035 days ago


Leave it to big business to put the dollar before screwing the little guy, and it doesn't even matter if the "little guy" is actually "the big guy"... God.

Screw Adidas.

1035 days ago

Mary P    

I'm actually kinda surprised the PTO turned it down. I see two distinct spellings, two distinct campaigns. If Adidas uses theirs, the church may get some hits? Though Adidas coming with $5k is incredibly insulting. They could get millions from the campaign. Offer up $100k for a *start*.

1035 days ago


Who are these jokers posting adds on here. It makes you look like a desperate/shameless Indian merchant. If Addidas pulls this off I will never wear addidas again and I will try my damndest to keep anyone else I know from buying them as well.

1035 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Addidas will more in legal fees to fight this than the church needs to build the pantry and daycare at least. And the amount they are likely paying rose to endorse the line is probably enough to build multiple churches. That 5k offer was a slap in the face to the church. My family has multiple pairs of Addidas and I'm ashamed to have contributed to their profits. Must I really do a boatload of research before buying sneakers?

1035 days ago




Contact Us
If you are a customer residing in the United States with an inquiry, please contact:
adidas USA
Customer Service
5055 N Greeley Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
1 (800) 448-1796

1035 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

For far too-long multi-national "Corporate America", has been
given free-reign and legal-Carte Blanche by a bought-and-paid-for "government". Creating and imposing "Laws" and "Regulations" which craftily, encroach upon -and in most cases- nullify basic rights, to appease their benefactors:
Greedy, GODless, corporations.

CHRISTians, CAN boycott. Addidas? The NBA? The greek-"goddess" honoring "Nike", that has been permitted to
-literally- brand American Sports? Take, your pick.

Psalm2_012, is NOW: The Christ King YESHUA, Reigns!
A Happy and Most Blessed Chanukah, CHRISTmas, and Holiday

1035 days ago


The church had it first. If Adidas wants it that badly, either pay for it or have its advertising brain surgeons come up with another name. $5K is an insult and I will never purchase another Adidas product.

1035 days ago


Do what I did send youe e-mails to consumer.relations@adidas.com
and express your disgust with their BS, but do so professionally. if they get enough feedback i believe they will back down..no company likes Bad PR, especially during Christmas.

1035 days ago


A large multinational corporation who uses it's wealth to harm the little man? I'm shocked!! The best still was when McDonalds was threatening another restaurant with the same name over trademarks. These bums have the gall to claim they can trademark a family name! In the U.K. they almost always get slapped into place although the U.S. for some reason lets them get away with it. Although they did try unsuccesfully to sue a guy named Ronald McDonald for 25yrs in Illinois. The best was when the McDonald clan put out a press release that they owned the rights to the McDonald name for thousands of years and would sue them if they didn't stop harassing small business owners who used their own name to start a business long before the other restaurant decided to show up!!!

1035 days ago


So what, it`s just a church, they all should be torn down. Go Adidas!

1035 days ago


Donald Chump pulled the same thing years ago. A pottery glazing store named "You'r Fired," lost it's name because of Chump's slogan on Celeb Apprentice. The store had the name long before Chump, but Chump won. Sadly, Adidas has more money than the church and will probably win. TMZ said they tried to contact Adidas lawyer but got no response? I hear Satan is hard to reach during the holidays.

1035 days ago
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