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Kardashian Fam

Prepping to SUE Over

Bogus Slave Labor Report

12/22/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family is preparing for war -- gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell us ... Kris Jenner is furious -- claiming the guy who runs the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had no right to accuse the Kardashian brands of wrongdoing because he has no tangible proof to back up his claims.

Kris must have seen I.G.L.H.R. honcho Charles Kernaghan on "TMZ Live" Wednesday -- when he flat out admitted he didn't actually go to the factories in question ... and is making the ASSUMPTION based on years of research on the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Jenner also believes Star Magazine's cover -- which screamed "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal" -- was not only unfair ... but libelous ... and it should have to pay for any damage that has been caused to the brand's reputation.

As TMZ previously reported, Kris -- along with one of their manufacturing companies -- adamantly deny the use of child slave labor in their factories ... insisting they have people who are constantly patrolling for any possible violations.



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don't mean to pick on NIKE but since they are huge there is tons of info
look at this if you have a few minutes

1002 days ago


NIKE sweatshops in China
just one post when you google Nike sweatshops!! tons more

1002 days ago


Oh please, like they have a reputation to protect!

1002 days ago


This has Shapiro written all over it. NOw lets see if they actually sue. They have threatened before to sue on other things & never followed through. I think the man in question is not stupid by anymeans given his reputation & was not about to tell TMZ exactly what he had. Just remember Kathie Lee called him a liar in 2003 & this guy went at her & won. right now both sides are at show me what you got stage. It would appear TMZ is playing a little favourites right now with a few slants to there stories.

K's need to actually sue for once & not spout off that they will & never follow through.

People keep commenting continually that there tired of the K's but there is a well orchastrated media out there that keeps ramming them down people's throats. Why is that & what part is media getting out of it. Do they read & not comprehend. Everything seems to PR pushed with rediculous claims on there merchandize that from ordinary people commenting that most of it is cheap & not well designed. Everything about them is inflated & nothing is real. I believe there are times the K's themselves plant there own stories just for drama alone. They honestly don't care what anyone thinks.
The SEars line may not have anything to do with this libel suit but lets just think about the K history & products. Credit Card pulled quickly but only because of complaints, Purses pulled because of complaints. Fashion designer complaining of copying his designs .. its all relevant when it comes to the products they try to sell.. What happened to all the wedding gifts & what charity was the money given too. should that not be public knowledge. Maybe it went to MOMMA's church .. What about the miullions made on that wedding & if you believe KIM never made a sent then stick with Shapiro. lol. Does anyone have the right to sue the Kardashins for mental fatigue & embaressment & being scammed?

1002 days ago

Rue Aloud    


1002 days ago

Its me    

The Kardashian family is preparing for war ~ WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!?!?!? And SUING, they are so SUE HAPPY!! TRYING TO MAKE SOME M O R E FAST MONEY, and do NOTHING TO GET IT!!!! THAT'S the kardashian way!!! The easiest, and FASTEST WAY TO GET MONEY, again for doing NOTHING!!!! SO OVER THESE PPL,now they're putting Bruce's girls as kardshians, WHY they don't think they can make money on the jenner name??? ANY FEMALE THAT HIRES A MAKEUP ARTIST, AND SYLEST CAN LOOK JUST AS GOOD AS ANY ONE OF THE kardashians, I mean they look as PLAIN as anyone else otherwise!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB!!!! :) :) :)

1002 days ago


well Kris Jenner has not gone to China herself to prove his allegation is false so until then I hope they lose, True or False.

1002 days ago

dodo head    

they should make Wookie and Rob work at the slave shops in China those lazy bums live off Lamar's money

1002 days ago


Ruining their reputation? HAHA.

1002 days ago


of course they are! Suing and making sex tapes is all their good for. GO AWAY!!

1002 days ago


This putz opens his mouth and spews crap that he has no proof for? What an idiot. I want to sue his ass just for the fact that we now have to listen to these Kardashians even more! Jerk!

1002 days ago


Knew they were going to sue, that is how evil they are, instead of trying to seek a solution and maybe learn and make amends, they being egotistical, selfish, evl people, sue and fight, can't wait for te reality of the factories to become public, these jerks are done!

1002 days ago


There is always some slave labor going on in 90% of these factories. Why don't the sister's simply fly on down, unannounced and pop in, take some photo's with these workers trying on their clothes to be sold here in the USA.

right, bet me.

1002 days ago

What an ugly group of bitches

1002 days ago


Honestly? Slave labor or not, Im disappointed that they are using Chinese labor at all when there are tons of Americans out of work right here in our own country that would love to have a job. Instead they want to pay cheap labor outside of the US and yet they expect the citizens of the great state of America to buy their clothes. Personally, now that I know its Chinese manufactured, I wouldnt be caught dead buying or wearing their clothing line, let alone give them my money. Shame on them!!

1002 days ago
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